Star Odyssey - Chapter 1612

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Chapter 1612

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Chapter 1612: Infiltration


Lu Yin started to wonder about the matter as he observed. The Blackbeard Pirates were the uncrowned kings of pirates in Chaos Flowzone. They were powerful enough to survive in that place, and they clearly had a good relationship with Chaosgod Mountain.

He saw a figure off in the distance who was fleeing in terror. He was surprised to see it was Mad Viper Knight, who could be considered a person who had changed Lu Yin's fate.

If not for Mad Viper Knight, Zhuo Daynight would never have been badly injured, and then Lu Yin would never have gone to the pirate port. Without that trip, he never would have been thrown to Driftcharge Planet as white meat, and therefore would never have met the old grandpa there.

Mad Viper Knight had indeed changed Lu Yin's fate, but the man himself was still Lu Yin's enemy.

A rock distorted the void and smashed into Mad Viper Knight’s head, piercing his skull. His body slowly crumpled and then floated through space.

Before long, the mountain continued on its way towards Chaos Flowzone.

Using his gadget, Lu Yin learned that the Blackbeard Pirates had been wiped out by Chaosgod Mountain as far back as a year before. What Lu Yin had just seen was a vessel carrying the pirates who had escaped that purge.

Lu Yin grew rather excited, as he realized that he was actually plotting against Chaosgod Mountain, which showed how far he had come.

It was possible that his status would be completely different after another ten years.

After crossing through Soulseal Flowzone, two more days passed, and finally the mountain entered Chaos Flowzone. They were very close to Chaosgod Mountain.

When a huge black mountain came into view, Lu Yin's expression became serene. This was Chaosgod Mountain. This place ruled over the underworld of the entire Innerverse.

Long ago, Chaos Flowzone had hosted ZENITH, and prior to the tournament, the Hall of Honor had forced Chaosgod Mountain to cleanse Chaos Flowzone. Chaosgod Mountain had not disappointed. All of Chaos Flowzone had been purged, which had shown the universe the power of Chaosgod Mountain.

The mountain had been a monstrous existence for Lu Yin in the past, but at the moment, Chaosgod Mountain’s strongest powerhouse was not someone who Lu Yin could not touch.

All of Chaosgod Mountain was solid black, and the sides of the mountain were smooth, as though the mountain had been polished. It stood tall and stretched far into the distance. Stars rotated around the mountain and illuminated it.

Atop a huge black dome, Ku Wei waited for the giants to catch upwhile looking around with curiosity.

There were several of the colossal giants who stood nearby to protect Ku Wei, and he shot them a subtle look, telling them to move away. Everything would be ruined if they were discovered.

Some distance away, there was another group of giants watching Ku Wei and the others approach. Compared to Ku Wei’s group, the waiting giants were much shorter.

After assimilating Ku Wei's blood, the colossal giants from Giant Consortium had experienced an incredible increase in size. At this point, Chaosgod Mountain had thought that Ku Wei had arrived with the largest giants, but they had in fact only been of average height before. Even so, after these giants had received Ku Wei’s blood, they had become much larger than the ones on Chaosgod Mountain.

If Chaosgod Mountain saw the largest of the colossal giants who had assimilated Ku Wei’s blood, they would be startled and terrified at the power Ku Wei could provide.

The waiting giants looked up at the newcomers with confusion, and one of them asked, “Little Twinkle? How have you gotten so large?"

The giant beside the one who spoke out also looked curious, but no one else paid any attention to them.

The black dome was smooth, and the surface was extremely tough. When the ten giants reached the platform on the dome, stone pillars rose around the dome to completely isolate it.

Above these pillars stood a group of Chaosgod Mountain’s powerhouses, and each one of them possessed an impressive level of strength.

One of the Enlighters grew eager as he looked at the newly arriving giants and Ku Wei. He jumped down. "I can't wait! I want to test the quality of this batch."

As he spoke, he shot through the void and punched at a giant.

