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Chapter 91: 91 Are You the Commander’s Illegitimate Son?

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91 Are You the Commander’s Illegitimate Son?

“Commander, Deputy Commander, why are you here?”

Lu Yuan had a blank look on his face, but he quickly said in high spirits, “I have good news! Finally, we won’t be returning empty-handed!”

He was even more excited than Su Bai himself.

After all, whenever they came to the military selection, they would see people being taken away by other legions. It was impossible to say that they didn’t feel sullen.

This year, the Ninth Legion finally managed to steal the spotlight.

They were able to recruit the first place winner in the military selection!

“I know.” Bing He chuckled and then looked at Su Bai. “Welcome to the Ninth Legion, Heavenstar.”

Su Bai nodded and thanked him.

Xu Chu immediately took out a brand new identity card and said, “What you wanted has been prepared. This is the identity card of a C-rank soldier.”

With the ID card, Su Bai’s status jumped from a member of the youth training to a C-rank soldier.

This caused the surrounding participants from the same batch to be dumbfounded.

Although those who were qualified had already been hired as official soldiers, they had not entered the troops of the various legions yet, so they were still regular soldiers.

They were one grade lower than D-rank soldiers.

But Su Bai was directly promoted to a C-rank soldier, which was even more exaggerated than overtaking others at a corner!

“Deputy commander, what’s the meaning of this?”

Lu Yuan wasn’t an idiot. He gulped before asking, “I-Is Su Bai already been recruited into our military?”

“What else? As long as you’re not an idiot, you’ll know about our broken legion,” Bing He rolled his eyes at Lu Yuan and said.

Of course, they knew their own situation.

“Hehe.” Xu Chu just smiled and looked at Su Bai. “Since you’ve joined the Ninth Legion, come with me.”

Then, Xu Chu led Su Bai into the camp and headed north.

The military base was huge. Although this wasn’t the headquarters, it still included people from all the major legions, including various logistics troops.

The Ninth Legion was the same.

On the way, Xu Chu told Su Bai about the current situation of the Ninth Legion.

To put it simply, nine out of ten of the rumors circulating out there were true.

The Ninth Legion’s situation was indeed not optimistic. There was no fresh talent to be transferred, resulting in a shortage of manpower within the legion.

Every year, due to the lack of manpower, benefits, missions, and so on would be distributed to other legions. It was a vicious cycle.

The Ninth Legion’s strength was getting weaker and weaker.

There was a severe shortage of core soldiers, and the others were even more pitiful.

But fortunately, Xu Chu and Bing He, who were the leaders of the top forces, still had a place in the military.

Otherwise, the Ninth Legion would have been disbanded long ago and couldn’t have been established.

Then, Xu Chu asked Su Bai to choose a team.

A regular legion would usually have more than ten teams, but everyone knew the situation of the Ninth Legion. Su Bai didn’t have many choices.

Xu Chu gave a simple introduction and told Su Bai about the main tasks of each team.

“I’m interested in joining the vanguard,” said Su Bai.

“Are you sure? Xu Chu stroked his beard and said seriously, “Although the overall strength of the Ninth Legion is the weakest, their mission is not simple either. The vanguard team is in charge of many high-risk missions, and the battle is also the most intense.”

It was undoubtedly a stupid choice for a newbie to join such a force as soon as he arrived.

Beastmaster casualties were common in such teams.

For a newbie like Su Bai, normally, he would first do odd jobs, and logistics work to gain experience.

However, it was out of the ordinary for Su Bai to become a C-rank soldier.

“I’m certain. I’m more suited to be at the vanguard team.”

“Yes, your current strength is great indeed. You can enter the vanguard team. I’ll assign you to a team in three days,” Xu Chu said after a moment of thought. “You’re free to move around during this time.

“In addition, you must remember that danger and opportunity co-exist. Don’t act rashly when you’re on a mission.

“There are still 50,000 points in the ID card. Take it as a gift from me.”

Xu Chu felt guilty for dragging someone with a bright future into a legion beyond redemption.

But he had no choice. He was the commander of the Ninth Legion, so head to consider for the legion.

He couldn’t make up for what he owed Su Bai even with 50,000 merit points.

“Thank you, Commander!”

Su Bai’s eyes brightened when he heard there were 50,000 more points.

After that, Bing He explained the situation in the legion to Su Bai. It was nothing more than teaching the younger generation, no different from what Xu Chu had taught him.

The only difference was when he heard Su Bai would join the vanguard team, he took a deep breath.

After all, the vanguard team was in charge of the legion’s most challenging, tiring, and dangerous tasks.

The others would rather run away from it. Yet, Su Bai rushed to join it.

Xu Chu and Bing He had other things to do, so they left the base after entrusting Su Bai to Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan was very curious about Su Bai.

‘To be personally welcomed by the two most important figures in the legion, what kind of status did he have?’ Lu Yuan thought.

“Su Bai, tell me, are you the Commander’s illegitimate son?” Lu Yuan raised his brows and asked softly. “Don’t be shy. I won’t tell anyone.”

“Lu Yuan, don’t spread rumors.”

“Then why would they…”

“Guess it.”

“Guess my *ss!” The corner of Lu Yuan’s mouth twitched. “Why did you come to our legion for no reason? Let’s not talk about other things first. You’re not like the eldest daughter, Miss Bing Mengqi, who has ambition and went to the First Legion.

“She’s not in the Ninth Legion?”

“Of course, her captain is Lei Xing. He’s quite a big shot.”

Lu Yuan had an expression of disappointment. He was like a different person from earlier.

Su Bai laughed. He didn’t expect the daughter of the Deputy Commander of the Ninth Legion to go to the First Legion. No wonder Lei Xing could call for Bing Mengqi in the Wilderness.

After that, Lu Yuan introduced a lot of things about the legion to Su Bai.

Su Bai’s head was buzzing for three hours, and he had a headache.

Normally speaking, a newbie who had just joined the military would only need to listen to the basic knowledge.

Su Bai was a C-rank soldier, so he needed to absorb much more knowledge than a newbie. Lu Yuan couldn’t finish explaining everything in a short time.

Lu Yuan only let Su Bai off when it was midnight.

“Alright, it’s getting late. You should get some rest.”

“I still have to go somewhere.”

“Where to?”

“The training center.”

“Huh?” Lu Yuan was shocked. “It’s already so late. Do you still have to train? Aren’t you tired?

“Forget it, forget it. I’m too lazy to care about you. There’ll be a car for you to go home to tomorrow. I’ll go back to rest. You can continue with your work.”

And then, Lu Yuan left Su Bai’s new dormitory.

After Su Bai packed up his luggage, he immediately rushed to the youth training camp, as excited as an internet-addicted teenager going to go online all night.


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