Star Odyssey - Chapter 765

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Chapter 765

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During the day that he was held up for, Shao Zisong spent it looking up a great deal of information about Lu Yin, studying the youth. He had to admit that this person was a genius, though his personality was rather reckless. Although Shao Zisong was arrogant and looked down upon these people from the Great Eastern Alliance, he was not foolish, and he would restrain his temper while facing these lawless people with much greater strength. 

As he thought about it, Shao Zisong barely managed to squeeze out a smile as he flew towards Lu Yin. After all, he was still within the Great Eastern Alliance’s territory, so it would be best to resolve things peacefully. He was still thinking about how he could threaten this Lu Yin into not pursuing the matter with Peach so that he could successfully take her away. 

Shao Zisong had gone over the many different ways he could present himself, and he even considered contacting his master and having him speak with Lu Yin instead. However, Shao Zisong had never imagined that what awaited him when he reached Lu Yin was a slap—no, two slaps. 

Lu Yin moved very quickly, and Shao Zisong had only just arrived in front of him, ready to speak. There was even a faint smile on the man’s face as he approached Lu Yin. But the Royal Regent instantly slapped the Neo-Vestige Sect disciple when he came within range, leaving Shao Zisong stunned. These slaps also shocked Elder Hua Qiao and everyone else who witnessed this scene. 

However, before the sound of the first slap could dissipate, another slap quickly followed up and struck Shao Zisong’s face, causing both sides of his face to swell up. 

Shao Zisong himself was stunned. Someone had actually dared to beat him in such a humiliating manner. He was someone who could speak frankly even with those from the Innerverse’s great powers, but at this point, his mind was completely blank. 

The blind monk stared at Lu Yin in astonishment. Hadn’t His Highness searched and read up on a great deal of information related to Neo-Vestige Sect? Why had he still done such a thing? 

Aden’s lips bent upwards, as he enjoyed this sort of personality.

Lu Yin shook his wrists and then looked at Shao Zisong. “Does it feel good?” 

Shao Zisong came to his senses, and his eyes were completely filled with resentment and rage. “You have a deathwish!”

He moved to attack Lu Yin, but he was easily stopped by Aden. Under the man’s nine lined battle force, Shao Zisong could not budge in the slightest, and Aden a;so punched Shao Zisong in the gut, causing him to curl over like a shrimp and vomit. His misery was plain for anyone to see. 

The disciples from Neo-Vestige Sect aboard the arrow-shaped spacecraft flew into a rage, and they moved out in unison. But the blind monk stepped forward as his Hunter realm star energy swept out, preventing the disciples from even mustering up the courage to move. 

Neo-Vestige Sect was very powerful, but that did not mean that their disciples were fearless in the face of death. Even the Daynight clan had been beaten by Lu Yin until they were convinced to leave him alone, let alone Neo-Vestige Sect. 

Elder Hua Qiao was frightened to the point that his face became deathly pale. “Your Highness, you-” 

Lu Yin raised his hand to stop Elder Hua Qiao from speaking. Instead, he looked over at the blind monk. “Go, and bring out Peach.” 

The blind monk acknowledged his orders, and he immediately flew towards the arrow-shaped vessel. 

Shao Zisong stared at Lu Yin with eyes full of resentment. “You’ve got balls! Do you know who I am? I’m Master Bei’s disciple! A disciple from Neo-Vestige Sect.” 

Lu Yin bent over and looked Shao Zisong in the eyes. “Are you threatening me?”

Shao Zisong’s eyes had already gone completely red. “Lu Yin, you’ve gone insane! You dare to offend my Neo-Vestige Sect? You’re finished! Master definitely will not let you off! Your Great Yu Empire is finished. Even your Great Eastern Alliance is finished!”

Lu Yin lashed out with another slap, and a crisp noise rang through the air as the Neo-Vestige Sect disciples on the spacecraft seethed in anger. 

“You kidnapped one of my people, but you still dare to threaten me? Even if what you say is true, if I die, you’ll die before me. Do you not believe that?” Lu Yin asked coldly. 

For a moment, Shao Zisong didn’t dare to speak. He had forgotten that the person standing in front of him was a lunatic who had even dared to go against the Daynight clan. The people from the Innerverse’s Xun family who had been left behind in the Outerverse had also been defeated by him along with the Enlighters from Beast Tamers’ Flowzone and the Dire Barbarian Clan. 

