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Chapter 57: 57 Simplification! Sleeping Can Be a Training

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57 Simplification! Sleeping Can Be a Training

Su Bai entered the room alone.

The room was rather simple, with only a bed and a screen.

There’s nothing else in sight and one might thought it was a prison.

In the center of the room was a stone stele the size of a fist, silver-blue in color.

Even before Su Bai’s fingertips touched it, he could already feel a cold chill.

On his first contact, Su Bai thought, ‘It’s an item created by the Spiritualist. No wonder it was so rare.’

During formal training, one could check the progress by looking at the stone stele. The stone stele would deteriorate and disintegrate over time.

If the progress reached 100%, the stone stele would vanish completely.

There were very few youth training members who could reach 100% of the training progress in the blue stone stele within the stipulated time.

“The timer has started?” Su Bai raised his head and saw the screen was lit up with a countdown.

The length of the training was calculated according to the type of stone stele.

Gray was four hours, green was five hours, and blue was six hours.

The higher the stone stele’s grade, the longer the training took.

And if the user had enough merit points, he or she could add more time.

If a user had enough merit points, the user wouldn’t be chased out even if the user stayed for more than ten days or half a month after they added more time.

“Bearen, come out.” Just as Su Bai finished speaking, the huge Bearen appeared.

As soon as Bearen came out, it looked around. When it didn’t spot a socket, it lost its spirit, like a spoiled brat without a toy.

Su Bai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

As Bearen showed up, the blue stone stele glowed faintly.

That’s when Su Bai knew that it had officially started.

Although it was his first time, he still knew how to use it because he comprehended it!

It was different from the time in the Wilderness. This time it was comprehension of both the Beast and its Beastmaster.


Master, it has been detected that you are currently comprehending the stone stele. It can be simplified to the point where comprehension can be completed by sleeping. Would you like to simplify it?

“Yes.” Su Bai replied excitedly.

‘It was like a dream come true to complete the training by sleeping.’


Simplification in process… Simplification complete!

The training can be completed by sleeping through simplification!

The system’s voice sounded.

Su Bai couldn’t wait to lie on the bed and comfort Bearen, “Stop whining about your food. Go to sleep. When you wake up, I’ll pull ten wires for you so you can eat your fill.”

Hearing that, Bearen immediately lay down on the ground.

In less than three seconds, there was snoring.

Su Bai laughed and only fell asleep after a while.

The news that Su Bai had entered the blue training room had spread like wildfire throughout the youth training camp. After all, there were rumors at first, and now there’s another major piece of news that’s causing quite a stir.

“Have you heard? That genius from the Xuanyuan family entered the blue training room on his first try!”

“F*ck, he really doesn’t care about his merit points?”

“He’s from the Xuanyuan family. It’s just merit points.”

“But… Didn’t he just come here a few days ago? No matter how rich he is, he can’t just exchange his money for merit points.”

“You don’t know? There are people from the Xuanyuan family in the military camp, so it’ll be easy to get some merit points.”

In no time, the news spread throughout the entire youth training camp.

Many members were surprised and curious about Su Bai’s training progress after hearing the news.

Saying that he was a genius of the Xuanyuan family was just a guess.

However, with this mess, he was pretty close to admitting it himself.

The sky was getting dark. Many members who had returned from their missions had heard the news in the dining hall and couldn’t wait to see the fun. It had been more than five hours since Su Bai entered the training room and he would be out soon.

After Su Bai came out of the room, the progress would be made public.

By that time, they would know if Su Bai was just pretending or a real genius!

“I think that guy is definitely a genius of the Xuanyuan family.”

“How did you know?”

“I’ve seen his Beast before. He’s so awesome that I was dumbfounded.”

“So you really think Su Bai is the genius of the Xuanyuan family?”


The few people sitting at the next table were discussing.

Liu Yiyi had just returned from her mission. She had just taken a sip of soup, but she almost spat it out in the next second.

“Who are you talking about?” Liu Yiyi turned around and asked with wide eyes. “Who’s the genius of the Xuanyuan family?”

When Liu Yiyi found out about the recent gossip, she was shocked.

‘How did Su Bai become a genius of the Xuanyuan family in just one day?’

“Su Bai? That kiddo!” Luo He, who was sitting across from him, frowned worriedly.

Just the day before yesterday, Luo He had just mocked Su Bai.

‘If Su Bai was really from the Xuanyuan family, then I could forget about staying in Los Monstaria for the rest of my life.’ Luo He thought.

The Eight Families of Los Monstaria.

Even if they were in decline, they could still control people with minor backgrounds, not to mention the Xuanyuan family was at the peak of its power.

Luo He was born an elite, so he knew more than the others.

When he thought about how he had offended a genius from the Xuanyuan family, his back was drenched in a cold sweat.

“Luo He, are you alright?”

The person beside Luo He saw his strange behavior and asked, “Should we go and apologize? Liu Yiyi is Su Bai’s friend, so as long as she says a few good words, there should be no problem.”

“Yes, you’re right,” said Luo He.

At the mention of Liu Yiyi, Luo He seemed to be grasping at a life-saving straw. He quickly said to Liu Yiyi, “Do me a favor, and I’ll give you as many merit points as you want!”

It was hard to imagine that Luo He, who had managed to make a name for himself in just half a month, would actually be so flustered.

Liu Yiyi didn’t believe it at first. After all, it was too nonsensical.

However, Su Bai had just joined the academy for less than a month, and he had already gained experience in the Wilderness and made a great contribution.

A mere ordinary student couldn’t possibly do such a thing. It was simply a fantasy.

Now, in addition to Luo He’s panic, Liu Yiyi was a little intrigued.

Liu Yiyi pursed her lips and muttered, “Could Su Bai really be from the Xuanyuan family?”

“We don’t have much time, we have to quickly go and apologize!” Luo He couldn’t eat now, so he ran all the way to the training center.

When Luo He arrived at the training center, it was already very crowded and lively there.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Situ Yang recounting his miserable defeat at Su Bai’s hands two days ago.

At first, Situ Yang didn’t want to say it. After all, his Beast had been beaten up.

But he couldn’t stand so many people begging him to tell.

However, a few figures appeared at the door at this precise moment. Their faces turned cold and they were dissatisfied after hearing Situ Yang’s words.

“Hurry up and get lost.” As soon as Luo He entered the door, he pushed those people away without thinking.

However, Luo He didn’t expect that the moment he used his strength, it was as if he was pushing a huge rock, and the people didn’t waver at all.

So Luo He decided to observe the few people.

He didn’t have any memory of these people, so he immediately rebuked them, “Stop blocking my way. Get lost, or I’ll beat you up!”

Hearing that, the luxuriously dressed young man who was leading the group sneered, “How are you going to beat me up?”

Immediately, that young man summoned his Beast, Thunderhawk from his Sigil.

The Thunderhawk, which was half the height of a man, spread its wings and its sharp eyes fell on Luo He, making him shudder and feel as if he was sitting on pins and needles.

In his panic, Luo He saw the jade pendant on the Thunderhawk’s ankle.

After clearly seeing the pattern and words, his face immediately turned pale and he shouted, “Y-Y-You’re from the Xuanyuan family?”

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