Star Odyssey - Chapter 924

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Chapter 924: 924

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The spectators were all shocked, as nothing like this had ever happened in any of Endless Borders’ previous tournaments. Some people felt that Lu Yin was insulting them, but many others grew excited. All of these people were adventurers who enjoyed the thrill of the unknown, and they were not interested in the conflicts between the various powers. 

Lu Yin’s arrogance excited these people, and cheers rang out from around the plaza.

Yan Chen sighed and asked, “Are you challenging everyone at once?”

Lu Yin nodded and smiled. “Chairman, I hope that you’ll give me the opportunity to do so.”

Yan Chen’s eyes narrowed, and he glanced at the remaining contestants. “You guys can decide this for yourselves. This is now a defensive competition, as whoever is able to defeat him will become the champion. You can either fight him individually or as a team.” 

Many people cheered. 

Little Stoneman grew angry. “He’s too arrogant. Captain, I’ll deal with him.”

Captain Shi calmly ordered, “Team up with someone.”

“Captain!” Little Stoneman complained.

Captain Shi coldly looked at the stone man. “I told you to team up with someone.”

Little Stoneman lowered his head and reluctantly agreed. He then leaped into the plaza, causing the ground to tremble.

Lu Yin turned to look at Little Stoneman. This person had been the most popular candidate to win this competition. 

Little Stoneman was very obedient, and he did not move forward. Instead, he patiently waited right where he had landed. 

The remaining contestants also descended into the plaza one after another.

Lu Yin was simply too famous, and most of the contestants intended to fight him in a team. However, there were also some people like Brother Qiang. This person was a Hunter realm powerhouse with eight lined battle force, and he had no intention of teaming up with anyone as he wanted to preserve Endless Borders’ dignity.

“Attack!” someone shouted, prompting everyone to rush at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s eyes gleamed. He had decided to challenge everyone together because he understood the nature of Endless Borders. They worshipped winners and chased after thrill and excitement. He was going to give them a performance that no one in Endless Borders had ever seen before. 

Lu Yin dodged the incoming attacks as multiple innate gifts flashed across the plaza, followed by an eruption of terrifying power. 

Most of the remaining contestants were Hunter realm powerhouses, and one of them was even a peak Hunter. 

These people were all elites of Endless Borders, but even when they worked together, they weren’t able to touch Lu Yin at all. 

Lu Yin’s top speed was simply too fast for these people while his altered eyes allowed him to see their attacks’ rune lines. Even Enlighters who had suppressed their power level to under 200,000 might not be able to defeat Lu Yin in solo combat, let alone these people. Lu Yin was someone who had fought against Imprinters in the Innerverse. 

The contestants continuously attacked Lu Yin, in teams as cheers erupted from the sidelines.

However, a few moments later, the cheering came to a halt as everyone stared at Lu Yin in surprise. 

Not a single person had managed to touch Lu Yin even after all of those attacks. 

Yan Chen’s heart sank. Although many people claimed that Lu Yin relied on items to establish his powerful reputation, they often forgot that he only used those items when battling against Enlighters. Moreover, even one of the Ten Arbiters wanted to fight against him, which indicated that Lu Yin had nearly reached the same level as the Ten Arbiters. 

Thus, the remaining contestants weren’t simply fighting an Explorer—they were actually fighting against someone who was comparable to an Enlighter. 

Lu Yin kept evading their attacks, which left all of the contestants frustrated as they were unable to even touch him. 

Then, Lu Yin smirked at them. He leaped up and raised his right hand as he gathered his star energy there to form the First Sun. He then sent it crashing towards the ground, as if a real sun were colliding with the earth. 

The plaza cracked apart with a loud bang as shockwaves pulsed out in all directions.  

The people outside the plaza felt a strong gust of wind blow through them as they were pushed back by the blast. They were frightened by the terrible pressure that had descended upon them. 

Lu Yin floated into the sky and looked down at everyone. He had used half of his star energy to form the First Sun that he had just unleashed, and that attack had a power level of nearly 200,000. It had used the equivalent of an Enlighter’s total star energy. This attack should have been enough to render most of the remaining contestants incapable of fighting. 

Once the dust settled, the spectators were able to see that there were only three people still standing, and two of them could not even stand straight. Little Stoneman did not appear shaken at all, though the shock in his eyes could not be concealed. 

A single attack from Lu Yin had defeated most of them.

“You can’t defeat me,” Little Stoneman rumbled in a deafening voice.

Lu Yin glanced at the stone man. “Unlimited recombination means that there’s no upper limit to the attacks that you can withstand, right? Are you sure that you want me to attack? I remember that there’s a rule in this competition that life or death don’t need to be discussed.”

Little Stoneman snorted. “You don’t need to try to intimidate me. You won’t be able to defeat me.” 

At that moment, Brother Qiang walked over next to Little Stoneman. He finally realized that he truly was not Lu Yin’s opponent in any manner in a one-on-one battle. Lu Yin did not even seem tired despite just using an attack that was comparable to an Enlighter’s. Thus, Brother Qiang could only join forces with Little Stoneman. 

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed. “Well then, I’ll attack now.”

He suddenly disappeared only to instantly reappear right in front of Brother Qiang and Little Stoneman. Eight lined battle force appeared over his body as he attacked. 

Brother Qiang’s eyes flickered, and eight lined battle force shrouded his body as he attacked in unison with Little Stoneman. 

Lu Yin’s fist met the other two’s attacks, and the ground collapsed.

Brother Qiang had the highest cultivation base out of the three remaining contestants, and Little Stoneman could only stand side by side with Brother Qiang due to his innate gift and powerful physical characteristics.

