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Chapter 76: 76 Rapid advancement to High-10 Bronze level!

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76 Rapid advancement to High-10 Bronze level!

“Did you hear? Su Bai is for hire. He only wants 65% of the merit points, and we can finish the mission without trouble! This is not something that happens daily!” one of the youth training members said excitedly.

“We don’t have to do anything, and we can get 35% of the merit points?”

“Is that true?”

“Where is Su Bai? I want to hire him!”

The word spread from one to ten, then ten to a hundred. Over a hundred members of the youth training flocked to the door of Su Bai’s dormitory in an instant.

However, there was only Situ Yang at the door of the dormitory.

“Everyone, go and take your mission and fill in the details. You have to complete it by tomorrow at the latest!”

Situ Yang was very busy, and he was drained.

But at this moment, he was enjoying it.

Because Su Bai was loyal enough to give Situ Yang 5% of merit points for every mission Su Bai completed.

The sum may appear small, but it was far from insignificant when added up.

Situ Yang was overjoyed as he looked at the dozens of mission lists piled on the table. He could even laugh in his dreams.

‘What a great fortune. Su Bai was definitely a business genius!’ Situ Yang thought.

As long as Su Bai contracted enough missions, he didn’t need to travel back and forth between the wilderness and the youth training camp. He could spend the whole day outside to clear all the missions.

Su Bai’s Beast Space was also large enough. After all the running exercises, it had grown to nearly 70 square meters, large enough to bring back the target’s corpse.

Situ Yang even lent Songbird to Su Bai to boost efficiency.

“This is the last one.”

Situ Yang collected the last hire request and said, “I’m sorry, everyone. The service is limited to 100 people per day. If you want to sign up, please come back tomorrow.”

Upon hearing that, the youth training members who had signed up were secretly happy, as if they had picked up a big bargain.

Those who didn’t sign up returned in low spirits as if they had lost their money.

In the blink of an eye, it was nighttime. Su Bai returned to the youth training camp and threw all kinds of Beasts’ corpses in the Beast Space on the camp square, and then they were collected by their respective clients.

Su Bai received 100% good reviews on that day!

“Time to sleep~” Su Bai’s eyes brightened when he saw the merit points.

Su Bai went directly to the training center, purchased a purple stone stele, and slept in the training room.

He had earned more than 3,000 merit points after a day of hard work. In addition to the Beast-cores he had extracted and sold, he could enter the purple training room once a day.

He was too lazy to return to the dormitory after finishing the purple training session.

He directly bought a gray stone stele as the fee for accommodation and decided to stay in the training center.

Even the staff in the training center were familiar with him.

If the members of the youth training were to know about this, they would probably go crazy with envy.

Usually, a youth training member could only enter the purple training room thrice in half a year.

Su Bai, on the other hand, did it once a day.

A few days passed, and some youth training members soon realized what was happening. Soon, Su Bai’s competitors also emerged.

“Professional combatant for hire! Give us the mission, and we guarantee to complete it. We won’t refuse anyone!”

“Choose us! We, the Hao Tian Combatants, are experts in a team. We guarantee that you will complete the mission within one day or join us, a big team of thirty people, to escort you!”

“We’re professionals with rare Beasts for hire. We’re definitely the right choice!”

It was already unrecognizable in front of the Mission Board. The shouts were never-ending, and they shook the entire military.

They did not, however, take any measures for the time being to maintain stability.

Su Bai didn’t care about his competitors at all. After all, no one but him could complete 100 missions in one day.

A month passed quickly, and Su Bai ended his service on the last day.

After dozens of purple training sessions, Bearen and Whitey’s levels had increased by leaps and bounds, and both of them reached High-10 Bronze level.

At the same time, Whitey learned the A-Level skill, Moon Step, which increased its agility by a lot.

Bearen, on the other hand, had gained the A-Level skill, Thunderfury, after accumulating actual combat experience. It could inject thunder into the ground and cause medium-range damage.

In addition, Su Bai had been traveling back and forth from his missions this month, and his Beast Space had grown to 185 square meters.

Even he couldn’t help but feel that it was absurd.

Situ Yang also said his goodbyes to Su Bai on the same day he learned that Su Bai would be leaving. Situ Yang intended to exchange enough merit points to qualify as an official soldier.

They bid farewell to the youth training camp.

Before Situ Yang left, he cried so much in front of Su Bai.

He almost knelt down and thanked Su Bai as if he was his second parent.


Su Bai’s phone beeped. It was a notification for the military selection tomorrow.

He returned to his senses, looked at Bearen, sleeping soundly beside him, and smiled.

Very soon, it would be time to test his true strength.

The following day, the youth training camp was already very lively. The only difference was that there was no crowd at Su Bai’s dormitory door.

Su Bai left early in the morning and arrived at the military selection site.

Hundreds of other participants gathered here to queue and wait for the announcement.

“Su Bai? What is he doing here?”

Someone recognized him and said in disbelief, “That’s impossible. He can complete so many missions in a day. Why would he come to a place like this?”

Hearing that, the surrounding people also couldn’t believe it.

“Yeah, what’s he doing here?”

“Beats me.”

“Look, he’s going to register.”

Everyone’s eyes were on Su Bai.

“Your name.”

“Su Bai.”

“ID card.”

After the staff member received the identity card and entered it into the machine, his gaze changed from numbness to shock.

He even swiped his identity card again to double-check.

The staff confirmed it. Su Bai had leveled up his Beasts from Lower-1 Bronze to High-10 Bronze level within a month!

Such an excessive leveling speed had directly caused him to be mind-blown!

“Is there a problem?” Su Bai asked.

“N-Nothing… This is your identity card and point card. Please take it. ” The staff gulped and did not dare to delay. After the staff handed the things to Su Bai, he said, “The military selection is about to begin. Please wait for a moment.”

“Many thanks.” Then Su Bai turned around and left. He sat quietly in the waiting area.

At the same time, the information was officially entered into the machine. It appeared on the giant screen at the venue.

Name: Su Bai

Level: High-10 Bronze level Beastmaster

The moment the info was revealed, the scene instantly boiled over.

“Holy sh*t! I remember that Su Bai just reached Bronze-level a month ago!”

“I can be the witness! He had just advanced to Bronze-level Beastmaster the night he fought with Xuanyuan Haoyu. It wasn’t that long ago, and he had already reached the High level?”

“No wonder he could complete a hundred missions in a day. He’s awesome!”

“Su Bai, I’m your big fan!”

“To tell you the truth, Su Bai was the one who helped me get the merit points for participating in this military selection!”

“Me too!”

“Gosh, 13 people who are Mid-6 Bronze level and above are participating in the military selection this year. Can we win?”

Su Bai didn’t care about the heated discussions. He started to rest and wait for the selection to start.


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