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Chapter 58: 58 Training Complete and Gained A-Level Skill, Gigamax

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58 Training Complete and Gained A-Level Skill, Gigamax

As soon as the name, Xuanyuan was mentioned, all the members of the training center were shocked.

The crowd didn’t know what jade pendant it was.

However, when the crowd realized who had shouted was Luo He, they became skeptical.

“Luo He, what’s going on?”

An acquaintance came forward to ask, but when he saw the other party’s aggressive appearance, he immediately said, “Bro, don’t be angry. This guy is just a little reckless.”


However, before the acquaintance could finish his words, Luo He, who was beside him, knelt down.

The people present were stunned.

Luo He’s fame was not only because of his school but also because he himself had some strength.

But now, he was actually kneeling in front of someone he didn’t know.

Coupled with his previous words, everyone had no choice but to believe that the luxuriously dressed young man was from the Xuanyuan family.

“What’s going on today? The people from the Xuanyuan family have all come to the youth training camp.”

“By the way, who is that guy?”

“I don’t know him, but I think he’s the brother of the genius from the Xuanyuan family.”

The crowd was in a heated discussion, but the person beside the luxurious young man immediately shouted, “All of you shut up! Where’s the person you’re talking about? He actually dared to use the Xuanyuan family’s name to swindle people.

“Look closely! This is the young master of the Xuanyuan family, Xuanyuan Haoyu!”

“That genius you’re talking about is the young master’s brother. The Xuanyuan family won’t let you off easily if you dare to spread false news again!”

Hearing that, everyone was shocked. They didn’t expect Su Bai to not be the genius of the Xuanyuan family.

Not only that, the master of the Xuanyuan family had appeared and something big was about to happen.

“Where is he?” Xuanyuan Haoyu’s voice was cold, and he did not try to hide his anger.

The Thunderhawk on his arm was even more impressive.

All the Beasts present were trembling in fear.

This was bloodline suppression!

The Thunderhawk’s bloodline was much purer than the Beasts of the other members.

“He’s still in the training room. It’s almost time for him to come out.” Someone replied.

Since that was the case, Xuanyuan Haoyu immediately found a seat and shouted, “That’s good. When that guy comes out, I’ll let him know the price of impersonating the Xuanyuan family!”

Situ Yang, who was hiding in a corner, swallowed his saliva nervously when he saw that.

Because he knew that things had gotten out of hand. But it was still okay.

From the beginning to the end, Situ Yang didn’t make it too clear that Su Bai was a member of the Xuanyuan family.

Situ Yang kept praying that Su Bai would come out later and Xuanyuan Haoyu might get impatient and leave on his own.

After all, no matter how powerful the Xuanyuan family was in Los Monstaria, they would not dare to break the rules of the military camp and barge into the training room.

At the same time, Su Bai got up from his bed and stretched in the training room.

He naturally didn’t know what was happening outside.

At that moment, he was looking at the stone stele on the ground with excitement.

Sure enough! With the system’s help, completing the training process was a piece of cake.

On the ground, the blue stone stele had completely turned into dust, which meant that the progress had reached 100%.


Your Beast has successfully broken through to the Lower-1 Bronze level!


Your Bearen has learned the A-Level skill, Gigamax!

Gigamax (A-Level)

Enlarge the Beast’s body by three times or more to increase its strength and attributes by three times or more.

Note: Continuously enlarging its body will increase its burden. Use with caution.

Su Bai was stunned at first when he heard the notification, and then he almost laughed out loud.

His first blue training with Bearen and it gained an A-level skill just like that. Su Bai was pretty lucky!’

Not only that, the A-level skill Gigamax was quite a high-level skill!

This was especially true for close-combat Beasts. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Beast was reborn.


Bearen felt the power surging in his body and was extremely excited.

It couldn’t wait to have a hearty battle right now.

At the same time, the experience gained from the stone stele allowed Bearen to break through to Lower-1 Bronze level and the strength buff Su Bai received had increased by 10%!!

“This training session is of great benefit to me!” Su Bai touched his chin.

Su Bai had already planned that the next time he came, he would at least have to go through the purple-level training.

Although the blue training this round had used up all Su Bai merit points from the past two days, leaving him with less than 20 merit points in his identity card.

The merit points could be earned once more, one just needed time.

‘But, the purple training cost 5,000 points each, which was dozens of times more than the blue training.

‘And doing those low-difficulty missions every day wasn’t an expedient measure.’

Su Bai’s head hurt when he thought of that.

Su Bai had to ask Situ Yang if there was any way to get merit points as soon as possible.

Su Bai kept Bearen back into the Sigil. He opened the door and was about to go for supper.

He was feeling hungry after a nap.

But Su Bai didn’t expect that as soon as he opened the door, the sound of commotion came from outside.

“He’s out, He’s out! Su Bai is out!”

“Haha, this is going to be a good show.”

“What a pity, he’s quite handsome.”

“Impersonating a member of the Xuanyuan family? You are certainly courting death.”

“Take a guess, will this guy also kneel down like Luo He?”

Su Bai heard their words and immediately realized something was wrong.

Sure enough, a few young men strode forward and asked coldly, “You are Su Bai?”

“Is there something you need?” Su Bai asked.

“Hehe, you’re the one who pretended to be the young master of the Xuanyuan family. I thought you were some big shot, but you’re just a commoner.”

The speaker’s expression turned ruthless as he raised his fist and shouted, “There’s no need for the young master to make a move. Let me teach this arrogant fellow a lesson!”

The onlookers were all frightened. They didn’t expect that they would take action so quickly and in the youth training camp.

When ordinary people had conflicts, no matter how angry they were, they would not fight in the youth training camp. After all, this was a territory controlled by the military.

However, Su Bai’s body swayed, he dodged the fist and then thrust his elbow.

Su Bai managed to push the person away.

The entire process was completed in an instant, so much so that no one could react in time.

They didn’t realize Su Bai had made his move until they saw the other party retreat and almost fall!

“You still dare to fight back!”

“Shut up!”

The man who had been pushed back was so angry that his face and ears turned red. He was about to summon his Beast when he heard a shout. Xuanyuan Haoyu finally moved.

“Oh, it seems like you’re their leader?” Su Bai raised his eyebrows. “I don’t know what’s going on. But it seems like you’re here to cause trouble. Am I right? ”

“You asked for this trouble.” Xuanyuan Haoyu gave a fake smile and threatened, “Kneel down. I can guarantee that you will leave this place in one piece today. Otherwise…

“I’ll let you have a taste of the consequences of impersonating the Xuanyuan family!”

Hearing that, Su Bai said innocently, “Impersonating a member of the Xuanyuan family? I did not do such a thing.”

“It’s too late for you to be afraid.” Xuanyuan Haoyu sneered, the disdain in his eyes clear.

But Su Bai said in the next second, “Ask everyone here if they’ve heard me say that I’m from the Xuanyuan family. If there’s none, you must apologize to me.”


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