Star Odyssey - Chapter 2064

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Chapter 2064: The Past

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Chapter 2064: The Past

Lu Yin stared downwards. He saw a mass of red rushing towards a stone gate behind the waterfall. As the gate shattered, an old woman appeared from behind. "Th-th- That’s"

She only managed to stammer out a single word before the red power brushed by her and instantly destroyed most of her body.

A second stone gate stood behind the old woman, and it was also struck by the red energy and was broken open. Behind that second stone gate, an old man screamed, "Pro- Progenitor Chen's cloak?! How dare you!"

Lu Yin's brain raced. Progenitor Chen’s cloak? Breaking open the Three Upper Gates? Was this actually the scene of when the Sea King had broken through the Upper Three Gates?

"Our ancestor gave you a way out of this from the kindness of his heart! How dare you trample upon it!" the old man sternly roared.

The Sea King answered with a reckless laugh, "This is it! This is the true universe! This is the fifth! This is the fifth!"

"You’re looking to die!" The old man reached for the Sea King, but at this moment, Arch-Elder Zen appeared, and he forced the old man back with a palm strike. The old man then stared intently at the third stone gate.

The last of the Upper Three Gates had not been smashed by Progenitor Chen's cloak, but a crack had appeared in it. A finger appeared just past the crack. It was an absolutely beautiful finger, and it casually slaughtered the old man standing guard at the gate before changing the Fifth Mainland’s sky.

Lu Yin watched the events play out in a daze. Nothing seemed out of place, and he was seeing the exact scene of when the Sea King had opened the Upper Three Gates. It was that exact scene, but Arch-Elder Zen and the others did not notice the main hall. Only the occupants of the main hall were able to see Arch-Elder Zen and the others.

Inside the main hall, Jiu Yao's face turned pale. That old man who had been guarding the stone gate had been another one of the Sixth Mainland’s Semi-Progenitors, and it turned out that this was how the man had died. The Sea King had not shattered the false sky that had covered the Fifth Mainland, but rather a person from the Perennial World had done so.

The Upper Three Gates had been broken, and the Fifth Mainland’s sky had been restored. The Sea King was ecstatic. "I’ve succeeded! I finally succeeded!"

It was at that time that the third stone gate closed on its own.

"What? Why did the gate close?"

"So they don’t want to have any interactions with us. Alright. It’s alright."

At this moment, Lu Yin was unconcerned with Arch-Elder Zen or the Sea King; rather, he was staring at the third stone gate. He had clearly seen the beautiful finger that had crushed the Sixth Mainland’s Semi-Progenitor, as well as the eyes that had appeared just behind the stone gate. Those eyes belonged to a face so beautiful that it could even freeze time.

That face belonged to Bai Xian'er.

For some reason, Lu Yin knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that that woman was Bai Xian'er. Why had Bai Xian'er appeared behind the Upper Three Gates? They were clearly somewhere in the New World beneath the battlefield behind the Mother Tree, so why had Bai Xian’er helped the Fifth Mainland restore its sky? If not for her, the crack in the third stone gate would not have been enough for the Fifth Mainland to restore its original sky.

The Sea King had only started things. Bai Xian’er had been the one to actually change the Fifth Mainland’s sky.

What shocked Lu Yin even more was Bai Xian'er's power. The old man who had been standing guard at the third stone gate had been powerful enough to stand up to even Arch-Elder Zen, which clearly meant that he had been a Semi-Progenitor. It was possible that even Brother Qing Ping was not as strong as Bai Xian’er.

"This is the scene of when the Fifth Mainland’s sky was restored. This is more than ten years ago! We have returned to the past!" Jiu Yao commented in a quiet but incredulous voice. Although he was a Semi-Progenitor, he had never dreamed that he would one day return to the past. This was the power of time.

Forgotten Ruins God looked around outside the main hall, but she said nothing. She had also not expected to return to the past, though it appeared that people from the past were unable to see the main hall or the people inside it. Had they truly traveled back in time?

It appeared that the legends were true; the Origin Progenitor had indeed mastered both time and space, obtaining the power to travel through the both past and the future.

