Star Odyssey - Chapter 1438

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Chapter 1438: 1438

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Chapter 1438: Reappearance Of Invincibility

The phantom image behind Wang Su was quite clear. It was a hand, and it was even possible to make out the palm lines on it. Its light illuminated Wang Su, giving her a divine appearance.

The moment that Lu Yin saw this, he thought of the imprints that he had seen before. Could the Perennial World also use imprints? No, an imprint was an imprint of a powerhouse while this image was of nothing more than a hand.

Liu Tianmu and the others were all shocked. The moment the image of the hand appeared, Wang Su had completely changed. She had easily blocked Lu Yin’s Vacuum Palm, which showed that her strength had undergone a qualitative transformation.

Across the chamber, Liu Hao exclaimed, “The Lu family’s visualization method was divided among the four ruling powers, and this was what brought about the four Junior Progenitors. Is this the power of visualization?”

As soon as Liu Tianmu heard this, she looked at Lu Yin. The Lu family?

Long Tian and the others fell back. Wang Su had already brought out the power exclusive to the Junior Progenitors, so this entire farce should finally be about to end. They just needed to wait for Long Qi to be defeated so that they could grab the Origin Matter.

Long Xi’s face went pale. She had previously seen and felt for herself the visualization method, and she fully believed in the invincibility of the Junior Progenitors. Even though she had already opened her lower meridian point, even if she was given enough tribulation crystals to open her middle meridian point, putting her at the same cultivation level as the Junior Progenitors, it would be useless. Even cultivation was meaningless before this power. Only the Junior Progenitors were able to practice the visualization method out of everyone in the four ruling powers. There were only a few cultivators in the entire Perennial World who were able to use the visualization method as this power had belonged exclusively to the Lu family.

Lu Yin stared at Wang Su for a moment. There was a phantom behind the woman, not an imprint. This was the same sort of power as the phantom tree that had appeared behind Yuhua Mavis.

Suddenly, Wang Su’s body disappeared. Lu Yin’s heart skipped a beat. This was not good! She had moved so quickly that she had entered the true universe. Without even thinking, Lu Yin pulled out the gemspring water that he had Enhanced, and he dripped it into his eyes. At the same time, he fell back. Once he opened his eyes, he saw Wang Su’s icy gaze to his right. He pretended not to see her as she passed by him, moved behind him, and waved a hand. Four Arts: Celestial Blade.

Lu Yin instantly set up and used a Teleportation Formation to move behind Wang Su where he lifted his hands and threw out multiple attacks. Wang Su had not expected Lu Yin to actually be able to track her movements. Surprised, she whirled around and swatted out multiple counter attacks.

Bang bang bang…

Dozens of explosions rang out as two palms collided. The void tore apart, and the shockwaves from the impacts surpassed a power level of 500,000.

Long Xi stared on in shock. Was Long Qi actually strong enough to compare to the Junior Progenitors?

There was another bang as their hands struck each other once more. Then, Lu Yin and Wang Su both retreated at the same time. They were both panting.

Wang Su was also astonished. She had already used the visualization method, so why was she still unable to suppress this person? He was absolutely as powerful as a Junior Progenitor.

Lu Yin’s palms ached. This woman’s hands were extremely strong, and she was direct with her attacks too. He did not understand just what had boosted her strength so much, but the force that had met each of his Vacuum Palms had been anything but weak. Fortunately, she had not been able to overpower him.

This battle reminded Lu Yin of when he had first fought against Wang Yi. The two of them had been nearly identical in physical strength, and it was difficult to quickly determine a winner in such a battle.

At this moment, there was one rule that everyone was following: no one used any items when fighting against those of the same level. After all, who did not want to overwhelm a group of their own peers?

Lu Yin had revealed enough strength while fighting against Wang Su, and Long Tian’s expression had grown extremely ugly. He had been tricked. Long Qi had obviously possessed this level of strength from the very beginning, and he had definitely been laughing at Long Tian from the beginning. How hateful!

Bai Shaohong also grew more somber as things progressed, as he was gradually realizing the level of strength that these trespassers from the Forsaken Land possessed. As he thought about this, he looked over at Shang Qing. He was another trespasser with an impressive level of strength. After another era, the situation was looking worse and worse. Things would have to be dealt with after returning.

