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Chapter 6

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Madjackal Attacked the Town

The privileges of being a Beastmaster were pretty good, and the academy’s preferential treatment of students was even better.

Naturally, the students’ electricity and water bills were waived.

For an elite student like Su Bai, his water and electricity bills were free, and the academy covered his meals and other benefits.

If there were any abnormality in the meter, the academy wouldn’t be alerted as long as it wasn’t too much.

In fact, Bearen didn’t eat much electrical energy last night.

At most, it was the same amount as the other dormitories in a week.

“Beats me,” said Su Bai. He shook his head, played dumb, and left.

Su Bai arrived at the academy’s front gate and met up with Li Yan.

Li Yan had a straightforward personality and was a great friend to Su Bai since they were young.

Li Yan and Su Bai would always share things with each other.

After all, the two of them were the older children in the orphanage and shared more familiar topics.

Li Yan saw Su Bai had arrived, and he couldn’t wait to put his arm around Su Bai’s shoulder and said excitedly, “You’re now a big shot, buddy. A Beastmaster with B-level talent, I don’t even dare to dream about it!

“Your talent makes you more than qualified to enter the elite class.”

Su Bai smiled shyly.

Su Bai didn’t expect Li Yan to be so well-informed. He actually found out about Su Bai joining the elite class so quickly.

Just as the two were chatting and laughing, a small head suddenly popped out of Li Yan’s pocket.

Su Bai looked at it closely. It was actually a young bird.

“Let me show introduce you to my Beast, Peawillow.”

Li Yan gently took the Beast out of his pocket as he spoke, afraid he would hurt it if he used too much force.

The Peawillow was still in its juvenile form, but its feathers had already grown out.

It was pretty, green and black in color.

Su Bai gently stroked Peawillow’s little head with his finger and then opened its information panel to look.

Name: Peawillow

Lineage: None

Stage: Juvenile (0.01%)

Level: Lower-1 Iron

Potential: Mid Bronze

Talent: Agility (Great)

Skill: Wind Blade (D-level)

Nature: Gentle

It was a good Beast. Although its potential value was far from that of Bearen.

However, Li Yan’s Peawillow was already above average in the normal class.

As long as Li Yan trained Peawillow well, it could help Li Yan become a qualified Beastmaster.

Li Yan and Su Bai bought the train tickets and began their journey to the town.

On the way, Bearen woke up and fussed about wanting to get out of the Sigil.

When Bearen came out, it held the power bank Su Bai had prepared in advance and began eating its electrical energy.

Su Bai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

When Li Yan saw Bearen, he was curious why it was holding a power bank.

And only then did Li Yan realize that Su Bai’s bag was filled with several power banks.

“My phone has been dying faster recently, so it’s better to be safe than sorry,” said Su Bai, trying to fool Li Yan.

After all, Su Bai couldn’t tell Li Yan about the Simplification System.

Even if the reason was far-fetched, Li Yan had to be fooled.

Fortunately, Li Yan wasn’t the person who would waste his time on a dead end, so he didn’t continue asking.

On the contrary, Li Yan’s Peawillow was immediately frightened by Bearen’s appearance and went into Li Yan’s Sigil.

Li Yan had to spend a lot of effort to calm Peawillow down.

A few hours later, Li Yan and Su Bai got off the train.

They sat on the familiar ox-cart and passed by the mountains and fields.

Before Li Yan and Su Bai reached the town, they could already see the sentry towers around it.

The sentry towers were used to guard against the Beasts that would appear at any time in case they entered the town and threatened the lives of the residents.

Su Bai and Li Yan sat on the bumpy ox cart, feeling the familiar fresh air.

When they arrived at the entrance of the orphanage, the two of them didn’t even have time to knock on the door, and the children on the second floor had noticed them.

“It’s Su Bai and Li Yan. They’re back!!!”

“Su Bai! Li Yan!”

Not long after the children’s voice sounded, the door was opened. Several children rushed out and surrounded Su Bai and Li Yan.

“Have you two become Beastmasters? ”

“Sister is worried sick about you two. She has been sighing all the time ever since you two left.”

“When Sister comes back and sees you two, she will be delighted!”

The youngest of the children was six, and the oldest was only eleven.

However, this group of children showed a sense of maturity that shouldn’t have been seen at their age.

The six-year-old girl said in a childish voice, “I’m sure you two will definitely become Beastmasters!”

The little girl’s eyes were filled with purity and innocence.

Su Bai touched the little girl’s head and said with a smile, “Of course. When have we ever gone back on our words? If we say we’ll become Beastmasters, we’ll keep our word.

“Oh right, where’s Sister?”

“Sister is praying for Grandpa Liu today. She will only be back at noon.”

“What happened to Grandpa Liu?” asked Su Bai.

“Grandpa Liu has been missing for six days. Everyone said he was captured by a Beast.”

Su Bai frowned after hearing that.

This kind of thing was not uncommon in the small town. Every year, people would suddenly go missing.

There had been no news of Grandpa Liu since then.

The truth was probably as he had guessed.

After all, a small town couldn’t be compared to Los Monstaria. Los Monstaria was protected by specialized Beastmasters.

Su Bai and Li Yan started playing with the kids in the orphanage.

There was even a little interlude that happened in the middle.

Bearen, who had always refused to submit to anyone, had actually been tormented by a group of naughty children to the point where it took the initiative to enter Su Bai’s Sigil.

Su Bai burst out laughing.

Bearen, on the other hand, had a resentful look on its face, full of grievances.

“Help! The Beasts have entered the town!”

At noon, there was a sudden call for help on the street.

Su Bai and Li Yan heard it, told everyone to stay in their rooms, and then went to the street.

They saw an old woman waving her walking stick wildly in front of her.

Not far in front of her, there was a Madjackal!

Madjackals were Beasts with great numbers and fierce nature in the wild.

They would often attack the farm animals of the villages and towns.

Usually, Madjackals rarely attack humans, let alone enter a town.

Only when there was a pack of Madjackals would they extend their fangs to humans.

That Madjackal must have been starving.

In addition, the town’s militia had sent some people out to search for Grandpa Liu since he was missing, and they lacked people to keep watch.

That’s why that Madjackal had sneaked into the town.

“Quickly, let’s go find Qiu and the others!” said Li Yan.

Li Yan’s expression changed, and he immediately turned to look for help.

Although Su Bai and Li Yan succeeded in their awakening, they were still just students. Their newly hatched Beasts were far from being able to fight.

Su Bai looked at the pressing situation and then opened Madjackal’s information panel.

Name: Madjackal

Lineage: None

Level: Lower-3 Iron

Potential: Lower Iron

Talent: None

Skills: Bite (C-level), Quick Attack (F-level)”

After looking at the panel, Su Bai was still hesitating.

‘After a night of absorbing electrical energy, Bearen had also been upgraded to Lower-3 Iron level, the same level as Madjackal.

‘But even so, I can’t let Bearen take the risk.

‘Even though Bearen and Madjackal were at the same level, their combat experience differed.’ Su Bai thought.

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