Star Odyssey - Chapter 1477

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Chapter 1477: Lotus Vine Tree And A Blade Of Grass

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Chapter 1477: Lotus Vine Tree And A Blade Of Grass

Lu Yin thought for a while on Nong Lie’s words. They seemed to be accurate. "The members of the Nong family have always been cheerful, at least as far as I have seen."

"Haha! Alright, just swing the hoe twice. If you're interested, you can come back here after you visit the rest of Seed Garden. There's no time limit." Nong Lie smiled. He removed the white cloth that covered his hair and wiped the sweat from his face and shoulders. He was sweating profusely.

Shang Qing calmly lowered his hoe, doing so without even wrinkling his clothes. Liu Tianmu had a calm expression, and she held the hoe as if it were a sword.

The fatty leaned over to Nong Lie. His eyes were sparkling and he had a big smile on his face. “Bro, can I get my own plant to raise here?"

Nong Lie shrugged. "I’m sorry, but only Brother Long Qi is allowed to do that. He was the one who was invited."

At this point, Nong Lie returned his attention to Lu Yin. "Brother Long Qi, do you want to plant your own plant?"

Lu Yin saw the fatty throw him a wink, and Lu Yin smiled and nodded to Nong Lie. "Thank you, Brother Nong Lie."

"Let's go. I'll show you around Seed Garden," Nong Lie offered with a smile.

Seed Garden was massive, and the atmosphere everywhere seemed idyllic. Many people lived on the farms, and most of them were actually ordinary people. The land that they passed over was not something that should be cultivated by ordinary people.

"The normal people have land that they can tend, while the cultivators have land that they can care for. The two types of land do not border each other," Nong Lie explained.

There was a gathering of strange creatures nearby that looked at Lu Yin and the others with evident curiosity.

Lu Yin grew more curious once he noticed the creatures. There was a walking tree root that had grass on its head while also having eyes and noses. Another was a walking fish, while another had its back turned to them. It had one of its branches shaped as teapot and was pouring tea out from it.

Lu Yin was not the only one taken aback at the sight, as Shang Qing and Liu Tianmu were also stunned.

Wang Dashuai whispered, "There are too many different weird creatures in Seed Garden. I don’t know how they’re raised."

Nong Lie spoke up, "My Seed Garden accepts all living things, no matter if they are creatures or plants. All are welcome to come and settle in Seed Garden. Over time, many strange creatures have come to call this place home. Many of the creatures here would be treated as toys or pets in the outside world, and they would have no freedom. This place is their paradise."

Lu Yin vaguely understood the meaning of the name of the place: Seed Garden. This was a place that accepted the seeds of all things. Suddenly, he remembered Astral-10, and Boundless. The mad headmaster had once told Lu Yin that Boundless held the responsibility of delivering an inheritance and to preserve seeds. Seed Garden seemed to carry a similar purpose.

The passed by many more farms, and Nong Lie led them past fields of flowers and ponds full of fish, and many other sights that normal practitioners were not able to see.

"Up in front is the wheat field. Look, isn't it beautiful?" Nong Lie introduced.

Lu Yin and the others looked up ahead, and sure enough, there were endless waves of golden ears of wheat that were very beautiful. The golden waves formed and rippled from the blowing wind.

"We can only look at the wheat field from a distance. Do your best to not get close," Nong Lie warned.

"Why?" the fatty asked out of reflex.

Nong Lie explained, "Strange circles often appear in the wheat field, and if you enter one, you can become trapped and find it difficult to escape. I got trapped in one once as a child, and I had to ask my elders to get me out."

Weird circles? Lu Yin looked into the depths of the wheat field, Are there really things like that? Huh? Who’s that?

Lu Yin found himself staring at a familiar back. There was a woman who was facing away from Lu Yin and the others, but her body was surrounded by stars: Cosmic Art.

"So why is someone out there?" Wang Dashuai had also seen the woman, and he had to ask for clarification.