Shang Qing’s eyes narrowed. Even though he and Lu Yin were keeping two of the Junior Progenitors occupied, there were still two more, and they were more than enough to deal with Yao Xuan and others. Given the current situation, escape was impossible.

“Wang Su, hurry up and make a decision!” Bai Shaohong suddenly rushed over and pressed down a hand. It was the secret technique: Cloud Fall.

Wang Su did not stop Bai Shaohong, as this was not the time for a fair fight.

Two Junior Progenitors had joined forces against him, causing Lu Yin to frown. This had just become incredibly troublesome.

Shang Qing quickly waved a hand, and his summoned Progenitor Chen charged forward, only to be blocked by Long Tian. Long Tian was not only able to block Progenitor Chen, but he also managed to attack Shang Qing. The attack came from the true universe, but Shang Qing did not have any upgraded gemspring water. Thus, he was not able to see Long Tian’s attacks that came from the true universe. However, the summoned Progenitor Hui was able to take Shang Qing away, and as they moved away, Long Tian was attacked by the As If Closed sourcebox array.

However, it was not that easy for Shang Qing to escape, as Xia Shenfei also attacked him. “Are you still trying to hold both of us back?”

His body was covered with the Divine Martial Armor, and Shang Qing dodged again with the help of Progenitor Hui. However, this attack had targeted a large area, so there was no way for Shang Qing to completely avoid it. He was struck by the attack, and he coughed up blood.

The summoned Progenitor Chen slashed a knife at Xia Shenfei from behind, and Xia Shenfei turned around and raised a hand. “Secret Technique: Reverse.”

With a shout from Xia Shenfei, the summoned Progenitor Chen was actually forced back. At the same time, Long Tian broke free of the As If Closed sourcebox array by using the White Dragon Transformation. His spear pierced through the summoned Progenitor Chen’s body and reverted the summon back to a strand of ancestral qi.

Shang Qing coughed up more blood. He could keep one of the Junior Progenitors occupied but not two.

A short distance away, Lu Yin had also gotten in trouble. Bai Shaohong’s Cloud Fall secret technique had not trapped Lu Yin, but that had never been Bai Shaohong’s intention. After Lu Yin evaded the secret technique, Bai Shaohong instantly attacked again. He pointed into the void. “Void Rip.”

The black line appeared and sliced through the void.

Lu Yin paled. This was a Progenitor’s battle technique, which meant that his Yu Secret Art would be useless against it. He wanted to use the Teleportation Formation to escape, but he had already revealed many of his abilities against Wang Su. So, Wang Su disrupted Lu Yin’s ability to use the Teleportation Formation with a burst of star energy, and Lu Yin had also just used a secret technique. He would have to take this attack head on.

Bai Shaohong was absolutely confident that Void Rip would be enough to cut Long Qi in half as long as he did not use a power vessel, but Bai Shaohong was even prepared for that possibility.

Lu Yin raised a hand and caused a Channeling Diagram to appear. The Void Rip cut across the sourcebox array, but the Channeling Diagram was able to divert star energy attacks, domains, battle techniques, and even stranger attacks. After the sourcebox array appeared, Lu Yin brought out his fatesand, but it was quickly cut through and returned to Lu Yin’s body. Both of his defensive measures only managed to buy Lu Yin an extra second of time, but this second was enough to allow Lu Yin to escape with the Ce Secret Art. His destination was right next to Crown Prince Gui Qian.

The prince had not been very far from Lu Yin, and he had been staring, stunned, at everything that was occurring. Even a person as morose as him would curse at this moment, because he had also been attacked by Void Rip outside of the Voidsoul Palace. He had been cut in two by this technique, and he could still remember the sensation. Now, was he facing it again?

Just as Crown Prince Gui Qian was about to take out a power vessel to protect himself, Lu Yin appeared in front of him. He pressed a hand down upon the prince’s shoulder and said, “I’m going to use your death energy.”

Crown Prince Gui Qian was stunned. “What did you just say?”

Right then, the death energy within the prince’s body started rushing out towards Lu Yin. It raced away from the prince faster and faster as Lu Yin absorbed it.

