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Chapter 65: 65 Skull-Splitting Deathworm With Bare Hands

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65 Skull-Splitting Deathworm With Bare Hands

The method was simple and crude, but it could only be achieved with a certain level of strength.

Everyone present was still a student. Most of them were Iron-level Beastmasters, with only a handful of Bronze-level Beastmasters.

Although Su Bai had become a Bronze-level Beastmaster and was stronger than Xuanyuan Haoyu, it didn’t mean he was strong enough to do that.

“Are you confident?” Situ Yang asked worriedly.

Su Bai smiled, “You said the Deathworm was not as big as the Gigamax Bearen, right?”


“Then there’s no problem. Bearen, Gigamax!”

After that, Bearen activated its skill, Gigamax, and its body instantly tripled in size.

It immediately attracted the attention of the surrounding people.

“What? What? Is someone going to die again?”

“F*ck … This Bearen is huge.”

“Isn’t that Su Bai who defeated Xuanyuan Haoyu?!”

“It’s really him!”

After recognizing Su Bai, the crowd’s disdainful look turned into excitement.

If it was an unknown bystander, everyone would at most say a few cold words and would not pay attention to it at all.

This was the effect of fame.

Then, under everyone’s gaze, Su Bai climbed onto Bearen’s shoulder and stepped into the desert.

The others stared intently, not daring to let him out of their sight.

The burly man was in trouble after crossing the sand dunes, but Su Bai was already in front of the hill.

Su Bai rode the Gigamaxed Bearen to the hill and looked around.

Suddenly, the sand under the Gigamaxed Bearen’s feet began to flow.

“Bearen, use Lightning Armor!”

As soon as the order was given, Bearen activated its skill without hesitation.

In an instant, his stalwart body was filled with the power of thunder, becoming a bright light in the desert.


At the same time, the sand under Bearen’s feet began to flow rapidly. The Deathworm finally revealed its true appearance, trying to swallow Bearen in one bite.

But it was just as Su Bai expected.

After being enlarged, Bearen’s size had already exceeded the huge mouth of the Deathworm.

Therefore, the Deathworm couldn’t swallow Bearen all at once.

Moreover, the Deathworm’s attack method was very simple. It didn’t pose any other threat except for a sneak attack and a bite.

Naturally, Su Bai didn’t panic.

He even looked down and clearly saw hundreds of squirming sharp spikes in the Deathworm’s mouth.

‘Tsk tsk… There was still fresh blood inside, this must be the Deathworm that had swallowed the Cloud Steed.’ Su Bai thought.


In the face of the Deathworm, Bearen was still overbearing.

Bearen grabbed the Deathworm’s mouth with both hands and tore it apart with its powerful strength.

The scene was extremely shocking.

The youth training members in the distance were dumbfounded.

“That’s a… Deathworm…”

“No wonder even the Cloud Steed can’t outrun this desert!”

“It can’t be!”

“Damn, Su Bai’s Bearen is even more exaggerated!”

The shock from seeing the Deathworm instantly turned into disbelief at Bearen’s brutal power.

The Gigamaxed Bearen tore the mouth of a Deathworm into pieces, and blood fell on the sand like rain.


Bearen has killed a Lower-Bronze level Deathworm and gained 260 experience points!

The system notification rang.

Su Bai ordered Bearen to pull the dead body of the Deathworm out of the sand and lay it flat. Then he took the Beast-core dagger and easily identified the location of the Beast-core.

Su Bai then extracted the Lower-Bronze-grade Beast-core.


Su Bai went back to the shoulder of the Gigamaxed Bearen and continued to move deeper into the desert.

As for the other members of the youth training behind Su Bai, they could only sigh in disappointment.

If they had still been hoping for luck, some of them would have taken the first step to try crossing the desert, but now that they knew it was Deathworms, they had given up on that idea.

The ruins’ second floor was meant to eliminate most of the youth training members.

One of them was Situ Yang, but he also had the mentality of participating, so he wasn’t too depressed.

Instead, Situ Yang was curious about how far Su Bai could go.

After more than ten minutes, the Gigamaxed Bearen had already killed seven Deathworms.

Bearen had persisted for so long.

Its physical strength was gradually depleting, but fortunately, the desert was not boundless.

“Return.” Stepping on solid ground again, Su Bai put Bearen back into the Sigil to let it recover its strength.

Su Bai then let Whitey handle the rest of the road.

On the other side of the desert was a wasteland similar to the first floor, and there was no life in the surroundings.

But in the dim sky, Su Bai vaguely felt something unusual.

As he continued forward, he saw more dead Yellowjackets on the ground.

It seemed that some people had already crossed the desert, but there were not many of them.

Soon, Su Bai caught up with those people.

The five young men and women looked like they were experienced and had been in the youth training camp for some time.

“Yo, someone’s catching up.”

“I told you to hurry up, but you didn’t listen!”

“Jiu, don’t be in a hurry. If you rush things, they will be ruined.”

“It’s just one person. Look at how nervous you are.”

Everyone looked over and one of them smiled at Su Bai, “Don’t worry, mate. Although we are all competitors in the ruins, we won’t make things difficult for you.”

“Many thanks.” Su Bai replied. He looked away from the surroundings and asked with a smile, “It seems like you guys are in trouble.”

As soon as Su Bai said that, the man’s smile became somewhat helpless.

“That’s right. There’s no bronze gate to the third floor of the ruins here. It’s all waves of Yellowjackets. If we drag this on, we’ll probably be at the end of our rope.”

“By the way, I’m Wen Qi.”

“Su Bai.”

“You’re the Su Bai who defeated Xuanyuan Haoyu?” Wen Qi exclaimed.

Wen Qi had long heard that there was a big shot who came to the youth training camp recently. A commoner, but his strength far exceeded the members of the eight great families.

Wen Qi didn’t expect to meet Su Bai here.

“I heard that Xuanyuan Haoyu is still depressed after that.”

“Bro, you have earned my respect!”

Wen Qi had never liked the Xuanyuan family but was very friendly to Su Bai.

Wen Qi’s personality was that of a sociable person.

Plus Wen Qi’s talkative personality, even if Su Bai didn’t say a word, could still start a conversation.

Wen Qi also introduced Su Bai to the other people on his team.

Wen Qi’s team could be considered experienced in the youth training camp. All of them were members who had only been around for four to five months, and the difference in their joined time was close.

As for the current problem, Wen Qi revealed it to Su Bai without reservation which surprised Su Bai.

“We’re all disciples of the youth training, there’s no need to be so formal.”

As Wen Qi discussed the current problem, his expression gradually became serious, “The issue isn’t about the battle, it is the lack of a sense of direction. No matter if you go left or right, you will return to the starting point.”

“That’s right, the starting point is here.”

“A labyrinth?”

“Something like that.”

Wen Qi frowned and sighed, “Although the Yellowjackets aren’t strong, there are hundreds of them in one wave. Someone on our team is already injured. We can only last two more waves at most.”

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