The colossal giant looked at the tiny human shooting towards him, but made no effort to move. Ku Wei pretended to twist his foot, and by doing so, he nudged the targeted giant and shifted him enough that the Enlighter’s attack just missed.

The punch erupted, and it shattered the void. The nearby colossal giants were all startled, and they pulled back while staring in horror at the tiny human who had just unleashed just terrifying power.

The Enlighter turned around to look at the giant he had just missed, and he punched again. This time, the giant knew that a powerful attack was coming, so he raised a hand to slap down at the Enlighter.

Adult colossal giants were at least as strong as Hunters, and due to the relation between size and physical strength for giants, they possessed an impressive amount of destructive power. However, their immense size caused them to suffer a severe disadvantage in a fight.

Destructive power was one thing, while active combat was something else entirely.

The Enlighter from Chaosgod Mountain tried to use his star energy to force the giant to retreat, but the giant used his physical strength to resist, and he slapped the Enlighter down to the ground.

The Enlighter immediately leaped back up, and he again charged the giant. The colossal giant raised a hand and slapped at the Enlighter once again, but this time, the Enlighter evaded.

Up above, Cang Yi looked down and was staring at Ku Wei. No one else had paid any attention to what Ku Wei had done, but Cang Yi had watched. Ku Wei had caused the other colossal giant to stumble and dodge the first punch. A single successful punch would leave a giant suffering quite badly.

This giant was interesting. Thinking of this, Cang Yi jumped down and stood in front of Ku Wei. "Come spar with me."

Ku Wei's face remained calm, and he raised a hand and slapped out. Cang Yi easily avoided the attack. After all, he was an Enlighter with a power level of more than 300,000. His strength placed him among the five top experts in Chaosgod Mountain. The colossal giant in front of Cang Yi was almost an Enlighter, which would barely provide a warm-up, but Cang Yi had become very interested in Ku Wei.

Ku Wei also did not let the man down. Ku Wei was far more agile than other giants, but regardless of his agility, he was unable to land a single attack on Cang Yi, and Ku Wei ended up being badly beaten by Cang Yi.

Even though the giants who had accompanied Ku Wei did not make any rash moves after receiving his orders, their eyes slowly grew bloodshot as they watched Ku Wei being beaten.

Ku Wei was also feeling frustrated. Even if he was able to reveal his full strength, Cang Yi would still be a difficult opponent. He had been able to fight against ZENITH’s ten finalists, and all of those people were able to stand up to experts with power levels of about 400,000. Still, the plan called for Ku Wei to simply endure and be beaten.

There was a bang as Cang Yi punched Ku Wei in the jaw. Even though the human Enlighter was small, the punch sent Ku Wei flying and he slammed against the mountainside.

It took skill to be beaten, as it required a person to be able to avoid serious injuries while also wearing down the opponent. One would need to put on a good show and make things boring in order to end things as soon as possible. As for Ku Wei, there was another thing that he had to keep hidden while being beaten: he could not reveal any of his battle techniques.

Colossal giants had no battle techniques, though they were able to cultivate battle force.

Unfortunately, the colossal giants protected by Giant Consortium were raised in a greenhouse, and thus they lacked the necessary spirit to train battle force.

Ku Wei was beaten for half an hour. During this time, Lu Yin stepped onto Chaosgod Mountain in another location.

Chaosgod Mountain was not sealed off from the outside world. Rather, it was only the inner portion of the sect that was sealed off and isolated from the outside world. There were many planets that could be found around the mountain, and these were where the families of the sect disciples and various guests were allowed to stay, and there were also various trial grounds for people waiting to enter the sect.

The greatest difference between Chaosgod Mountain and other leaders of the eight great flowzones was that Chaosgod Mountain ruled over the Innerverse’s underworld. This was a place that focused on backroom deals and shady negotiations. In this way, Chaosgod Mountain was similar to the Neoverse’s Black Street, though no hint of trash or refuse could be found near the mountain.

