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Chapter 5

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Accelerate Growth by Absorbing Electric Energy

Li Yan was silent for a few seconds, but Su Bai could still hear the sound of gasping.

“Man, you’re awesome!” Li Yan said in a very agitated manner.

There were fewer than a thousand awakened Beastmasters in the academy this year.

However, there were only about 100 students with C-level talents and above.

And Su Bai had a B-level talent. Of course Li Yan would be happy for his best friend.

When Li Yan learned that Su Bai’s talent was a Supporter, he was even more excited!

A Supporter had a lot of potentials and was welcomed by all kinds of forces.

Li Yan and Su Bai chatted and laughed for more than ten minutes.

In the end, both Li Yan and Su Bai decided to go back to the orphanage in the town the next day to visit their family.

After hanging up, Su Bai looked through the materials given by the academy.

The pressure of entering the elite class was much greater than that of the normal class, so Su Bai had to work harder.

At the same time, Bearen jumped up and down in the room. It ran to the bed and grabbed the cell phone’s charging cable.

Bearen looked at the cable with its pair of big dazed eyes. It directly stuffed the end of the charging cable into his mouth and bit it without giving any heads up.

Bearen was just like a newly hatched baby. It stuffed everything into its mouth.

Su Bai was shocked when he saw it.

However, the system suddenly sounded at that time.


Began Simplification… Simplification complete!

Bearen speeds up its growth through Simplification by absorbing electric energy!

‘Simplification? That’s incredible! In other words, Bearen only needed to absorb electricity to speed up its growth.’ Su Bai thought.

Su Bai happened to read the introduction to the information.

An ordinary Iron level Beast with a Bronze potential value would take a few years to reach Bronze level without the help of any resources.

If the Beast stayed in the Beast Space would shorten the growth time by half.

Of course, that was the growth rate of ordinary Beasts.

The difference in talent would bring a different impact as well.

“System, do you mean that Bearen will grow faster by eating electricity?”

Su Bai wanted to confirm.

Yes, Master. That is correct.

“That’s insane!” Su Bai exclaimed.

Su Bai took a deep breath and looked at Bearen, still gnawing on the charging cable.

In this academy, most of what normal students spent on their Beasts every year were the various resources that could increase their stage points.

For example, the Sparrowsprite was known for its agility.

Because of its unique habits, it had a high demand for food.

The Sparrowsprite had to be fed sweet spring water from the mountains and precious berries.

Another rare Beast was the Stripetiger.

When a Stripetiger was a cub, it had to consume 10 kilograms of fresh meat for a meal. The Stripetiger would not eat it after a while when the meat quality began to change.

After the Stripetigers grew up, their food requirement increased several times!

The Stripetigers were as stubborn as a bull and would eventually starve themselves.

It was a massive headache for countless Beastmasters.

On the other hand, Bearen did not need to go through so much trouble. It only needed to absorb electricity to accelerate its growth.

And Su Bai’s Bearen ate it with great relish.


Bearen gained electricity. Stage point added 0.03!

A notification sounded in Su Bai’s mind.

It added little growth.

It may be because the power of the charging cable was too low. It could only provide stage points of 0.03.

Bearen was eating the charging cable with a look of enjoyment.

The plastic wrapped around it had been bitten, revealing the metal inside.

However, Bearen seemed dissatisfied after a while and bit the charging cable until it was unrecognizable.

At last, Bearen stared at Su Bai with its big innocent eyes.

“Don’t worry,” said Su Bai.

Of course, Su Bai would not mistreat Bearen. He immediately got off the bed to see if there were any wires he could use.

The dormitory didn’t allow electrical appliances with high power output.

After searching for a while, he found one water bottle cable, two mobile phone charging cables, and two battery cables.

Before giving it to Bearen, Su Bai had modified it to make it more durable.


Bearen gained electricity. Stage points added 0.3!

Bearen became excited again after eating electricity. It danced and bit the wires.

Su Bai was also amazed by what he saw.

As Bearen’s Beastmaster, Su Bai could receive pronounced feedback.

This was the connection between a Beastmaster and their Beast.

It was as if an electric current was flowing through Su Bai’s body.

After a day of running around, Su Bai took a comfortable bath.

Then, Su Bai stood in front of the mirror.

Su Bai looked at his appearance, which was precisely the same as in his previous life, very handsome.

When Su Bai turned around, he wasn’t sure if he seeing things.

Bearen on the bed seemed to have grown a size bigger than before.

At this growth rate, it would soon be able to leave its infancy stage.

“It seems like I can’t call you little fellow anymore.” Su Bai touched Bearen’s furry head, looking forward to it.

Raising a Beast in its infancy was a very troublesome process.

A Beastmaster needs to spend more than just resources.

When a Beastmaster encountered a specific Beast, he or she would have to spend a lot of time and effort on it.

Su Bai lay on the bed and opened the academy forum.

Coincidentally, he saw a post on the front page.

The title was [Help! Why did my Beast become like this?]

Su Bai clicked on it and took a look.

The Beast in the picture looked depressed and sick.

It was not uncommon for Beasts to die right after birth.

That commonly happens with freshmen. They did not even know how to care for themselves, not to mention their Beasts.

Most of the replies to the post were guessing whether the Beast was affected by the environment.

For example, stress or acclimatization.

Some students were in the same situation, looking for a solution.

Soon, a senior suggested going to the academy’s Beast Clinic.

The students who received help were extremely grateful.

The subsequent news Su Bai received was that the Beast had been frightened.

There were all kinds of Beasts in the academy, and the students who had just received their Beasts loved them so much that they were reluctant to put them in their Sigil.

Newly hatched Beasts, on the other hand, were mentally weak. Because of that, they were easily frightened.

That was why there was such a misunderstanding.

After that, the Beastmaster had to put it into his Sigil and let it rest for a while.

“It’s not easy to train Beasts. All the best to you.”

Su Bai sighed and looked at Bearen, still gnawing on the wires.

Bearen had scared all the Beasts on its first day, and its mental strength had just improved. It didn’t have any of those bad habits.

After a night, Bearen was sleeping soundly next to Su Bai.

When Su Bai woke up, he found that Bearen had grown bigger.

Now, Bearen was like a regular doll; holding it was a little strenuous.

At the same time, Bearen’s level was upgraded to Lower-3 Iron!

Bearen absorbed electricity in one night and had increased one level. The efficiency was simply amazing.

After Su Bai washed himself up, he put the sleeping Bearen into his Sigil and was ready to go out and meet up with Li Yan.

However, as soon as Su Bai walked out of his dormitory, he saw the dormitory manager standing in front of the electric meter and muttering to herself.

The dormitory caretaker saw Su Bai heading out and immediately asked, “Why is the meter going so fast today? Boy, you’re a student from this floor’s dormitory, right? Do you have any idea?”

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