Nong Lie shrugged. "Someone was unlucky enough to get trapped. My family’s elders have repeatedly warned people to avoid the wheat field, so they’ll leave her there for a while as a punishment."

Shang Qing and Liu Tianmu also noticed the woman stuck in the wheat field, and they also saw that she used Cosmic Art, which left them speechless for a while.

Lu Yin pursed his lips. Qiu Shi was truly unlucky. He believed that she must have fallen into one of the wheat field’s strange circles when she had first entered the Perennial World, and she had not yet been able to leave. It was actually quite funny..

Lu Yin had no intention of trying to save Qiu Shi, as he did not have much influence in the Nong family.

"Once past the wheat field, there’s a separate garden, which is where the plants Brother Wang mentioned are found. That is the place where you can grow your own plant. Brother Long, here." Nong Lie handed Lu Yin a seed. "This all-growing seed can give birth to a million different species of plant, and each person grows a different plant, just as each person themselves is different. Some people have grown trees shaped like a decagon that are tough and tall. Some people have grown plants that can be used as medicinal materials and that are also a beautiful sight by themselves. Others have grown tall, lush trees that tower above all others. Who knows what Brother Long will grow."

Lu Yin took the seed. All-growing seed? Each person grows a different plant?

They gradually moved away from the wheat field and approached the inner region of Seed Garden. Not everyone was allowed access to this region of Seed Garden. There were Seed Garden powerhouses keeping watch over the area, and Lu Yin even noticed two Envoys.

The fact that two Envoys stood guard over a place amply demonstrated the importance Seed Garden attached to this particular place.

"Junior family member Nong Lie is to take Long Qi into Seed Garden. Please allow us to pass." Nong Lie bowed in a respectful manner outside the region. He did not dare act presumptuously in this place.

One of the Envoy guards replied, Permission granted."

Nong Lie bowed a second time, and then gestured to Lu Yin for them to enter. Nong Lie then turned towards Shang Qing and the others. "Please wait here. Only invited individuals are allowed to enter this section of Seed Garden."

Wang Dashuai was a bit upset. "I really want to go in and look around. There are plants in there that were planted by Progenitors!"

Nong Lie smiled. "You have a chance to enter in the future.”

He then entered the garden with Lu Yin.

Seed Garden covered a vast area, and it was divided into many regions.

"Each plant will be arranged with other similar plants after it sprouts, and my Nong family will arrange a separate sourcebox array for each plant. This is also a matter of our respect towards those who plant each of these seeds," said Nong Lie.

"Seed Garden has been around for so many years that this isolated region must be massive," Lu Yin commented as he looked around with great interest.

"That's actually not the case. After all, each plant is a different size. There are some that are very large, but others that are very small. Also, some plants will be transplanted elsewhere after their cultivator passes away," Nong Lie explained.

Lu Yin nodded.

"What is that?" He saw a small bit of grass that swayed in the breeze. It only covered a very small area, but there was a certain radiance around it that clearly belonged to a sourcebox array.

Nong Lie replied, "Fox-Ear Grass. It’s a very common and very resilient plant. This one was planted by a well-respected teacher from the Virtue Archives. Although that teacher had died right after becoming an Envoy, he had a respectable character, which was why my Nong family invited here to plant a seed.”

Lu Yin grunted in response and quickly pointed elsewhere. “What’s that?"

"That's Blotter. It’s a noble flower. It will stain the soil around it white, and it will not integrate with the rest of the world. That one was planted by a senior from here in the Middle Realm who survived three tribulations. Like this Bai Tuo, he left no stains on the world."

"What about that?"

"That’s a radish tree. It’s very aggressive and domineering plant. It was planted by a senior who fought on the battlefield behind the Mother Tree. That senior fought for thousands of years and contributed greatly to the survival of this universe. I respect him as much as my Nong family."

