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Chapter 52: 52 Killing the Higher Level Demon Chimps

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52 Killing the Higher Level Demon Chimps

That man was Luo He, an elite from Windcloud High in Los Monstaria. He had arrived at the youth training camp less than half a month earlier than Liu Yiyi and Su Bai.

Luo He was quite famous here.

When the others knew what Su Bai had done, they all showed strange looks. However, they quickly recovered.

Every year, there would be students who would pay the price for their arrogance.

Naturally, it was nothing new.

“Kid, don’t mind our bro, Luo He for his harsh tone. We’ve seen too many people like you. They’re either dead or crippled.”

“That’s right, good advice is always unpleasant to the ear.”

“Enough, don’t waste your breath on him.” Luo He squinted his eyes and revealed a disdainful look. He coldly said, “Anyway, there will be people who don’t know their place in the youth training camp every day. One more or one less doesn’t matter.”

In this world, the Beastmasters were the last means of survival for humans.

But the internal competition was extremely fierce.

The youth training camp was such an existence. They would continuously filter out the weaker Beastmasters and nurture stronger Beastmasters, repeating the process.

Su Bai had no interest in bickering with them. He had checked the map and knew where his mission was.

“I’m going to complete my mission first. I’ll contact you later.” Su Bai gazed at Liu Yiyi.

After bidding his farewell, he turned around and strode away.

Su Bai ignored the words of Luo He and the others from the beginning to the end.

When Luo He and the others saw that, their expressions darkened.

They couldn’t bring themselves to argue with a dead person.

Su Bai left the youth training camp. He didn’t go straight to the mission location but first familiarized himself with the surrounding terrain.

The place where the youth training camp was located was called Mt. Bairao.

This place used to be the habitat of countless powerful Beasts, and it even gave birth to Diamond-level Beasts that were fearsome even to the mere mention of them!

However, the military of Los Monstaria had been fighting for years.

Finally, all the dangerous Beasts were eliminated, leaving only a few weak Beasts to live here.

This was why this place had also become a place dedicated to nurturing new Beastmasters.

A place like Mt. Bairao wasn’t a threat to seasoned Beastmasters but posed a certain threat to new Beastmasters. It was the most suitable place to nurture them.

Along the way, Su Bai saw many teams busy killing Beasts.

At the same time, he could feel a gaze sweeping past him every 500 meters.

“Perception? Something’s wrong…” Su Bai frowned.

Su Bai frowned.

Given the special circumstances of the youth training camp, that person was probably a soldier.

Because the other party was very powerful, there was no way to lock onto his specific location.

Not long after, Su Bai arrived at the edge of a pool.

Rays of sunlight passed through the dense leaves, and rustling sounds could be heard from time to time. A dozen black figures were constantly jumping back and forth on the branches.

It caused quite a commotion.

“The Lower Bronze Demon Chimps were different. It’s best at attacking, but its agility is average and its weakness is its lower body.” Su Bai observed calmly.

Whitey in his pocket seemed to know that they were going to fight. It climbed onto Su Bai’s shoulder and kept rubbing with its sharp front claws.

“I don’t need you to do anything for now,” said Su Bai.

Seeing that the little fella was in a hurry, Su Bai smiled. “For now, let Bearen go first.”

The Demon Chimps were highly aggressive, so most of them were reckless and irascible.

If Su Bai let Whitey go, it might cause trouble.

To be on the safe side, it was better to let Bearen, whose level was closer to the Demon Chimp, go first.


Bearen came out of the Sigil and immediately roared.

Just like Whitey, it felt the threat from above and was filled with fighting spirit.

‘The Demon Chimps were classified as mid-level difficulty.

‘However, their individual strength was weak simply because they were all beasts that lived in groups.

‘Once I made a move, I would face the attack of several or even more than a dozen Demon Chimps, so I could not be careless.’

Su Bai had decided on an opportunity.

Just then, a Demon Chimp seemed to have noticed Su Bai. It jumped down out of curiosity and tried to approach him.

This was the Demon Chimp.

When other Beasts see humans, their first reaction will be to act cautiously.

On the other hand, the Demon Chimps did not follow the same pattern. Instead, they took the initiative to approach humans.

Even if the other party did not show any intention to fight, the Demon Chimp would not hesitate to attack based on common sense.

“Wait,” Su Bai ordered Bearen.

Even though Bearen wanted to start fighting, it still listened obediently. It stood on the spot and looked at the Demon Chimp.


The Demon Chimp, who was getting closer, saw that the other party seemed to be too scared to move.

Suddenly, the Demon Chimp’s temperament changed, and it laughed wildly as it waved its sharp claws at Bearen.

The Demon Chimp’s speed may be average, but the power was not to be underestimated!

“Lightning Armor!” Su Bai shouted immediately.

Bearen’s body glowed and a violent thunderclap gathered around his body.

In the face of the Demon Chimp’s attack, Bearen striked with its thunder power and did not hold back at all as it blasted toward the Demon Chimp.

The Demon Chimp’s attack was strong, but that was all it could do. Its defense was unable to withstand the power of the thunder. In an instant, blood flowed all over the ground.


Bearen has killed the Lower-Bronze level Demon Chimp and gained 50 Experience points!

After killing the Demon Chimp, the unexpected situation that Su Bai was worried about did not happen.

“I knew it. Even though there was a huge gap between them, Bearen at the High-Iron level, has no problem dealing with the Lower-Bronze level Demon Chimp.

“It’s time to test out with more Demon Chimps.”

The commotion on the ground was neither big nor small, and it had already attracted many Demon Chimps.


Bearen roared towards the sky.

In an instant, the Demon Chimps seemed to have been provoked. Three of them moved together and ran towards Bearen.

“Use the Thundergod Bracers!” Su Bai immediately shouted.

The Lightning Armor combined with the Thundergod Bracers had greatly increased both Bearen’s attack and defense.




After a series of loud sounds, the three Demon Chimps were not spared. All of them fell to the ground with their blood spilling.


Bearen has killed the Lower-Bronze level Demon Chimp and gained 50 experience points!


Bearen has killed the Lower-Bronze level Demon Chimp and gained 50 experience points!

Su Bai looked around.

However, he found a scratch on the chest of Bearen’s Lightning Armor.

Fortunately, with the Lightning Armor’s protection, its body was not injured and the armor only cracked a hole.

“It’s brutal indeed.”

Su Bai squinted his eyes and looked up at the Demon Chimps who were still watching.

‘Bearen’s strength was not much different from theirs, but Bearen’s conditions were much better than the Demon Chimp’s.

‘At the same time, Bearen’s strength had long surpassed most Beasts of the same level.

‘If it were any other ordinary Beastmaster, they wouldn’t take such a huge risk to let their Beasts fight a Beast of a higher level.’

“Continue!” Su Bai’s interest was gradually aroused.

He picked up a stone from the ground and threw it at the Demon Chimps who were still watching.

The irascible Demon Chimp couldn’t stand being provoked. It immediately let out a violent cry and attacked Su Bai.


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