Star Odyssey - Chapter 1017

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Chapter 1017: 1017

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After hearing Lu Yin’s words, Elder Daggs quickly stopped in his tracks. “Alliance Leader Lu, you’re placing me in a very difficult position.”

Lu Yin replied, “It’s just taking a look. If Elder Daggs is unwilling to give anything, then I will definitely not force things. How does that sound?”

Elder Daggs grudgingly replied, “Alright, since Alliance Leader Lu insists, then please proceed.”

Lu Yin nodded. “Thank you.”

He then stored the metal arm within his cosmic ring and continued to tour around the warehouse planet.

Before much longer, he discovered an ordinary looking one-way mirror. It seemed to be something a non-cultivator would use, but this mirror actually possessed enough rune lines to match a power level of 50,000; it was a power vessel. 

Elder Daggs did not pay much attention to the mirror, as it did not have many uses. It could forcibly absorb star energy within a certain range, and if used well, it could allow one to break through their enemy’s battle techniques. However, at best, this mirror could affect Explorers. Thus, it was not very useful at the border.

Lu Yin stored the mirror away, and Elder Daggs did not mind.

Next, another set of strange weapons caught Lu Yin’s eye. They were paper thin, fingernail-sized bombs. The strength of these items also matched up to a power level of about 50,000 based off of its rune lines. Lu Yin found it rather close to the mirror.

Elder Daggs cared a little bit more about this item. “These items are Sealed Cannons, and they are slightly more useful on the battlefield. They’re quite sneaky, as they can explode and destroy everything within a certain radius. Unfortunately, there are only about twenty of them left now, so giving them to you is no issue.” 

“Who made this thing?” Lu Yin asked curiously, as the creator had managed to condense the explosive power of a Cruiser into something the size of a piece of paper no bigger than a fingernail. This was quite ingenious. 

Elder Daggs shook his head. “They’re a piece of ancient technology, and when they were first discovered, there were hundreds of thousands of them. They helped us destroy many of the Technocracy’s tiny machines, but there’s only twenty or so of them left now, so they aren’t very useful.” 

“You guys never tried to reproduce them?” Lu Yin was puzzled. 

“We’ve constantly been trying, but we’ve never had any results. If Alliance Leader Lu likes them, then just take them,” Elder Daggs generously offered. In any case, this item was no longer very useful, as something that only had the power of a Cruiser could not draw the elder’s attention. 

Lu Yin took the tiny bombs without any hesitation, and the moment after he put it away, his vision focused in another direction, and there was a profound look in his eyes.

Elder Daggs was growing afraid, as Lu Yin had picked up several items in quick succession. Although nothing had been particularly important, it still would not be too good if Lu Yin’s final amount was too great. Thus, the elder hurriedly urged Lu Yin onward, hoping to take the youth away.

“Seventh Bro, there’s something here that this monkey can use,” the Ghost Monkey suddenly spoke up. 

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed. “What’s that?” 

“Blood. A Semi-Progenitor’s blood.” The monkey hesitated for a moment before answering.

Lu Yin took a deep breath, stopping in place as he turned to look at Elder Daggs. “Elder, is there any Semi-Progenitor’s blood here?”

Elder Daggs’s pupils shrank. “Alliance Leader Lu, a Semi-Progenitor’s blood is something that can only be provided by Yuan Shi, and it cannot be given to anyone.”

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed. “Is there really a Semi-Progenitor’s blood?”

Elder Daggs paused, but then he solemnly nodded. “That’s right.”

Lu Yin muttered to himself.

The Ghost Monkey grew anxious. “Seventh Bro, as long as I can obtain a drop of a Semi-Progenitor’s blood, then I can jump to the strength of a Hunter! That would be just too useful for you. We astral beasts don’t improve our strength by slowly absorbing star energy, but rather by comprehending our own innate gifts. As long as my Ghost Monkey bloodline absorbs a Semi-Progenitor’s blood, my strength will instantly improve by leaps and bounds!” 

With the Ghost Monkey’s status as one of the Spiritual Academy’s Masters, rising to the strength of a Hunter would allow the monkey to threaten even the Ten Arbiters, which would be of immense help. 

However, Lu Yin did not believe the monkey’s claims. Just what sort of level was a Semi-Progenitor? Although they were not a Progenitor yet, they had absolutely surpassed Empyrean Imprinters, or perhaps they were around that level; he was uncertain. However, there was one detail that Lu Yin was clear on: no matter how powerful the Ghost Monkey’s bloodline might be, it could not possibly rely on a Semi-Progenitor’s blood for cultivation. Just where would there be enough blood for an entire clan to cultivate with? 