It was no wonder why the True God coveted such power.

Another violent tremor shook the main hall. Everyone had already come to understand that every tremor that shook the main hall indicated another change.

Sure enough, the very next moment, the main hall returned to the dark space and shot forward like a spacecraft.

At this time, everyone was staring outside, and their expressions changed drastically; this was not space that they were traveling through, but rather time! Was this time travel?

Everyone fell silent. Confronted with an unimaginable power such as time, no one knew how to respond. This was true even of an ancient Progenitor like Forgotten Ruins God.

"Do you know how to get back?" Heluo Mavis looked over and asked Chu Yuan.

Lu Yin also looked over. Only Chu Yuan and Forgotten Ruins God had known about the sword within the statue, which hinted that they had both previously met the Origin Progenitor.

Chu Yuan's face was solemn. "No, I don't."

"If you don't know, then who does?, Heluo Mavis yelled.

Chu Yuan looked at her before looking at Lu Yin. "While I don't know, I can at least try to control it, but I need to get close to the statue."

Heluo Mavis glared at Chu Yuan, as it was clear that he wanted the sword.

Lu Yin frowned. Did Chu Yuan actually know how to control what was happening? If he did, he might be able to return them by controlling the sword, but if he did not, then he would simply obtain the sword, which might give him a power vessel that was capable of time traveling. Such a power vessel surpassed anything that Lu Yin had ever seen, and it was truly worthy of being left behind by the Origin Progenitor.

"What do you say? Help me get over there, and I can try to send you back to your own time.” Chu Yuan was looking at Lu Yin. "If you don’t want to, it doesn’t matter. We aren’t from that time anyways, so it’s better for us if we go back to the past, especially if we go all the way to the Heavens Sect era. But what about you? Everyone you care about is from your time, and if you do endure from the Heavens Sect era to your own, you might not be able to become a Progenitor by then.”

Heluo Mavis turned to look at Lu Yin as well.

On the main hall’s first level, Jiu Yao and Lan Xian glanced at each other before looking down at Chu Yuan on the lower level. They did not want to travel to the Heavens Sect era, but with how the main hall was moving, it really seemed like they were traveling to the past and might go all the way to the Heavens Sect era. In that time, people like Lan Xian and Jiu Yao would become nobodies, as they could not compare to any of the masters of the Twelve Heavenly Gates.

That had been the peak of human civilization, and in addition to the Three Realms Six Dao, there had also been the Nine Mountains and Eight Seas. Each of those people had been exceptionally powerful Progenitors. That was also ignoring all the average Progenitors who had lived as well, and beneath them, there were still the masters of the Twelve Heavenly Gates. Lan Xian and Jiu Yao would stand beneath everyone, and they would not have any right to speak or make any decisions at all.

They absolutely could not go back to the Heavens Sect era.

"What you’re saying might be true, but from what I’m seeing, we aren’t returning to the past, but rather traveling to the future," Leng Qing suddenly interjected. He continued, saying, "This must be why the Origin Progenitor brought us to the future. Without seeing such a thing, how could anyone have ever imagined who humanity’s greatest enemy would be? How could we expect the Aeternals to rise up to such power?"

"You’re overthinking things. You didn't travel to the future—you were just frozen in a sourcebox and sealed until now. We’re going to the past," Lan Xian retorted.

Leng Qing indifferently replied, "The details aren’t important. What matters is that we will return to the past and be able to start from the beginning."

Hearing Leng Qing's words, something flickered through Lu Yin’s mind, but it was gone before he could grasp it. What could it be?

Did time actually exist? Leng Qing was quite right. Regardless of how everything happened, if the main hall returned him to the beginning, why would the details matter? As far as Leng Qing was concerned, almost no time had passed at all, but to Lu Yin and the others from his time, two eras had passed.

However, this would mean that people from two different eras would appear in the past. Then, what meaning would time hold?

Lu Yin felt quite confused.

Forgotten Ruins God spoke up with open contempt. "Even if you make it back to the past, you can’t change a thing. Besides, you can't return."

