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Chapter 99: 99 Let’s Go! To the Daxing Mountains!

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99 Let’s Go! To the Daxing Mountains!

Su Bai was enjoying a pleasant life that he had not experienced for a long time. At night, the nun told the children stories, and Su Bai recalled his childhood.

Before going to sleep, Bearen came out of the Sigil to replenish its power.

It was caught by the children, and they hugged it like a big doll, feeling its furry bear fur.

Fortunately, the sleeping children were no longer as scary as before, and Bearen could accept it.

The following day, all the furniture from the orphanage was ready and loaded into the truck that Luo Bing had prepared.

When it was time to part, all the townspeople sent them off.


Su Bai received a text on his phone. He opened it and took a look.

It was a message informing that the accommodation for the nun and the children had been prepared.

Su Bai had used up his quota for eight people. There were two left, one for Li Yan, who was still in school, and the last was temporarily put aside.

Back in Los Monstaria, Su Bai settled everyone in the villa.

Su Bai still had a day off, and he went to the furniture store.

Even if Su Bai bought the best one with his eyes closed, he’d only spend $3,000,000.

A Beastmaster was a spendthrift, so Su Bai didn’t care about $3,000,000.

In the end, he even helped the nun apply for a bank card and deposited $3,000,000. The money was enough for the family to spend more than ten years!

The pleasant days always passed quickly, and the day of joining the military had come.

The nun made breakfast early and said many things to Su Bai before he left as if he had returned to the day when he was going to the academy for the awakening ceremony.

“Take good care of yourself. Don’t tire yourself out.”

“I will, sister. Don’t worry.”

The short holiday was over, and Su Bai came to the meeting place.

Lu Yuan’s jeep was already ready. He immediately got to work when he saw Su Bai.

“How are you? Ready to join the military?” Lu Yuan smiled. “It’s much tougher over there than the youth training camp. You have to be mentally prepared.”

“Don’t worry.”

“Haha, I like the way you act on your own!” Lu Yuan took out two sets of clothes from the back seat and said, “Your uniform is made of Beast-cores. It’s definitely durable!”

On the uniform’s chest was the symbol of the Ninth Legion, Heavenstar.

Since Su Bai was going to be a vanguard, his uniform was a special combat uniform.

At first glance, it was simple and refreshing.

Su Bai put on his uniform and asked, “What’s the mission of the vanguards?”

“Well…” Lu Yuan held the steering wheel and thought. “It’s hard to say. The vanguard team will do what you think is the most dangerous and tiring job in the military.”

“Will I get a lot of merit points?”

“I’m not sure. I’m not on the vanguard team. How would I know?” Lu Yuan said frankly.

In the Ninth Legion, the team that Lu Yuan was on was the logistics team.

Even though he was also a C-rank soldier, he didn’t have high ambitions. He was content with his current condition.

“Don’t worry. I’ve been in the military for so long, but I’ve never seen such an outstanding newcomer like you. You’ll definitely be able to take on the task of the vanguard,” Lu Heng promised, patting his chest.

“You’re too kind.”

“I’m not joking with you,” Lu Yuan said. “Look at your classmates. Which one of them had left the academy? And you? You’re already in the military and promoted to C-rank!

“I heard that the people from the other legions realized it later and even complained to the governor about you.”

“Complaint?” Su Bai didn’t expect such a thing.

“That’s right. They’ve been complaining about Commander Xu Chu for using underhanded methods.” The moment Lu Yuan thought of it, he sighed. “Look at you. So many people are fighting for you. Did you know how reputable you are?

“It’s a good thing our commander has some strength. In the end, that group of people just left things unsettled.”

It couldn’t be helped. It was too easy for the higher-ups to check Su Bai’s resume.

In addition, Xu Chu and Bing He’s attitudes toward him differed.

Soon, someone would notice that something was wrong. Then, they would investigate thoroughly and discover that Su Bai was extraordinary.

To appease the anger of the other legions, Xu Chu had to do something.

He had spent a massive sum of money to barely hold on to Su Bai.

Otherwise, Su Bai would definitely be snatched away by other legions if things got out of hand.

In the car, Su Bai smiled.

Lu Yuan drove out of Los Monstaria. This time, his destination was not a place like the youth training camp but a military camp closer to the front line.

According to Lu Yuan, it was less than 10 kilometers away from the front line, and countless experts were in charge.

Soldiers on the same level as Su Bai could be easily found there.

Su Bai didn’t stand out, but he was still very eye-catching.

“You have to keep a low profile wherever you go.” Lu Yuan said, “Although the other side is mainly responsible for the defense line, the competition is definitely a hundred times more intense than the youth training camp.”

“For example?”

“Last month, the casualties reported were about a hundred Beastmasters, with the lowest being Bronze-level ones and the highest being Gold-level ones.

Do you understand now? But there will be people there to take care of you.” Lu Yuan smiled. “I won’t say it. I don’t want to mislead you.”

“Thank you, Lu Yuan.” Su Bai closed his eyes and rested.

It was a long journey, and they only reached their destination at three in the afternoon.

They passed through one checkpoint after another.

The security was tight, but according to Lu Yuan, there were also many mercenaries and adventurers. They were even more savage than the youth training camp.

After getting out of the car, Lu Yuan said, “Let’s stop here. I don’t have a pass to go further. After you go in, someone will escort you.”

“Alright.” Su Bai said.

Su Bai walked on the muddy road and looked around at the soldiers and vehicles passing by.

One could feel the sharpness of their aura alone!

This land was called the Daxing Mountains. It was vast and had hundreds of high mountains and areas such as deserts and swamps.

It was said that to take down the Daxing Mountains, the Los Monstaria Army had to fight for the mountains.

More than ten thousand Beastmasters were killed or injured!

Su Bai couldn’t even imagine how intense the battle was.

“You must be Su Bai.”

Soon, a middle-aged man came to Su Bai and smiled: “My name is Dong Peng. I’m the head of the Ninth Legion’s vanguard team.”

“Hello, I’m Su Bai.”

“Alright, follow me.” Dong Peng enthusiastically introduced. “It’s been a long time since we’ve seen such a young face like you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.”

“What’s the difference between the missions here and the previous ones?”

“I see. It’s just like the rumors.”


Dong Peng laughed as he spoke of the recent events.

Su Bai’s mouth twitched.

It turned out that after Su Bai left the youth training camp, some fanatical fans spread the hunting service story on his behalf to promote him.

Su Bai had become a mission fanatic and could efficiently complete hundreds of missions daily.

Not to mention in the youth training camp, even in the academy, Su Bai’s story could be heard.

He was just short of a book.


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