Lu Yin clearly was not afraid of even the Innerverse’s great powers, and he acted without any restraint. It remained to be seen whether or not he would be willing to kill Shao Zisong. 

As he thought of this, Shao Zisong was scared, and his hatred and resentment were quickly replaced by an endless fear. “Wha- what do you want?’ 

Aden sneered. This person was just trash.

At this moment, the blind monk brought Peach out of the spacecraft.

When Lu Yin saw Peach, a strange expression appeared on his face. The Peach before him was not a young girl but a young woman. This was her true appearance, as she had maintained the image of a young girl to avoid Neo-Vestige Sect’s discovery.

Peach looked at Lu Yin. Her expression was as if someone had offended her, and she started to wail. 

Lu Yin was stunned, and he watched on as Peach hugged him while lamenting about her grievances like a child. He did not know what to do, as she was clearly a young woman. 

This brat had maintained her childish nature, and it was something that could not be changed.

Lu Yin hurriedly started to console Peach, but it took a while before she was pacified.

Tears continued to drip from Peach’s eyes. “Your Highness, you shouldn’t have come.”

Lu Yin was left speechless. “You’ve already cried, so why are you saying this now? If I didn’t come, who was going to take revenge?” 

Peach’s face instantly transformed from grief to happiness, though the two palm prints on her face were exceptionally clear.

The blind monk passed over some ointment to her that she applied to her face, and the palm prints quickly vanished. 

She looked past Lu Yin, and her eyes grew angry when she looked at Shao Zisong.

Lu Yin pulled her over towards the man. “Take your revenge—beat him.”

Shao Zisong looked up. “Didn’t you already beat me?”

“That was just because looking at you was unpleasant. This is revenge,” Lu Yin explained before turning back to Peach. “Beat him however much you want. There’s no need to hold back.” 

Peach bit her lips tightly. Then, two crisp sounds rang through the air from Shao Zisong getting slapped twice more. The sounds made Hua Qiao’s heart tremble, but he was helpless. Forget it, since Shao Zison had already been beaten, it wasn’t a big deal if there were a few more slaps. The enmity had already been set in stone. 

Shao Zisong’s cheeks were now extremely swollen, and he glared at Lu Yin with both resentment and fear before looking back at Peach. 

Aden also slapped him. “What are you looking at?”

Shao Zisong sullenly lowered his head, his eyes filled with discontent.

Lu Yin glanced at Shao Zisong before taking Peach onto his spacecraft. Once it was just the two of them, he started questioning her. “Alright, tell me, what’s going on?”

Looking aggrieved, Peach stared at Lu Yin. “Can I not?”

“No.” Lu Yin glared at her.

Peach lowered her head and tugged at her clothes.

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Lu Yin helplessly prodded her, “If you don’t tell me, how can I help you? You’ve been in the Great Yu Empire for so many years, but Neo-Vestige Sect still refuses to give up, and it’s not like they will in the future. There will come a day when we’ll clash with Neo-Vestige Sect, and you wouldn’t want me to die without even knowing why, right? We’re friends after all.” 

Peach pursed her lips and transformed back into the cute and adorable little Peach that Lu Yin was accustomed to. “This is more comfortable. I’m already used to this.” 

Lu Yin laughed and pulled out a bag of snacks from his cosmic ring.

Peach’s eyes lit up, and she hurriedly grabbed the bag with a sweet smile. “Thank you.”

Lu Yin shook his head helplessly. It looked like this naivety would never fade, as this girl had already become used to it. 

After grabbing a mouthful of food, Peach looked up into space before slowly explaining things to Lu Yin. “According to an ancient legend, the old ancestors created Neo-Vestige Sect because they obtained three foreign arrows. These three arrows each had a strength that could not be estimated. Neo-Vestige Sect’s arrow aura comes from these three arrows, and it eventually evolved into battle techniques for divine arrows as people have sought after the ideal of one arrow piercing through everything. 

“For countless years, Neo-Vestige Sect has been studying these three arrows without interacting with the outside world, and its strength rose daily. From the beginning, these three arrows were safeguarded by the three ancestors who founded Neo-Vestige Sect. Now, one arrow is in Sect Leader Gong Ling’s hands, one in the Training Elder Master Bei’s hands, and the last one…” Peach paused as she looked over at Lu Yin. “Is in my hands.” 

