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Chapter 94: 94 Something's wrong in the town

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94 Something’s wrong in the town

The latter made the nun even happier than the former. She hugged Su Bai with tears on her face.

The other children gathered around Su Bai. They were ignorant and didn’t know what that meant. They began to comfort him in a soft voice and even criticized their own naughtiness.

Soon, the nun adjusted her mood and started to pack up to move into the city with Su Bai.

They had to greet the townspeople before they left.

After learning about them leaving town, the townspeople were all happy for the nun.

“It’s not easy. Sister has raised a group of children all by herself for the past ten years.”

“That’s right, Su Bai is really something, unlike that stinky kid at home. He’s always lazy and good at eating!”

“I have to go send some eggs to the nun!”

“That’s right. Sister has been taking care of us.”

In an instant, more than half of the people in the town sent gifts.

They were all eggs raised by the family or free-range chickens piled up at the door.

There were so many things, and it would be a huge cargo to take it away.

Su Bai couldn’t help but sweat. Not everything could be put into the Beast Space, and he couldn’t put all the ordinary things in there.

Soon, Luo Bing, the captain of the town’s militia, heard the news and rushed back.

“Su Bai, did you really become a soldier?”


“A-Are you really human?! I heard that you graduated early. I didn’t believe it, but you’re really awesome!” Luo Bing said excitedly.

When he heard that they were going to move into the villa in the city, Luo Bing was even more dumbfounded.

It was far beyond his imagination.

One had to know those who could live in the villa area of Los Monstaria were not simple people.

“You’ve struck it rich, kid. You have met the nun’s expectations of you.”

“To tell you the truth, I’m already tired of all this,” Luo Bing said, his eyes red. “Take good care of sister when you get into the city. I’ll be back soon.”

“Alright.” Su Bai smiled.

Luo Bing had the right to live in Los Monstaria, but he was unwilling to do so because of the nun.

It seemed that Luo Bing would definitely follow them back to the city.

After dinner, Su Bai lay in his room and looked out the window.

The crowd was still coming and going.

Most came to say goodbye to the nun and thank them for caring for them for many years.

To be honest, Su Bai had not seen the nun’s smile for a long time, and the hard work of the past few years couldn’t help but appear in his mind, living in the shadow of the Beast all day.

But now, everything has been resolved.

When they entered the city to live, they would be escorted by countless Beastmasters.

While distracted, Su Bai looked at the starry sky outside the window. Suddenly, a swift figure flashed across his sight.

“An Enchanted Sparrow?” Su Bai frowned.

It wasn’t uncommon for Beasts to appear in small towns.

The Enchanted Sparrows were also considered one of the commonly seen Beasts.

The problem was that it was almost winter, and it was no longer the season for Enchanted Sparrows to appear, so it was rare to see one now.

Su Bai continued to observe. Soon, he saw the second and the third Enchanted Sparrow flying over the roof.

At the same time, there were other types of Beasts mixed in.

“There’s definitely something going on.” Su Bai muttered.

One could be considered a coincidence, but there must be a hidden reason for it to keep appearing.

Su Bai left the orphanage and looked around the town.

As expected, it wasn’t just the Enchanted Sparrows. Even the Beasts wreaking havoc in the Zhuang family’s land had appeared!

And it seemed that something was out of the ordinary.

Whitey was already a Silver-level Beast. Only the Iron-level Beasts saw it, and not only did they not run away, but they also started to attack.

“Something’s wrong!”

Su Bai kept observing the town and found that every Beast behaved strangely.

He had long been familiar with the moves of the Beasts.

He could basically determine that the Beasts’ tide was coming!

Then, he went to the captain of the militia, Luo Bing, and told him about it.

“Are you certain? This is very important. You’d better be confident before you report it!” Luo Bing said with his eyes wide open.

“I’m pretty sure. I’ve already ruled out other possibilities.”

“Alright, I’ll report this to the Beastmaster Guild now!”

The town was in a remote area, but it was still under the jurisdiction of the Beastmaster Guild.

The town’s militia couldn’t handle the appearance of a Beast tide. So they had to ask for Beastmasters to handle it.

But soon, Luo Bing rushed back with a serious face.

“Oh no, the guild said they didn’t find anything unusual, so they refused to help.”

It’s been a while since the last Beast tide in town.

About a dozen years ago, the scale of the attack was not large, and the damage to the town was relatively small.

The guild had determined this place to be a safe zone and wouldn’t pay too much attention to it. Therefore, they wouldn’t take it to heart even if there were any signs of trouble.

“Isn’t there a Beastmaster stationed in the town?”

“There is, but he’s already asleep.”

“Then wake him up!”

Su Bai knew that things couldn’t be delayed; the earlier they took action, the better!

Luo Bing also understood that.

After that, he immediately headed to the house where the Beastmaster was stationed.



There was no response after a series of knocks. Su Bai couldn’t wait and directly kicked the door.

Luo Bing’s eyes widened.

It was not an anti-theft door, but it was made of iron. Su Bai was surprised that he could break it with one kick.

“Who’s there!”

Seeing the door being broken open, the Beastmaster in the room suddenly got up from his bed and asked, “What are you doing here so late at night? Are you trying to rob me?”

“I’m sorry, Wang. It’s like this…” Luo Bing explained the matter clearly.

“If there’s something wrong, do you think the guild won’t do anything?” Wang said in disdain. “Don’t scare yourself. Get out of here.

“And you have to pay for the door, or I’ll file a complaint against you!”

Luo Bing could only smile bitterly.

Wang, sent by the Beastmaster Guild, had been here for two years. All he did was eat and drink normally.

After all, the Beasts that ran into the town wouldn’t be too frequent.

“Don’t talk nonsense. Just drag him out!”

Su Bai was not as good-tempered as Luo Bing; he directly grabbed Wang’s arm.

“Hey, how dare you touch me!” Wang shouted. He wanted to exert force, but the overbearing force made him unable to exert any strength.

He could only be carried to the town streets like a little chick.

“Let go of me, you brat!” Wang’s face was livid, and he shouted, “Don’t think that I don’t dare to use my Beast, you ignorant fool. Let go of me!”

Although his words were harsh, Wang was also surprised by Su Bai’s strength.

Wang was a Bronze-level Beastmaster. It was a waste of talent for him to be stationed in such a small town.

Now, Wang was actually being suppressed by a young man.

“See for yourself. If you don’t, I’ll give you a hand.” Su Bai looked up and said coldly.

“What’s there to see… Shoot!” Wang looked up at the sky. His anger was gone.

At that moment, the Enchanted Sparrows and all kinds of bird-type Beasts flew around in the sky.

A rampage without any purpose!


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