As they walked along, Lu Yin saw countless plants, and he would occasionally ask about them. Nong Lie knew about all of them. He could tell Lu Yin who had planted each seed and what they had done to earn the Nong family’s respect. Strength was not enough to give one the qualifications to plant a seed in this place.

"For example, there’s a Semi-Progenitor by the name of Bai Laogui from the Celestial Frost Sect. He’s visited Seed Garden multiple times, always hoping to be able to plant his own plant here in Seed Garden, yet he has always been turned down by my family. He has a personality that my family does not respect at all." Nong Lie showed incredible self-confidence; he had just insulted a Semi-Progenitor, and one from the Celestial Frost Sect at that. This demonstrated the confidence of the Nong family.

Lu Yin sighed in admiration. They walked further along and reached a place with no plants aside from a large tree that stood some distance away.

This tree was the largest plant Lu Yin had seen since entering this section of Seed Garden, and he was surprised to see it. "Who planted that?"

Nong Lie's expression fell. He stared at the giant tree with indescribable resentment and helplessness filling his eyes.

Lu Yin’s curiosity increased. "Brother Nong Lie?"

Nong Lie blew out a long breath. "Bai Xian'er."

Lu Yin's eyes flashed. Bai Xian'er. It was this name again. Other people referred to her as an overlord. She was seen as a legendary figure, but Lu Yin did not actually know much about her. He had heard a lot about her, and yet had not really heard anything at all. Anytime that people mentioned Bai Xian’er, no matter if it was good or bad, there was always a certain, invariable reaction: awe.

The woman filled countless people in the Perennial World with absolute awe.

Even in Nong Lie’s eyes, Lu Yin could see awe and powerlessness.

"Brother Long Qi, what do you see?" Nong Lie asked.

"A big tree."

Nong Lie pointed towards the top of the tree.

Lu Yin looked up in surprise and saw that there was a lotus flower at the very top of the tree. No, it did not seem to be a lotus, but maybe a vine? Something else? "Brother Nong Lie, what is that?"

"It’s a lotus vine. It’s an extremely domineering plant. From the moment that these seeds were developed and planted, not one person ever managed to grow this kind of plant until Bai Xian'er. She’s the only person ever. Look around. Do you see even a single other plant within several miles?" Nong Lie asked .

Lu Yin took a look, but sure enough, there were no plants of any kind near the massive tree. This was at complete odds with the standard scenery Lu Yin had witnessed in Seed Garden thus far.

"The tree in front of us with the lotus vines is known as a lotus vine tree. The tree is already very oppressive on its own, as it absorbs all of the nutrients from the nearby soil. As for the lotus vine, it wraps around the big tree and suppresses the tree while absorbing the tree’s nutrients. It’s one phase after another of pure and unfettered domination. The meaning is readily apparent, and this is what Bai Xian'er planted. This plant has the exact same character as her," Nong Lie said solemnly.

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed as he looked up ahead. This plant could actually be viewed as the master of Seed Garden. This vine had actually cultivated a massive tree, only to then absorb the nutrients gathered by the tree. This sort of behavior reminded Lu Yin of poisonous snakes. No, this was even more insidious than a venomous serpent. This was horrifyingly domineering.

"Brother Nong Lie doesn't seem to care much for Bai Xian'er. Doesn’t she deserve our respect?" Lu Yin asked.

Nong Lie sneered. "Her? She’s nothing but a clown sitting up on the clouds."

"Why was she allowed to plant a seed here in Seed Garden? Does the Nong family respect her so much?" Lu Yin pressed.

Nong Lie shook his head. "Don't mention her anymore, Brother Long Qi. Let’s keep going."

Lu Yin wanted to ask more questions, but did not want to force the matter due to Nong Lie’s reaction.

They walked past the lotus vine, and just as Nong Lie had said, there were no other plants for miles. Eh? No, was that a blade of grass? Lu Yin was surprised to find that there really was a tiny bit of perfectly ordinary grass that looked exactly the same as what people carelessly trod upon as they walked.
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