Crown Prince Gui Qian was dumbfounded. Besides Specter Abyss, who else was capable of using death energy? Death energy was not a common power, but somehow, this person was able to absorb it. On top of that, the moment that Lu Yin had touched the prince, he had felt as though he was being suppressed and even outclassed.

Crown Prince Gui Qian then became certain that he had heard Long Qi correctly; Lu Yin had indeed said that he would use the prince’s death energy as the prince’s death energy was no longer under his control and was currently being yanked away.

This matter toppled the prince’s entire worldview. There was not supposed to be anyone outside of Specter Abyss who used death energy, and even within Specter Abyss, there was no one in the prince’s generation who was able to steal his death energy. In fact, even disregarding his peers, it would be highly unlikely that an Envoy from Specter Abyss could successfully steal Crown Prince Gui Qian’s death energy.

Despite all of that, Long Qi was pulling it off. What the hell? Crown Prince Gui Qian was utterly stunned.

Lu Yin had not escaped earlier, and the entire reason for that was because, when he had first been attacked by Crown Prince Gui Qian, Lu Yin had clearly felt himself absorbing a bit of the prince’s death energy. Thus, he wanted to see if it was possible to absorb death energy from another person.

As it turned out, it was indeed possible.

Lu Yin continued to absorb the prince’s death energy even as the Void Rip drew closer and closer. Within Lu Yin’s heart, the black and white mist had grown greatly since last time, and it had begun to churn with this additional influx of death energy. It quickly spread throughout Lu Yin’s body.

Shang Qing and the others stared on in amazement as a black and white cocoon suddenly encased Lu Yin’s body. Right after that, the Void Rip struck the cocoon, but it did not break it. However, the Void Rip also did not disappear. It looked as though it had become stuck in place.

After two seconds, the black and white cocoon cracked open and revealed a completely transformed Lu Yin.

His eyes had become pure black, and his hair hung all the way down to his waist. His upper body was half-naked, and there was also a black mist wrapping around him. It swirled about like a nebula before forming a chain that circled his body that was now marked with mysterious looking dark red veins. There was also a white mist wrapped around his left arm that had formed a shield while in his right hand, he held a massive scythe. More of the black mist rose up behind him, and eyes occasionally could be seen within it. This was the God of Death Transformation.

When Shang Qing and the others saw Lu Yin’s transformation, their scalps went numb. During ZENITH’s last battle, they had all been overcome with despair after Lu Yin entered this state, and they were struck by the same feeling once again. During ZENITH, all of the top ten had fought Lu Yin at the same time, but their combined efforts had not been able to defeat Lu Yin after he had transformed. In fact, they had not even been able to make him take a single step.

This was the true pinnacle strength of the Fifth Mainland.

Given how shocked Shang Qing and others were upon seeing this transformation for the second time, there was no need to even mention Bai Shaohong and the others from the Perennial World. At this moment, they were all struck stupid and were staring at Lu Yin, dumbfounded.

Wang Su was also staring at Lu Yin. This appearance looked so familiar. She felt like she had seen or heard of it somewhere before.

Lu Yin looked up, and his solid black eyes locked onto Bai Shaohong. The Junior Progenitor felt his heart tremble. An inexplicable sense of fear filled his body, and it felt as if he was being looked down upon by some indescribable existence.

At this moment, the one feeling the most turbulent emotions was none other than Crown Prince Gui Qian.

He felt like his brain was about to explode the moment Lu Yin revealed his God of Death Transformation. No one was more familiar with this image that Specter Abyss. This was the appearance of the God of Death.

The God of Death had not been a mere myth. Although that was what everyone else believed, Specter Abyss knew that the ancient Progenitor had truly existed and that he had been an utterly invincible powerhouse who had surpassed everything that humanity currently understood about the ancient Progenitors. Not even the Perennial World’s four ruling powers possessed inheritances comparable to the God of Death’s inheritance. In fact, only the Lu family that had once ruled this universe had possessed a comparable inheritance.

And yet, the God of Death’s inheritance had appeared on a trespasser from the Forsaken Land’s Fifth Mainland. This represented the pinnacle that Specter Abyss had always sought, yet never gotten close to reaching. Crown Prince Gui Qian had never expected the inheritance to actually appear here on this person.

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