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Chapter 93: 93 A Clear Arrangement

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93 A Clear Arrangement

At six in the morning, the training center’s entrance was packed with people.

There were both familiar and strange faces in the crowd.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Su Bai directly asked the nearest teenager before he was discovered.

“I heard that the legend of the youth training camp has returned, didn’t you know?” the teenager said excitedly.

Su Bai was speechless. He didn’t like to be too flamboyant because of his personality.

However, he seemed to have been too flamboyant during that period to the extent that he had achieved his current state.

It was said that when Xuanyuan Haoyu heard about that, he was so angry that he gritted his teeth. After all, when Su Bai humiliated him, the Xuanyuan family lost face.

The group of people kept waiting and waiting.

Su Bai didn’t dare to show his face. He walked into the crowd with his head down.

He was afraid that he would be recognized by this group of people and that they would do something to him. It was even more like walking on thin ice than when he was in Area B1.

Whitey, standing on Su Bai’s shoulder, looked around with a puzzled face. It obviously felt uncomfortable as well. It waved its sharp feet up and down as if trying to cut a bloody path.

Su Bai quickly put the little one back into his pocket.

When he finally left the crowd, he heaved a sigh of relief.

‘It seemed that being famous was not a good thing.’ Su Bai thought.

After such a big event, Su Bai didn’t dare to go to the youth training camp’s cafeteria anymore. He went directly to the cafeteria at the military base.

After he was done, he went to the office in advance.

He wished to update his ID card and officially become a Silver-level Beastmaster.

“A Silver-level Beastmaster? At such a young age?” The staff was surprised to see Su Bai.

At the same time, he could not hide the envy in his eyes.

To become a Silver-level Beastmaster, one had to be the cream of the crop among the Beastmasters.

In the military, one could enjoy more abundant benefits far beyond what a regular administrative staff could compare with.

After leaving the office, Su Bai went to the square to wait for Lu Yuan at the agreed time.

Very soon, Lu Yuan ran over in a hurry.

His messy hair indicated that he had just woken up and come to Su Bai.

“I’m sorry, I accidentally overslept.” Lu Yuan tidied up his appearance as he said. “You can leave the military base today. But before that, I must take you to the house in Los Monstaria you’ve been assigned.”

One of the primary benefits of joining the military was to be allocated a place of residence in Los Monstaria.

The higher the ranking of a soldier, the better the benefit distribution.

For a C-rank soldier like Su Bai, a 100 square meters single-story house was the standard property.

Su Bai had seen the blueprint of the house that Lu Yuan had brought, and it was indeed a good house.

Los Monstaria’s community was thought to have a decent environment.

“Lu Yuan, sorry to trouble you.”

“No worries.” Lu Yuan laughed heartily, then drove a Jeep and left the military camp with Su Bai, heading for Los Monstaria.

On the way back, Lu Yuan was still talking to Su Bai.

After all, it had been a long time since Lu Yuan felt like teaching a newcomer. He was passionate about it.

“Have you had any difficulties in your training recently? There’s no harm in telling me.” Lu Yuan smiled honestly. “To be honest, when I was your age, I was only at the Iron level. I’m far inferior to you.

“Maybe a little bit. I had no idea what a Silver-level Beastmaster’s benefit is.” Su Bai said with a smile.

“Silver-level?” Lu Yuan’s smile froze.

Lu Yuan suddenly turned to Su Bai and asked, “You’ve successfully broken through?”

“Yeah, and watch the road!”


Lu Yuan was shocked and said, “Weren’t you just High-10 Bronze level yesterday? How did you improve by leaps and bounds after not seeing you for a night? Are you really not the illegitimate son of the Commander?”

“No, eyes on the road! Eyes on the road!” said Su Bai.

“What a genius we have in our team. I’ve seen your resume. You’re definitely a genius, so awesome!

“No wonder even the commander and deputy commander welcomed you personally!” said Lu Yuan.

After a round of praises, Lu Yuan was even more excited.

On the other hand, Su Bai was watching the road with fear.

Fortunately, it was where people were rarely seen, so there were no other obstacles along the way except for trees and stones.

After calming down, Lu Yuan returned to his senses.

“Fine. Since you’re already a Silver-level Beastmaster, all the talk before was in vain.”

“What do you mean?”

“The benefits of becoming a Silver-level Beastmaster are incomparable to before. You’ll be allocated the best location in Los Monstaria and directly changed from staying in a single-story to a large villa!”

The moment he opened his mouth, Lu Yuan continued to speak non-stop.

The military was one of the best choices for Los Monstaria’s Beastmasters, with generous treatment and a perfect future.

Those who could become Silver-level Beastmasters were all outstanding among the Beastmasters.

Therefore, the military provided better benefits for this, and the villas allocated were only the most basic ones.

Very quickly, Lu Yuan directly reported this information to the Deputy Commander, Bing He.

After Bing He learned of that, he was even happier.

He directly arranged a villa in the urban area for Su Bai.

Lu Yuan also changed his destination on the GPS. They entered Los Monstaria and headed straight to the villa area.

Su Bai was in a daze in the car.

After finishing a series of procedures, Lu Yuan headed straight to the property management office after entering the villa area. He obtained the property certificate and repeated the process.

Su Bai had a new villa property under his name.

Lu Yuan’s efficiency was like a rocket, and the arrangements were made properly!

“Alright, Su Bai. Call me if you need anything else,” said Lu Yuan.

When Lu Yuan saw that the matter was almost settled, he added, “Very soon, $10,000,000 will be transferred to your card. This is the reward for your promotion. You can use it to buy furniture or nurturing resources. It’s up to you. I’ll come back to pick you up in three days.”

“Thanks, Lu Yuan.”

“You’re welcome. We’ll be comrades in the future.”

Lu Yuan then drove away.

Su Bai turned around and looked at the brand-new villa. Although it was empty for the time being, there was an indescribable excitement in his heart.

He finally brought the orphanage family from the dangerous wilderness to live in Los Monstaria. They don’t have to worry day and night.

He still had a lot of time today. He immediately called Li Yan and prepared to go back to the orphanage together.

However, Li Yan was currently in school and had many classes to attend.

So Su Bai had to take the train alone and head to the town.

In the meantime, Xu Chu even called to celebrate Su Bai’s promotion to Silver-level Beastmaster.

Su Bai got off the train when they arrived and walked to the town. While on the way, he looked at the familiar scenery.

Su Bai was in a good mood. Even the Beasts he saw along the way were cute to him.

Soon, he arrived at the small town and knocked on the orphanage’s door.

“Su Bai is back!”

“That’s right!”

The children in the room immediately cheered and opened the door to welcome Su Bai.

It was the weekend, and the nun was free, so she was very happy to see Su Bai.

“It’s good that you’re back. What do you want to eat for dinner?”

“A simple one will do. There’s no need to prepare too much.”

Su Bai looked at the nun, who was getting weaker by the day, and told her about moving into Los Monstaria.

At the same time, he didn’t hide the fact that he had already joined the military and become an official soldier.


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