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Chapter 88: 88 Requite Resentment With Justice

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88 Requite Resentment With Justice

In a Canyon in Area B1, a few members of the youth training camp had just finished a battle and were resting to recover their strength.

“Sun Qi, do you think… That Su Bai is dead?” A skinny youngster looked around and said after making sure that he didn’t attract any attention.

Sun Qi smirked and said, “Don’t worry. Those mercenaries have a good reputation in the black market.”

When he thought about how he had lost the first place and would once again return to him, Sun Qi couldn’t help but feel excited.

Sun Qi was disappointed after fainting the day before.

But when he thought of Su Bai, he clenched his teeth and wanted to rip him apart.

Suddenly, the skinny youngster with a better relationship with Sun Qi ran into him and devised a plan.

That was to spend a large sum of money on hiring mercenaries to assassinate Su Bai.

It just so happened that the skinny youngster knew a mercenary in the black market who could help them vent their anger.

Sun Qi was shocked by this idea at first and directly rejected it.

But, knowing that if Su Bai was eliminated, he would undoubtedly be first in the military selection, he couldn’t help but be tempted.

“Heh, if you want to blame someone, Su Bai, you only have yourself to blame.”

“You won’t see him again after tonight.” the skinny youngster sneered.

On the other hand…

“Please d-don’t kill me…”

The last mercenary was on the ground, and the floor flowed with a yellow liquid.

He no longer had the last bit of courage to resist.

The dead body of the Beast was right beside him, and the pungent odor of blood surrounded him.

He was only a Beastmaster who had recently joined the mercenaries. He had gone insane due to witnessing such a tragic scene.

“Answer me, who hired you?” Su Bai asked expressionlessly.

“I remember his name. It’s…Sun Qi! That’s right, it’s him!”

“It’s really him.” Su Bai felt helpless. He was not in the mood to mess around with those people.

However, he wouldn’t be so cowardly as to swallow his anger.

Su Bai’s gain today was not bad, and there were still a few hours before dusk. He simply brought the mercenary to the military base.

At the gate of the military base, Zhao Yue had just finished managing the military affairs as usual.

Just as Zhao Yue was about to go for a walk, he ran into Su Bai, who had just returned.

“You’re back before it’s even dark. Do you think you’re already in the first place?” Zhao Yue frowned. Then, he scolded, “Don’t underestimate your opponent. Even if… Who’s this?”

Before he could finish his sentence, Zhao Yue’s experience told him that the man standing beside Bearen was a mercenary.

“Why did you bring him back?”

“Sir, this is the mercenary who attempted to assassinate me.”

“An assassination?!”

Zhao Yue’s brows were tightly knitted together as Su Bai told him everything that had happened.

Zhao Yue’s face turned so dark that even Su Bai felt pressured.

“Follow me.” Zhao Yue then turned to the mercenary. He said coldly, “We don’t have enough evidence yet, but we’ll find it out soon!”

Then, Zhao Yue led Su Bai and the mercenary to a house deep in the base.

But Zhao Yue didn’t let Su Bai in and just asked him to wait there.

Su Bai was not a fool. He noticed the unusual things at the door, such as dried blood and chains. He knew this was a forbidden place in the military base.

Soon after, Zhao Yue walked out of the house and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll handle this matter properly. We won’t be biased.”

“Thank you, sir.”

In the military, framing teammates was taboo. Sun Qi had approached mercenaries in the black market to assassinate Su Bai. His crime would only be more serious.

Soon, it was getting dark, and the members of the youth training who were running around outside returned to the base.

After a long day of running around, everyone was exhausted and sat at the side to rest.

After Sun Qi returned, everyone’s interest was piqued.

Su Bai was undoubtedly the number one in this year’s military selection. The team led by Sun Qi was the most threatening to Su Bai.

“I’ve finished counting. 470 points.” The soldier reported the gains from Sun Qi’s team.

The people around them smiled helplessly. They knew the 500 points couldn’t be compared to Su Bai.

There were five people in a team, so even if they split 500 points evenly, each person would only get 100 points, which was far less than Su Bai.

“The winner this year is indeed Su Bai.”

“I’m so envious. I also want to join the First Legion, Welkin Wolves.”

“Why don’t we take this opportunity to build a good relationship with Su Bai? We can also benefit from this!”

“That’s right. I’ll treat Su Bai to a meal when he comes back!”

Although the military selection had yet to end, the first place was already set in stone in everyone’s eyes. There was no suspense.

“Tsk, Sun Qi, look at those lackeys. They really thought Su Bai was a big deal.” the youngster said disdainfully.

Upon hearing that, Sun Qi was calm and composed. He chuckled and said, “Forget it. There’s no need to argue with a dead person.”

“That’s true.”

It was already past seven as time passed, but Su Bai was still nowhere to be seen.

Sun Qi and the skinny youngster were even more certain that Su Bai was dead!

Not long ago, the black market mercenaries sent a message indicating they had completed the mission.

Sun Qi’s tense heart was relieved entirely by that message.

However, four soldiers suddenly strode over as everyone was sitting on the field and listening to their upperclassmen sharing their experiences.

“Sun Qi, Hua Hai, step forward!”

The soldier’s gaze swept across the crowd and landed on Sun Qi and his partner.

Upon hearing that, Sun Qi and Hua Hai both stood up in confusion.

“Sir, what’s the matter?” Hua Hai asked nervously.

“Just follow us.”

After that, the soldier made a gesture of invitation.

The surrounding youth training members were perplexed, and the parties involved, Sun Qi and Hua Hai, were even more concerned.

“Sun Qi, could it be that we were exposed?”

“Shut up!”

Sun Qi gritted his teeth and whispered, “The black market’s rule is that they will never sell out their employers. Even if they trace it to us, don’t admit it!”


Now that things had come to this, they could only bite the bullet and follow the soldiers.

They arrived at the military square.

Sun Qi wanted some information from the soldiers along the way. Still, the soldiers’ attitude was cold and ruthless at the time. He couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

However, the black market had already sent news that the mercenaries had completed their mission.

‘It was impossible to expose the matter in such a short period.’ Sun Qi thought. He took a deep breath and confidently walked into the military base’s square.

Zhao Yue had already waited for the two, and a pale-faced man was kneeling beside them.

His body bore no indications of torture. However, his mental state was extremely exhausted.

“You two know him?” Zhao Yue asked directly.

“No idea.” Sun Qi and Hua Hai shook their heads simultaneously, their eyes filled with confusion.

They didn’t understand what the Head Examiner meant.

“But he seems to know you.”

As soon as Zhao Yue finished speaking, he turned to the kneeling man and said, “Are you sure it’s them? Sun Qi, Hua Hai?”

“Our boss knows them.” the man replied immediately. “But I’ve never seen them before. I only know their names.

Sun Qi’s expression changed dramatically when he heard that.

“You’re talking nonsense!”

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