Star Odyssey - Chapter 1432

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Chapter 1432: 1432

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Chapter 1432: Origin

Unfortunately, things did not proceed as Unseen Light had predicted; Xia Shenfei stepped in. “It’s just a hangover, so I should work it off a bit.”

After this comment, his expression completely changed, and his originally playful expression changed to one of indifference that was full of murderous intent. “Don’t blame me if you die.”

The moment Xia Shenfei attacked, there was a tremendous boom. Unseen Light suppressed the entire region with his domain without any hesitation. The terrifying domain far surpassed anything his peers were capable of, and the full force of it caused the ground to tremble, and the cast off bark that had piled up on the branch moved as though it were alive. The items flew through the sky and burrowed through the ground. This was the spiritual manifestation realm of a domain.

Xia Shenfei easily scattered all attacks that drew close to him. He bent his middle finger and gently flicked a finger. The energy of his Divine Martial Armor had been concentrated between his fingers, and it shot out and pierced through the void towards Unseen Light.

Suddenly, Unseen Light opened his eyes, and his domain enveloped everyone within. Everything around him, even Xia Shenfei, was pressed to the ground, and Unseen Light took this time to evade the energy from the finger flick.

Even Xia Shenfei needed to be cautious once Unseen Light released the full power of his domain. Liu Hao gave Unseen Light an appraising look, while also wondering just how this person had ended up traveling with Liu Tianmu.

When Xia Shenfei reappeared, he was surrounded by black. It was as though the space around him had been isolated, and he seemed cut off on all sides. This was the Black Coffin Secret Art.

As spikes emerged from the black coffin, Liu Hao forced Liu Tianmu back with his sword. The swordsman was quite surprised to see such a strange secret technique.

Behind, Wu Taibai frowned. The secret was out.

Blood could be seen on the black coffin’s spikes, and everyone stared at it.

Unseen Light felt uncertain that his Black Coffin had severely injured Xia Shenfei. Could it be so easy to injure a Junior Progenitor?

“An unknown secret technique. In that case, you must be a trespasser.” Xia Shenfei’s voice was heard from behind Unseen Light, and his scalp went numb. The terrible danger he felt at this moment caused Unseen Light to reveal his never before seen innate gift, and a black ball appeared in front of him.

Xia Shenfei swung a hand at Unseen Light’s forehead, but the moment the hand drew close, the Divine Martial Armor covering the hand suddenly reversed directions. It was being drawn the black ball. This ball had an attractive force; it was gravity.

Although Unseen Light had reacted very quickly and had even revealed his innate gift of gravity, Xia Shenfei’s attack still managed to land on Unseen Light’s shoulder, and it sent him flying back.

A 100 meter mark was left on the ground from Unseen Light’s feet as he struggled to stop himself. He felt an excruciating pain from his left shoulder. He looked at Xia Shenfei. “How could that be?”

Unseen Light was not alone, as Liu Tianmu and Yao Xuan were both shocked as well.

Wu Taibai let out a long breath. “Shenwu’s Sky’s greatest inheritance: the Nine Clones Technique.”

Yao Xuan’s pupils shrank the moment he heard this. “What did you say? Nine Clones Technique?”

The gravity ball disappeared from in front of Xia Shenfei. He turned to look at Yao Xuan with eyebrows raised in surprise. “You don’t know about that? Looks like you’re another trespasser.”

Unseen Light stared at Xia Shenfei. “Wasn’t the Nine Clones Technique created by Progenitor Chen?”

Xia Shenfei’s mouth curled into a smile. “Progenitor Chen? Oh, that’s right. Yes, my Xia family did have a Progenitor Chen whose name was Xia Shang. He was an amazing and brilliant powerhouse, but unfortunately, he volunteered to stay in the Forsaken Land. You think he was the one who created the Nine Clone’s Technique? Of course not! It’s a unique skill that belongs to my Shenwu’s Sky.”

At this point, the Junior Progenitor turned to look at Wu Taibai. “You solve that little pale one, and I’ll deal with the blind man.”

He then turned and looked at Liu Tianmu in an odd manner. “You were found with the blind man, so are you also a trespasser?”

This was the same question Liu Hao wanted to ask, though he had already guessed the answer.

