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Chapter 39

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Simplification, Clear Your Mind

They would be in deep trouble if they encountered an enemy that even the military found challenging.

Immediately, Li Heng began to organize the students and was ready to return home.

Just as the soldier was about to enter the room, he suddenly quivered and retracted his foot.

Then, a dazzling white light came.

“What happened?!”

The students nearby all looked over at him.

They stood in a daze when they saw the white light at the door. As if they had lost their mind.

Even the soldier was at a loss.

“Captain!” The soldier wanted to call out to Lei Xing, who was behind the door, but there was no response.

“Everyone, don’t act rashly. Gather here! Once you notice any movement, immediately get your Beasts to stand in front of you!” Li Heng shouted.

The tense situation had utterly exceeded the scope of control, and they had to act as a group.

The students had never seen such a scene before, so they quickly ran to Li Heng.

“We won’t die, right? I don’t want to die yet!”

“What the hell is that white light?!”

“Everyone, stop pushing!”

“F*ck, this light is so scary.”

“All of you, shut up!”

“The soldiers inside … Are they still alive?”

“Don’t jinx it!”

The noise of the crowd continued to rise.

Li Heng summoned Moonguar to protect the students, who were ready to fight at any time.

Even Bing Mengqi was the same.

The Beast beside her was a white cat with six ears.

Its body was as white as snow, and its blue eyes were calmly looking at the white light.

If others were to observe calmly, they would definitely realize that it was a rare ice-type Beast,

They would definitely realize it was a rare Beast of the ice family, Six-eared Snowfox.

A Six-eared Snowfox’s Beast egg had once been auctioned in Los Monstaria for tens of millions.

The white light lasted for about half a minute.

Bing Mengqi and another soldier immediately came to the door when the white light disappeared. After checking, their eyes were wide with disbelief.

“He’s gone?!”

Beyond the door was a secret chamber of about 30 square meters.

There was nothing inside at the moment.

All that was left were the strange patterns on the wall.

The other students couldn’t stand it and followed the soldiers into the secret chamber.

When they realized that Lei Xing and the rest had disappeared, they were all shocked.

From the layout of the room, it was a secret chamber without a second exit.

How could Lei Xing and the others disappear for no reason?

“What do you think, Leng Lang? I don’t remember anyone with Dimensionalist talent in the team,” Bing Mengqi asked the soldier.

“Yeah. Based on the traces, it should be a trap set up by those guys from the Salvation Sect. But where would the captain and the others be teleported to?” the soldier, Leng Lang nodded and said.

A Beastmaster with Dimensionalist talent was even rarer than the Spiritualist talent.

There weren’t many Beastmasters with such talent in the country, let alone in Los Monstaria.

Compared to the calm thinking on this side, the students on the other side were not as quiet. They were entirely in a state of panic.

“We’re finished … The soldiers are all dead. We’re definitely gonna die!”

“I don’t want to die yet!”

“What kind of Beast could kill a soldier in an instant?!”

“I-I-I don’t want to die yet…”

The fear of death was so real only when one was faced with it.

Even a teacher like Li Heng seemed calmer than the students, but he was secretly fearful in reality.

“Su Bai, w-will we die?” Liu Yiyi asked.

Liu Yiyi grabbed Su Bai’s arm tightly and trembled unconsciously. Her beautiful big eyes were filled with confusion and fear.

“I don’t know,” Su Bai replied indifferently.

At the same time, his eyes swept across the secret chamber and found the patterns engraved on the walls.

If it was just the first time.

These patterns were like the work of a group of naughty children.

However, if one looked closely, the shape of the pattern was a bit like the body of a Beast.

The more they looked at it, the more fascinated they became.

“Everyone, calm down!” Leng Lang stood up and said to the crowd seriously, “Everyone has seen the situation. The whereabouts of the captain and the others are unknown. For everyone’s safety, prepare to evacuate immediately!”

Hearing that, the students couldn’t wait.

They could not wait to leave the catacomb, leaving this place filled with the aura of death.

“Let’s go. If we don’t leave now, who knows if we’ll be the next ones to die!”

“My legs are shaking so much that I can’t move.”

Following Leng Lang’s lead, the group left the secret chamber.

However, there were two that didn’t follow.

“What are you doing?” Liu Yiyi asked and grabbed Su Bai’s arm.

Liu Yiyi wanted to pull Su Bai away. But she noticed that Su Bai was not moving, as if he was asleep.

“What are you guys doing! Hurry up and leave this place with us!” Bing Mengqi strode over and scolded.

“No. Su Bai, he… It’s like he’s possessed!” Liu Yiyi said anxiously.

Hearing this, Bing Mengqi walked to Su Bai with a frown. She found that Su Bai’s eyes were full of spirit, but he didn’t respond to her call.

“Could it be …”

Bing Mengqi thought of something and immediately grabbed Su Bai’s right hand.

Sure enough, the Sigil on the back of Su Bai’s right hand shone dimly.

“Why do you have to pick this time!” Bing Mengqi immediately felt a headache.

Liu Yiyi didn’t understand this situation.

But as a soldier, Bing Mengqi knew that Su Bai was in a state of enlightenment.

To Beastmasters, enlightenment was challenging to come into contact with more than a few times in one’s life.

Different situations would bring other feedback.

For example, a certain Beastmaster might have a mental impact after viewing a famous painting, entering a state of enlightenment.

From this, one could obtain a new talent or even a skill.

This was a rare situation.

It just so happened that Bing Mengqi had an experience of enlightenment.

Because of that, she also obtained a new A-level talent.

Becoming a genius Beastmaster with two talents was a good thing. But, it was a bad thing that couldn’t be worse for the present.

Back then, it took Bing Mengqi three days and two nights to complete her enlightenment!

There was no time for Su Bai to slowly gain enlightenment.

Who knew when the people of the Salvation Sect would suddenly jump out?

At the same time, what happened in Su Bai’s mind was just as Bing Mengqi had guessed.

The pattern flowed and turned into some characters that Su Bai couldn’t understand. Su Bai felt exhausted just by looking at them, not understanding them.


Master, you are in a state of enlightenment. You may simplify it to empty your mind, and you’ll have an epiphany!

Do you wish to simplify it?

The system’s voice was like the sound of nature at this moment.

As if Su Bai was saved by the bell!

“Yes, simplified it!” said Su Bai.


Simplification complete!

Su Bai immediately responded and tried to clear his mind.

This wasn’t a difficult task for him, who often liked to be in a daze.

Soon, a warm current gathered on the Sigil on the back of his hand and flowed to all the meridians in his body.

At this moment, Bing Mengqi was still hesitating about whether to interrupt Su Bai’s enlightenment.

Suddenly, Bing Mengqi found that the light curtain on the back of Su Bai’s hand had changed.

Bing Mengqi’s eyes widened, and she surprisedly said, “How is this possible? Has he succeeded?!

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