As for Lu Yin, he was definitely the strongest of the three, and he immediately punched out with Eighty Stacks. Brother Qiang was only able to withstand Sixty Stacks before his battle force was shattered, forcing him to spit out a mouthful of blood as he flew back. 

The stones that comprised Little Stoneman’s body shattered and fell to the ground.

This attack had been unleashed in an instant, but the effects were shown even quicker.

Lu Yin stood in the plaza as his eyes swept past Brother Qiang before pausing on Little Stoneman. Lu Yin was perplexed as Little Stoneman’s rune lines actually had not disappeared. 

Everyone looked on nervously. They had heard rumors about Little Stoneman’s unlimited recombination, so he couldn’t actually be dead, right? 

Captain Shi’s expression grew serious. He held high hopes for Little Stoneman, though he had never expected the stone man to defeat Lu Yin. Although Captain Shi’s subordinate was not able to defeat Lu Yin at this time, it did not mean that it would still be impossible in the future. Little Stoneman’s innate gift had the potential to define an era. 

The pieces of stone that were scattered across the ground started vibrating. They then moved together to reform Little Stoneman. “I told you, you can’t defeat me.”

Lu Yin’s gaze showed his curiosity. “What are you?”

“Seventh Bro, he seems more like a monster from the Astral Beast Domain than a human,” the Ghost Monkey commented. 

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“You can’t beat me, so just admit defeat,” Little Stoneman said while glaring at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin sighed. “It seems like you want to die.”

Little Stoneman continued to repeat the same thing. “You can’t beat me, so stop trying to intimidate me.”

Lu Yin laughed. “Let me take a guess: the number of times that you can perform that recombination is thirteen times.” 

Little Stoneman’s eyes flickered as he stared at Lu Yin in shock. “How- how did you know?”

Lu Yin smiled. He was able to see Little Stoneman’s rune lines, and they had decreased slightly after the recombination. After about thirteen recombinations, those runes would completely disappear. 

“So what now? Do you want me to attack you thirteen times?” Lu Yin arched his brow.

Little Stoneman was about to say something in response, but in the end, he simply dejectedly said, “I admit defeat.” 

Brother Qiang wanted to get back up, but his arm was broken. Furthermore, his body had been battered by the Overlaying Stacks Paths attack, and he simply could not pick himself up. 

Lu Yin had only attacked twice, but that had been enough to defeat all of the remaining contestants, which shocked the Silentflock System. 

After the Outerverse was cut off from the Innerverse, Lu Yin had gone from an unrivalled Limiteer to a powerhouse who was renowned throughout the Outerverse. Information about him was still mixed, and most rumors claimed that he mostly relied on external items and a strong background. 

The truth was that some people still looked down on him as they thought that he would not have accomplished all of his achievements without the Hall of Honor’s support and his numerous external items. 

Despite that, Lu Yin had just defeated the final contestants of this tournament while being nothing more than an Explorer. This even included Little Stoneman, who was hailed as an invincible existence and Brother Qiang, who was a peak Hunter. Lu Yin’s true power had completely overwhelmed everyone present. 

The people here would never forget what they had just witnessed.

The man from the bar became very excited. He had known that Lu Yin was invincible the moment he attacked. Although some people would agree with that statement, they had still secretly looked down on Lu Yin, but those people were completely delusional.  

Chairman Yan Chen started applauding, followed by the two captains of the Windflower Crew, Captain Shi, and Yang Dui. Everyone from Endless Borders eventually started clapping to show their respect. 

Lu Yin looked around and smiled. This was just the start. He would even be able to easily defeat Enlighters in the future, and he would eventually earn the respect of the entire universe. 

According to the rules, the tournament champion could request something from the chairman, and as long as the request was not over the top, Endless Borders would have to fulfill the request. 

Lu Yin had waited a long time for this moment.

In the past, the chairman would have allowed the victor to make their request publicly in order to encourage the other members of Endless Borders. However, that did not happen this time, as the chairman feared that Lu Yin would make a difficult request.

The chairman asked the others to leave, and thus, Endless Borders’ internal competition came to an end. 

Only the expedition crews remained behind to bear witness to Lu Yin’s conversation with the chairman. 

Chairman Yan descended down to the plaza, accompanied by some of Endless Borders’ upper management members, which included the captains of the Windflower Crew, Captain Shi, and the other captains. 

Lu Yin smiled. “I’m Lu Yin. It’s nice to meet you, Chairman Yan.”

Chairman Yan smiled bitterly. “Alliance Leader Lu, what made you interested in joining Endless Borders?” 

Lu Yin explained, “I was in trouble when the Windflower Crew saved me. I am eternally grateful to them, and so, I joined Endless Borders when the captains of the Windflower Crew invited me to do so.” 

President Yan laughed in disbelief.

Wind and Flower didn’t say anything, and they pretended to be confused. 

“Ahem. Alliance Leader Lu, you are the champion, and thus, you can make a request. Tell me, what do you want?” Chairman Lu quickly and nervously added on, “There are some requests that Endless Borders will not agree to.” 

Lu Yin smiled. “It’s not a difficult request: I would like the travel routes leading to the Innerverse.” 

Chairman Yan was astonished. “How did you find out about that?”

The others were also shocked, and they all turned to look at the two captains of the Windflower Crew. 

Wind and Flower remained calm.

Chairman Yan glared at the two old men, but not even he dared to reprimand them. He then turned back around to look at Lu Yin. “Alliance Leader Lu, I’ll be honest. These secret routes are very important to Endless Borders, and as such, it wouldn’t be very appropriate for us to give them to you.” 

Lu Yin answered, “Chairman Yan, it’s just a star chart. Even if I have it, it doesn’t mean that Endless Borders won’t. We can simply share it.”

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