She instantly attacked again, and the dark-red energy formed a wolf head that shot forward to swallow Leng Qing and the others.

With this attack, the area outside of the main hall cracked even further.

Chu Yuan roared, "We’re traveling through time right now—do you want us to all be lost? Forget a Semi-Progenitor like you, even an Ancient Progenitor wouldn’t be able to escape from the river of time!"

Forgotten Ruins God snorted derisively. "This is just a Semi-Progenitor avatar. So what if it’s destroyed?"

"What about the sword? You’ll never get it this way, as you’ll lose this one and only chance. How are you going to explain that to your master?" Lu Yin challenged in a cold voice.

Forgotten Ruins God gave him a brilliant smile. "Kid, you really do have a silver tongue. Fine, I won’t attack right now, but I want to see what else this sword is going to show us."

Everyone else let out sighs of relief. Forgotten Ruins God possessed the Aeternals’ unique form of power, and no one was capable of stopping her. Fortunately, she also wanted to get a hold of the Origin Progenitor’s sword, so she did not want to ruin this opportunity.

Forgotten Ruins God and Chu Yuan were not alone; who would not want to obtain the Origin Progenitor’s sword? Still, no one dared to act rashly, as doing so would risk them getting lost in the river of time.

As they all anxiously waited, stellular energy once again surged out from the statue and into everyone’s bodies in the same manner as before. It was impossible for any of them to not absorb the energy.

Lu Yin was absolutely stunned. Just what was this trying to do? What was the reason behind this pulsing of stellular energy? First it was devoured and sucked from their bodies, and then it was released and forced back into their bodies. It was as though their bodies were being treated as batteries of stellular energy.

Unfortunately, there was nothing that anyone could do about what was happening, regardless of their feelings on the matter.

Even a Semi-Progenitor like Jiu Yao had no choice but to accept the stellular energy that was being forced into his body.

Just a short while later, Heluo Mavis’s reserves were completely restored before anyone else, and she quickly did her best to slow down the energy entering her body. Chu Yuan was next, but after the two Dao Chosen’s storage was fully restored, it was not easy for any of the other people present to fully restore their energy.

Both of them looked over at Lu Yin. It was clear that all three of them had similar levels of cultivation, but the amount of stellular energy that Lu Yin was able to absorb was closer to what the Semi-Progenitors were capable of than the other two Envoys’.

Lu Yin was in no position to pay any attention to the other two. He was focused entirely on the stellular energy vortices within his body, and one by one, they started to fill up.

The first one to fill up was the one in his lower meridian point, followed by the one in his middle meridian point, and then the one in the upper meridian point.

When the vortex in the upper meridian point was replenished, another tremble went through the main hall, and Lu Yin made a mental note that something was fast approaching.

When the main hall had shaken while the stellular energy had been surging into everyone’s bodies last time, they had traveled more than ten years back in time to the waterfall in the Starfall Sea that hid the Upper Three Gates. After that, the stellular energy in their bodies had been quickly pulled back into the statue. This time, the surge of energy had lasted much longer than before.

Everyone looked outside in unison, all hoping to see where they were.

The first thing that caught everyone’s eye was the sight of the Mother Tree stretching far beyond sight.

Lu Yin was absolutely stunned. The Perennial World?

They were on a battlefield. The sky was a deep red, as though it was filled with a vapor of blood. Every visible part of the sky had this same color, and countless corpses filled the entire area, many of which were wearing uniforms.

"Look, people," Lan Xian pointed out.

Everyone turned to see a few people who were standing on a barren planet. One of the people stood in front of all of the others.

Lu Yin's eyes went wide. People from the Lu family?

Everyone was staring at the barren planet, and a few voices reached them.

"We can't hold out any longer! The Daosource Sect’s gates have all fallen, and nearly half of the Nine Mountains and Eight Seas are gone. We need to deal with the Sixth Mainland, but we won’t be able to escape defeat no matter what. We’ll fall like the other four Mainlands." The speaker was an old man with a tired face.

Forgotten Ruins God sneered. "Wang Fan."

Jiu Yao was shocked. "The Wang family’s Progenitor Wang Fan?"

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