Liu Tianmu did not reply, but instead just raised her sword and pointed it at Liu Hao. “Come.”

Liu Hao shook his head and regretfully commented, “I really thought that a genius had appeared in a branch family. I never thought you would be from the Forsaken Land. What a pity.”

“If people from the Forsaken Land are able to defeat elites like you, just what do you think the Abandoned Land really is?” Yao Xuan defiantly challenged.

Across from him, Wu Taibai raised a hand and replied, “First, you actually have to be able to beat us.”

Xia Shenfei felt helpless. “This is such a pain! Every time we visit the Dominion Realm, rats like you sneak in.”

Unseen Light had revealed a truly top-tier level of strength. He would be able to stand his ground against any opponent, especially after revealing his innate gift. He was actually able to stand up to Xia Shenfei, who was a Junior Progenitor who had already opened his middle meridian point.

Unseen Light’s innate gift of gravity not only attracted physical objects like a planet’s gravity, but could also attract battle techniques.

Xia Shenfei looked at the black balls of gravity that were around him. He was truly stunned. “This is an incredibly innate gift.”

The decaying bark beneath his feet climbed up his legs and tried to bury him once more.

The energy that made up Xia Shenfei’s Divine Martial Armor formed giant hands that grabbed at the gravity balls. The balls were then turned around and directed towards Unseen Light, but he was no longer there. Instead, there was a Black Coffin. However, Xia Shenfei was not trapped this time, as he twisted his body to avoid the secret technique.

Just as Unseen Light was about to attack again, another Xia Shenfei appeared from behind. At this moment, the power of the Nine Clones Secret Technique began to be revealed. Xia Shenfei was able to give a showing of a much greater level of power than Xia Jiuyou had managed, as each and every clone was terrifyingly powerful, and they were each able to be freely merged or separated.

There was a bang as Xia Shenfei landed a palm on Unseen Light’s back, causing him to slam into the ground. A Xia Shenfei landed in front of Unseen Light with a smile, and his hand rose up. The power of his Divine Martial Armor was enough to shatter Unseen Light.

Suddenly, the air in front of the Junior Progenitor warped, and he only was able to hear a shout. There was a terrifying burst of energy as Yao Xuan used Force Explosion, and it rattled Xia Shenfei’s brain. He was no longer able to see Unseen Light, and Unseen Light took advantage of the distraction to smash one of his gravity balls into Xia Shenfei’s stomach. The sword qi from Liu Hao and Liu Tianmu’s attacks, as well as Wu Taibai’s Divine Martial Armor and Yao Xuan’s spiritual force had all been absorbed into the gravity ball.

All of these attacks shot towards Xia Shenfei.

Xia Shenfei continuously retreated. He stared down at the gravity ball at his stomach, as well as the attacks surrounding him. He shook his head. “Why?”

His armor twisted and gradually cracked. Eventually, the invisible Divine Martial Armor that covered his entire body transformed into an armor that seemed to be made up of immaterial qi, and it instantly shattered the gravity ball.

Xia Shenfei raised a hand. There was no movement to be seen, but the moment his eyes landed on Unseen Light and Yao Xuan, they were both sent flying, and they both spat out blood at the same time.

Liu Tianmu stared on in surprise.

Liu Hao’s eyes trembled. “Shenwu Transformation. Shenwu’s Sky is the most outstanding inherited technique. No one has been able to train in this technique for thousands of years. It’s a technique that stands above the Divine Martial Armor. I’ve finally seen its return.”

After using the Shenwu Transformation, Xia Shenfei himself had completely changed. He raised a hand and flicked his fingers, one at Unseen Light and one at Yao Xuan.

This was the difference between them. Xia Shenfei was a Junior Progenitor. He was someone who had already opened his middle meridian point and who had received the greatest inheritances available in the Perennial World. Just like Bai Shaohong’s Void Rip or Long Tian’s innate gift of space, this was a technique that could instantly decide a battle. The only people who could stand against such a powerhouse was another Junior Progenitor.

Liu Tianmu let out a long breath. While Liu Hao was still stunned, Liu Tianmu lifted her sword and looked at Xia Shenfei. Then, she closed her eyes.

Xia Shenfei did not notice Liu Tianmu’s odd behavior, as he was watching Unseen Light and Yao Xuan struggle to rise off in the distance.