“Seventh Bro, trust me! As long as I can reach the Hunter Realm, I will definitely take you to Progenitor Wushang’s tomb, and you will be able to obtain Progenitor Wushang’s inheritance!” the Ghost Monkey anxiously cried out. 

Lu Yin ignored the monkey, as he had never been too comfortable with the Ghost Monkey’s existence. From the very beginning, the beast had not been as strong as Lu Yin, yet he was privy to even more secrets than Lu Yin, such as information concerning the Seven Courts. The stupid monkey was definitely still hiding many things. 

The Ghost Monkey reluctantly continued speaking. “Seventh Bro, you and I are of one body; can I even harm you? Besides, even if I gain the strength of a Hunter, I still won’t be able to threaten you.” 

Lu Yin paused and then looked at Elder Daggs. “Elder, can I really not be given the drop of Semi-Progenitor’s?” 

Elder Daggs smiled bitterly. “This is something that you must ask Yuan Shi.”

“A Semi-Progenitor’s blood isn’t a Progenitor’s item, so is it really so important?” Lu Yin had trouble believing the value that was being placed on this blood. 

Elder Daggs explained, “Neither of us qualify to come into contact with such an item given our levels, but there’s one thing to remember: anything that includes the word ‘Progenitor’ in it will have undergone some intrinsic changes.” 

Lu Yin’s gaze suddenly trembled, and he said to the Ghost Monkey, “I’ll find you some Envoy blood.” 

“That won’t work. It has to be blood from a Semi-Progenitor.” The monkey was determined.

“How about this—the blood of a 1,000,000 power level powerhouse or even a powerhouse at the level of an Empyrean Imprinter,” Lu Yin continued.

“Seventh Bro, it has to be blood from a Semi-Progenitor.” The Ghost Monkey was insistent.

Lu Yin frowned. The term Semi-Progenitor involved the word “Progenitor,” so could this stupid monkey’s cultivation actually be related to the word “Progenitor?” A Progenitor represented a qualitative change, but the monkey was just an Explorer. Just what sort of relation could it have with a Progenitor? Lu Yin could not connect the dots.

Lu Yin felt certain that he could not obtain the Semi-Progenitor’s blood, so he and Elder Daggs left the planet.

The Ghost Monkey could only sigh in disappointment. 

After they left the planet, Elder Daggs’s entire body relaxed greatly, though he recognized that Lu Yin’s harvest had still been rather plentiful. Aside from the twenty million star essence, he had also taken away that metal arm, the one-way mirror, and the Sealed Cannons. If Lu Yin had spent any more time on the warehouse planet, then he would have likely found even more good items to take away. 

Lu Yin felt rather appreciative towards Elder Daggs, and he hinted that he would like to take a tour of a branch warehouse sometime in the future, but that insinuation frightened Elder Daggs so badly that he hurriedly bade the youth farewell. 

Lu Yin had wanted to continue, but he also realized that it would be very realistic to continue pulling out items from Elder Daggs. 

Lu Yin was also quite satisfied with what he considered a plentiful harvest.

“Monkey, with your strength, can you even absorb the blood of a Semi-Progenitor?” Lu Yin asked.

Perhaps it was because they had already left the planet and there was no longer the temptation regarding the Semi-Progenitor’s blood, but the Ghost Monkey’s tone had returned to normal. He  was no longer so agitated that he would reveal anything. “Actually, the more powerful the blood that my Ghost Monkey bloodline absorbs, the better. I said that I had to absorb a Semi-Progenitor’s blood as I was hoping that Seventh Bro would be able to get it for me, but since you can’t, it’s fine. There’ll be more opportunities in the future.” 

Lu Yin smiled, as the monkey had just changed its tone yet again.

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Interesting, the Ghost Monkey bloodline. Lu Yin would have to do some investigating in the future.

He reported his departure to Yuan Shi, and then left Southside Weave.

Aboard his spacecraft, Lu Yin fiddled with the one-way mirror, as it could forcibly absorb the nearby star energy. This meant that it could disrupt an enemy’s battle techniques and arts, which was too useful. 

Of course, this mirror might not be very useful to others, but Lu Yin was able to upgrade it. If it could reach the level where it could interfere with an Enlighter’s strength, then any attacks from Hunters would simply be completely nullified. 

Lu Yin hoped that the mirror’s base materials would be good enough for him to upgrade continuously, as it would be ideal if it could even threaten Envoys.

Wait, no. Envoy-level powerhouses did not seem to use star energy.

After he had just left Southside Weave, a person stopped Lu Yin. It was the Sea King’s Dome’s Elder He.