Lu Yin and the other two concealed their cultivation as they walked down the main street.

Lu Yin was no stranger to such a place. He had not only visited Black Street, he had also seen a pirate port and had attended a meeting of the Outerverse pirates. Lu Yin had already seen everything, so there was nothing in this place that was new to him. Unfortunately, there were no locals to lead the way, as Lu Yin was not familiar with the place to know his way around.

Liu Ye and Fei Hua had absolutely no interest in the place, and they soon parted from Lu Yin. The three people had too grand a goal for them to remain together.

 A dark yellow sun shone above the street where Lu Yin walked, and it cast the entire place in a dim light. The pedestrians walking the street were all wary of each other, and Lu Yin had already witnessed three robberies while walking along. There was no order to this place.

Miserable wailing harmonized with wanton laughter to create the unique ambiance of such a place. This was where the ugliness of humanity could be fully appreciated.

All sorts of shady dealings were conducted in this place. There were many disciples of great powers here, as well as many of Chaosgod Mountain’s disciples. However, the all hid themselves, as none of them wanted to be recognized.

Any minor matter in this place could end up in murder.

Lu Yin had not come to this place for fun, as he had no interest in this place. However, Lu Yin was looking for someone. Someone from the Anglers' Club.

The Anglers' Club was an informal organization that could not be seen as any sort of real group. Instead, the club was simply a platform for fishing enthusiasts across the universe to communicate with each other.

Since the Great Eastern Alliance controlled the Astral River Ark, the Anglers' Club was forced to contact the Great Eastern Alliance to gain permission to fish from the Ark. Over time, the Great Eastern Alliance had come to know the members of the Anglers' Club quite well, as well as the strange fish that they caught throughout the universe. They sold the fist they caught to all parts of the Innerverse, including Chaosgod Mountain.

The more precious and strange the fish, the more likely it would be sold to a powerful force.

Long ago, a fruit fish was sold to the Daynight clan. At the moment, a member of the Anglers’ Club had caught a strange fish that Chaosgod Mountain’s Elder Cang Song was said to greatly enjoy, and such information needed to be exploited.

Chaosgod Mountain had kept the colossal giants’ existence hidden for countless years. If Lu Yin wanted to gain entry, he could either try to force his way in, or find an alternate path. This was his most likely means of entering the inner sect.

Forcefully breaking in was impossible, as it would be no different from publicly announcing the existence of the colossal giants, and that would not be good at all for Lu Yin.

He had no idea how Wang Wen had managed to get this member of the Anglers’ Club to agree to be used by Lu Yin, but he also had no need to know such details.

Before long, Lu Yin found the man in a corner of the street, and the man also notice Lu Yin.

"Here’s the fish. It was supposed to be delivered today, but I managed to hold off for a day. Someone from Chaosgod Mountain will come pick you up tomorrow."

Lu Yin took the fish and looked at the man in front of him with interest. "Your Anglers' Club has been constantly fishing in the Astral River; what’s the strangest fish you’ve caught?"

The man looked up at Lu Yin in surprise. He had no idea who he was speaking to, only the threat that the Great Eastern Alliance presented and that he had to work with this person and get them into Chaosgod Mountain. As he thought about the fact that doing this was going to get him kicked out of the Anglers' Club, his mood turned sour and he replied brusquely, "There are all kinds of fish."

With that, he left. He was in no mood to chat with Lu Yin. However, Lu Yin did not care. He looked at the strange fish he had been given. It was truly odd, and it actually had two heads and three tails. It was just half a meter long. Was this kind of fish actually tasty?

Lu Yin was already at the door and peering in at Chaosgod Mountain. Things really had changed for him. Even during ZENITH, he had not dared move against powers like Chaosgod Mountain, and yet at the moment, Lu Yin looked at them as a power with only Envoy realm powerhouses, which made them a slightly stronger organization. They were no longer a big deal.

The presence of Liu Ye Fei Hua had given Lu Yin a great deal of confidence.

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