“Who does this overwhelming power remind you of?” Yao Xuan let out a sigh as he stared at Xia Shenfei in the distance.

A figure who looked like a god of death suddenly appeared in Unseen Light’s mind. During ZENITH’s final battle, one person had revealed a power that had overwhelmed all of the other finalists at the same time. It had been truly appalling strength. It was possible that only that person in all of the Fifth Mainland possessed the strength capable of defeating a Junior Progenitor!

The streams of qi that covered Xia Shenfei’s body transformed from the Divine Martial Armor and tore at the void. In this condition, Xia Shenfei had the confidence to face even an Envoy. “There’s no way for anyone in the Forsaken Land to open any meridian points, which is a failure of their cultivation methods. You’ve reached an impressive level of strength, and you can stand on the same level as those just beneath us, but unfortunately for you, it’s quite unrealistic for you to hope to be able to take anything away while we are watching, or to steal anything from us.”

Yao Xuan was also helpless. He had just used a Force Explosion, which was his most powerful attack, and yet it had not had almost any effect on Xia Shenfei. That man was terrifying. As for Yao Xuan’s incorporeal body that was supposed to be immune to physical damage, that was just nonsense when facing such an expert. During ZENITH, even Wang Yi had managed to defeat Yao Xuan’s body with a single attack, which had been completely humiliating.

“Since you’ve come here, then you must have prepared yourself for death. In that case, I’ll send you on your way.” Xia Shenfei looked solemn. His legs bent, but just as he was about to attack, he felt an inexplicable vibration in his heart.

At this moment, Liu Tianmu had swung her sword. She had used the Thirteenth Sword; if there was emotion, then it could be used as a sword.

Liu Hao did not actually care about Liu Tianmu at this moment. He was simply focused on watching the Shenwu Transformation, which had given Liu Tianmu an opportunity to use this particular attack.

The Thirteenth Sword was completely invisible and traceless, and it could not be avoided. Long ago, Liu Tianmu had used this attack to give Shang Qing his first injury in the Mountain and Seas Zone, and Wu Taibai had also suffered from it. He had managed to overpower even Yuhua Mavis after using the Divine Martial Armor, and yet the Thirteenth Sword had left him injured. The only person who had been unaffected by this sword was Lu Yin.

During those previous attacks, Liu Tianmu had not had complete mastery of the Thirteenth Sword, but after using it several times, her mastery had reached a level where she no longer injured herself when attacking her opponent. The Thirteenth Sword surpassed all the previous swords.

Liu Hao’s swordsmanship might have surpassed Liu Tianmu’s, but he was not able to stop this particular attack.

Sword qi took the form of wind, and when Xia Shenfei felt the breeze, the Thirteenth Sword had already finished.

Where did the Thirteen Swords come from? Not even the Sword Sect knew. The only thing that was known was that the Thirteen Swords was the pinnacle sword technique in the Fifth Mainland, and it had allowed the Liu family to become the king of the sword.

Wu Taibai had had a certain thought after being attacked by the Thirteenth Sword during ZENITH: ‘The Thirteenth Sword did indeed live up to its name, no wonder there were also rumors of it there.’

‘There’ had been referring to the Perennial World.

In the past, though Liu Tianmu had used the Thirteen Swords, she had not used anything above the Tenth Sword. Since she had not revealed anything that was enough to defeat Liu Hao, her techniques had not aroused much attention. However, the moment she used the Thirteenth Sword, her technique was exposed.

Xia Shenfei lifted a hand and wiped the corner of his mouth. He saw red on his hand. It was blood. He had been injured.

He looked up and gave Liu Tianmu an odd look. He had actually been injured, and it was by someone of his own generation who had not even opened her lower meridian point. She was even from the Forsaken Land. This was really exciting!

Liu Hao stared in shock and finally blurted out, “The Thirteen Swords.”

He turned to stare at Liu Tianmu. “I had wondered why your swordsmanship was giving me a feeling of deja vu. You are using the Thirteen Swords that my Liu family lost. This technique originally came from the Forsaken Land.”

Although Liu Tianmu had already achieved some level of mastery of the Thirteenth Sword, she was still not able to use it freely, and her body had been left in a slightly weakened state. “The Liu family’s lost technique?”

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