Lu Yin stepped out of his spacecraft. “Elder He, did you stop this junior to ask about the Sea King?” 

Elder He looked at Lu Yin with clear expectations. “Does Alliance Leader Lu know?”

Lu Yin shook his head. “I’m sorry, I don’t know.”

Elder He was disappointed.

“However, according to my best guess, the Sea King might not be dead,” Lu Yin continued.

Elder He was not surprised by this. “During the battle In the astral cemetery, we already knew that the Sea King had not died. We simply didn’t know where he was.”

“I’m sorry, but Junior doesn’t know either,” Lu Yin said.

Crestfallen, Elder He left.

The closer Lu Yin came to the truth regarding the Sixth Mainland’s invasion, the more he was unable to judge the Sea King.

Without question, the Sea King was a bold character. The Fifth Mainland’s sky had been covered by the Sixth Mainland, which meant that the Fifth Mainland had been completely unable to give birth to any Progenitors, which the Sea King had clearly known. Hence, he had risked his life to break through the Upper Three Gates and shatter the Sixth Mainland’s sky. However, his actions had also triggered the Sixth Mainland’s invasion, which had led to terrible atrocities and countless deaths. 

From the very beginning, the Sea King had held good intentions and plenty of courage, which had even surpassed the Hall of Honor’s. However, after the battle in the Cosmic Sea, Lu Yin felt that the Fifth Mainland was not as simple as he had once believed. In support of that feeling, both the Yu Family Elder and Bro Hui Kong had mentioned that the Fifth Mainland had very deeply hidden powers. Neither the Hall of Honor nor the Three Dark Hands had appeared in full force during the invasion, and with Lu Yin’s current status and line of thought, he could only think of one thing: the Neoverse was still hiding its true self. 

He had no idea what exactly the Neoverse might be planning, but one thing was for certain; they did not seem to be afraid of the Sixth Mainland’s all-out invasion. In other words, the Sixth Mainland had covered the Fifth Mainland’s sky, but the false sky might not have been unbreakable. 

If Lu Yin’s guesses were correct, then the Sea King’s actions had been impulsive, and he might have disrupted some other arrangements. 

Of course, this was all just Lu Yin’s conjectures. It was also possible that the Three Dark Hands had the same attitude as the Neohuman Alliance where they did not care about the war between the two mainlands at all. It was also possible that the Hall of Honor had actually given its all. Lu Yin was just a Cruiser, and he had no way of discovering the truth at this time. 

From Lu Yin’s perspective, even if his conjectures were correct, it was possible that many people had cursed the Sea King, but Lu Yin himself still felt a bit of respect for the Sea King. Through his own strength, the Sea King had freed the Fifth Mainland’s sky, and no matter what the ultimate result might be, the man’s courage was unmatched, and he had a boldness that surpassed countless others. 

Whether his actions would turn out to be an achievement or a mistake was left up to history. At the moment, the outcome had been positive, as the Sixth Mainland had retreated with heavy casualties. However, if they invaded once more, then they would likely try again or a second and a third time. The Sixth Mainland definitely had not given up yet, and the time before the next attack might not be very long. 

Lu Yin had originally been planning on directly returning to Zenyu Star, but he suddenly thought of the Dark Phoenix family, as their home planet was not too far from where Lu Yin currently was. 

The Phoenix family and the Dark Phoenix family, huh? Lu Yin thought to himself as he then changed direction for a visit. 

The Dark Phoenix family lived on Darkflame Continent, which had originally been located in Endless Weave. During the border war, Mister Mu had shifted the entire border, causing Darkflame Continent to be moved into Southside Weave. 

Darkflame Continent was not very far from the border of Southside Weave, and with his collapsible spacecraft, it only took Lu Yin around ten minutes to get there. 

He looked at the black flames that were burning space itself rage in front of him, and Lu Yin’s eyes burned with excitement. Had this been specially prepared for him?

“Darkflame Continent” was just a name, as not everything was truly burning. However, in front of Lu Yin, there truly were black flames covering the entirety of Darkflame Continent. 

The void distorted in front of him, and a figure emerged. He saw a middle-aged man emerge. “Guest, the Dark Phoenix family will be in seclusion for the next hundred years, so we will have to send you off with our apologies.” 

Lu Yin stepped out of his vessel and into outer space before storing his collapsible spacecraft away. He then stared at the middle-aged man and replied, “Please announce that Great Eastern Alliance Leader Lu Yin has arrived for a visit.”

The middle-aged man was astonished. “You- you are Lu Yin?”

Lu Yin’s lips curled up. “That’s right.”

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