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Chapter 98: 98 The Beastmaster Guild's Gold Card

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98 The Beastmaster Guild’s Gold Card

The buildings were also severely damaged. It was already a blessing that some of them remained intact.

Although a part of the damage was caused by Bearen.

There were Beast corpses everywhere. Su Bai picked up the Beast-core dagger and was about to check on the Beast-cores.

However, he realized that the Beast-core dagger had broken due to his over-excited battle earlier.


It would be a lie to say he didn’t feel bad about it. Su Bai was skilled with the dagger, which is why he purchased it. He hadn’t expected the dagger to break so quickly.

The items made from Beast-cores were generally costly.

In particular, tools like weapons were specially made for Beastmasters.

Since Su Bai still had the money on his card after being promoted to C-rank soldier, it would not be a problem to buy another one.

Su Bai used other sharp blades to cut open the Beast and extract its Beast-core.

The Beast-core was gray in color. The crystal-like core was volatile, breaking into pieces with the slightest force.

“As expected.” Su Bai smiled bitterly.

Even though they were all low-grade Beast-core, there were at least a few hundred, which was also of great value.

However, it was all in vain now. Only the corpses could be sold for money.

“It’s finally over.” Big B was sitting on the ground, worn out. He wiped the blood off his face and asked with a smile, “Kid, I still don’t know your name. I’m Huang Keming, a bronze Beastmaster from the Beastmaster Guild.

Big B was sitting on the ground, paralyzed. He wiped the blood off his face and asked with a smile, ” little brother, I still don’t know your name. I’m Huang Keming, a Bronze-level Beastmaster from the Beastmaster Guild.

“I’m Su Bai, a C-rank soldier of the Ninth Legion’s vanguard unit.

“A soldier?” Huang Keming’f face froze as he heard that. His eyes were full of shock.

Huang Keming didn’t expect such a young man was actually a soldier! Furthermore, a C-rank soldier!

“What they say is true. Heroes do start from youngsters!” Huang Keming was excited. “I was wondering why you’re so strong. Now I know. You’re a C-rank soldier. I’m sorry for being blind.”

Huang Keming knew the situation of the Ninth Legion very well, and he subconsciously ignored it.

Su Bai smiled and contacted Luo Bing. He found out that there were no casualties among the townspeople.

As Luo Bing walked through the blood-washed streets, he was shocked.

“Damn, Su Bai. You did all this?” Luo Bing asked. He couldn’t see through Su Bai anymore. The boy he had watched growing up.

“It’s nothing.”

“You call this nothing?!” Luo Bing’s mouth twitched. “I heard about you from Li Yan, and he’s full of admiration for you.

“Forget it. I don’t plan on asking too much. The guild will take over the follow-up.”

“Okay,” said Su Bai.

The townspeople came out of the cellar and quickly began to mobilize to clean up the filthy streets.

After daybreak, the Beastmaster Guild also sent Silver-level Beastmasters to investigate the cause of the Beast tide.

After hearing Huang Keming and Wang’s report, the Silver-level Beastmasters disbelieved.

They were only convinced until they saw Su Bai and verified his ID card.

“Respected Beastmasters, you’ve worked hard to help the town resist the Beast tide. The Beastmaster Guild will especially compensate you. Please accept it as an apology gift.”

The Silver-level Beastmasters bowed slightly.

The people around them were stunned, especially Wang and Huang Keming.

They were Silver-level Beastmasters, elite members of the Beastmaster Guild. They bowed to a young man and spoke in such a gentle tone!

It was like a dream!

“Alright, thank you for your hard work.” Su Bai, on the other hand, was not surprised.

The Beastmaster Guild was located in Los Monstaria. Compared to the military, it was like a prince meeting a king.

The guild was in charge of the general affairs of various areas in Los Monstaria.

However, the military was utterly different.

Not only did the military have to appear in all kinds of dangerous places where a soldier’s life was in danger at any time, but they also had to transform into a sharp sword at the critical moment to open up new territory!

So even if Su Bai and the Silver-level Beastmaster were at the same level, it was because of Su Bai’s military status that the Silver-level Beastmasters were so respectful and didn’t dare to offend him.

The Beastmaster Guild would handle the aftermath of the Beast tide, so Su Bai also had some free time.

Su Bai was busy giving Bearen a bath in the yard. Its whole body was stained with blood, like a sticky paste.

Fortunately, the little ones in the orphanage volunteered and took on the task.

“Little Bear, don’t be afraid. I’ll give you a bath!”

“I want to come too!”

The huge Bearen was surrounded by a group of children and was at a loss.

Bearen didn’t dare to move recklessly, afraid it would hurt the children.

Whitey, at a side, was giggling wildly.

Su Bai strictly ordered Bearen to stay where it was and wait until it was clean.

“Su Bai, are you okay?” asked the nun.

The nun looked at Su Bai from head to toe, her eyes full of worry.

Su Bai smiled and said, “Don’t worry. Those Beasts are weak. I’ll just deal with them.”

“I’m relieved that you’re fine.” The nun heaved a sigh of relief and smiled. “You’re a soldier now. You must be having a hard time, right?”

“It’s alright.”

“You have to take good care of yourself. Actually, it’s fine even if we don’t enter the city. Your training will cost money, so you must make plans.”

“Sister, don’t listen to Luo Bing’s nonsense. I’m not short of money now.”

Su Bai took out his phone and showed the amount of money on his card.

There’s $10,000,000 in it.

When the nun saw that, she felt relieved.

The nun feared that the whole orphanage would burden Su Bai if they went to the city.

She realized now that she had indeed worried too much.

After a half-work day and the assistance of the Beastmaster Guild, the town had been restored by more than half.

The corpses of the Beasts would be sent back to the guild.

The Silver-level Beastmasters went to the orphanage. They handed a gold card to Su Bai, saying, “This is the compensation the guild is giving you. Please accept it, great Beastmaster.”

“A gold card?”

Luo Bing’s eyes widened when he saw that. He took a deep breath and said, “I remember that the guild only gives their gold card to Silver-level and above Beastmasters. Why would they give it to you?”

“Guess.” Su Bai smiled and accepted the golden card from the Beastmaster Guild.

The primary use of this card was to enjoy a 70% discount at the various places the Beastmaster Guild opened.

Bronze-level Beastmasters could only obtain white cards.

As for the gold cards, they were given to Silver-level Beastmasters who made contributions. The limit of the card was $10,000,000 a year.

This could also be considered the guild’s method to trap the Beastmasters.

After all, the guild was an organization that could only function with its Beastmasters. So they would naturally spend a lot on them without any reservations.

But Su Bai remembered one thing clearly.

A gold card could only be used by a Beastmaster who had been registered by the Beastmaster Guild. Since Su Bai had yet to register for it, he couldn’t use the gold card.

The Beastmaster Guild gave Su Bai a gold card, and their intention was obvious. Still, Su Bai didn’t care.

Since Su Bai wouldn’t suffer any losses with it, he might as well keep it and consider joining the Beastmaster Guild later.

After that, Su Bai had dinner with the family in the orphanage after a long time.

Bearen, who had been washed clean, was relieved of a heavy burden and couldn’t wait to return to Su Bai’s Sigil.

It had never been so eager to go back in since its birth.

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