Lu Yin was astonished. “You have one?”

Peach nodded. “My master was the descendant of this arrow’s guardian, so it was naturally passed down to me. Unfortunately, our line has withered, and we ended up attracting trouble for protecting it. Master Bei’s line has always coveted after our line’s arrow, and they have hatched countless schemes to obtain it. If not for His Majesty, Undying Yushan, I would have died ten years ago.”

Lu Yin now understood, and it was no wonder why Neo-Vestige Sect was unwilling to give up on Peach. He wouldn’t either if he was in their position, as those arrows were the core foundation of the entire sect. 

Peach looked at Lu Yin as her tone became filled with complex emotions. “Your Highness, you came to save me, and I cannot express how much gratitude I have to see that our friendship was not in vain. But things end here, as the Neo-Vestige Sect’s background is too obscure, and you cannot imagine its depths. Go back. This is an internal struggle concerning Neo-Vestige Sect, and it’s none of your business.” 

Lu Yin asked, “Is your strength related to that arrow?”

Peach nodded. “I don't know why, but that arrow caused my strength to suddenly spike up to a Cruiser’s before limiting my growth. Over these recent years, my strength hasn’t really changed.”

“If you return to Neo-Vestige Sect, what will happen to you?” Lu Yin asked.

Peach continued to eat the snacks as her legs started to shake. “If I’m lucky, our Sect Leader will come out of seclusion, and I’ll be able to tell him what’s happened. If I’m unlucky, I’ll have no choice.”

“Your Sect Leader is in seclusion?”

“Mm. He has been for decades, and I’ve never seen him.”

“If he comes out, can he guarantee your safety?”

Peach nodded. “Master told me that the Sect Leader is fair. If they wanted to seize our arrow, then they would have done so a long time ago, and it would have never even reached the point where Master Bei would plot against me. It’s just because Sect Leader has gone into seclusion that Master Bei dared to act. Thus, Master instructed me that, no matter what, I have to endure until Sect Leader comes out.”

Lu Yin smiled bitterly. “Since your sect leader went into seclusion, then forget decades—even centuries of seclusion could be possible. You can’t endure for that long, so it’s time to wake him up.” 

Peach was astonished. “Wake him?”

Lu Yin pressed a hand against Peach’s head. “You’re one of my people, and I won’t let anything happen to you. Let’s go to Neo-Vestige Sect together.”

Peach widened her mouth into an ecstatic grin. “Really? You’re willing to go back to Neo-Vestige Sect with me?” 

Lu Yin smiled. “Naturally. You’re the captain of my Sixth Squadron.”

Peach cheered, but her expression quickly changed. “No, that won’t do. It’s too dangerous. Neo-Vestige Sect once obliterated an old fart with a power level of over 300,000. Your Highness, if you go, it’ll be too dangerous.”

“There’re many situations that are dangerous, and we could even be wiped out by some cosmological phenomenon when flying through space. This is all a part of our destiny as cultivators. Relax, I’m confident,” Lu Yin told her. After all, he still had Mister Mu if it really came down to it. If he was unafraid of the Neohuman Alliance’s Seven Skygods, then what was some Neo-Vestige Sect? 

He would not watch on without doing anything as Peach was sent to her death. His determination was not just because they were friends, but also because, if he did not help Peach at this time, who would be willing to follow him in the future? No matter if it was for their friendship or for his future benefits, Lu Yin knew that he had to do his best to save Peach. 

Neo-Vestige Sect would not stop pursuing that arrow. Since Peach was willing to give up, she would not suffer, but it also meant that their only choice was to go to Neo-Vestige Sect to face things head on. 

Shao Zisong never expected that Lu Yin would actually dare to head to Neo-Vestige Sect, and he could not restrain his excitement, which caused him to receive another slap. This time, it was from the blind monk, as he had the closest friendship with Peach. He had long since wanted to beat this bastard, but he just hadn’t been able to find an excuse. Finally, he had found one; who had allowed this bastard to smile in such a sinister fashion? 

Shao Zisong spat out a mouthful of blood and then glared gloomily at Lu Yin and the others. Just wait. As long as you make it to Neo-Vestige Sect, I’ll wait for you to beg for death.

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