Star Odyssey - Chapter 988

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Chapter 988: 988

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Smoke Eater Peaks was a very strange power, and their headquarters surprisingly looked like a giant cigarette butt floating in outer space. Additionally, every cultivator from that power had abilities related to smoke regardless of whether it was their battle techniques, life-preserving abilities, or even their cultivation methods. Everything that came from Smoke Eater Peaks was related to smoke, and the smoke that they used was unique throughout the universe and something that could only be found at Smoke Eater Peaks. 

The foundation of Smoke Eater Peaks was that white smoke itself, and it was so mysterious that nobody had been able to determine the true extent of the smoke’s strange properties so far. Even if Smoke Eater Peaks was not able to compete against colossal organizations such as Gods' Origin or the Cosmic Sect, it was still a power that was not to be trifled with, and it was all because their white smoke was truly very strange. 

Before, Zhi Yi had attempted to use her Vitality Qi to tear through the white smoke, but she had been forced to exponentially more Vitality Qi than expected before she could successfully disperse the white smoke. She had not paid much attention to the smoke at that time, and she had simply assumed that the white smoke possessed impressive defenses. However, at this moment, Zhi Yi was at a loss for what to do as she watched the white smoke dispel her Vitality Qi. 

She was not the only one shocked by this scene, as Bu Kong and even a few Realmlings who understood Vitality Qi were left in a daze. They were stunned as they watched the Vitality Qi actually be dispelled by this strange white smoke. 

That was Vitality Qi, the greatest innovation of their Sixth Mainland’s Daosource Sect, so how was it being dispelled so casually?

Now that the Vitality Qi had been dispersed, Xing Kai and the others were able to step foot onto the Champions' Stage. At this moment, the platform became the location of the most intense battle between the younger generation to date. Those who could participate in this battle were all at the level of the Ten Arbiters and yet there were more than ten such people fighting.

Zhi Yi’s plan had been foiled, though this slight disruption did not really change her goal. It did not matter whether or not Lu Yin was the one to break through the Vitality Qi—the Fifth Mainland cultivators had still charged onto the Champions’ Stage in the end. She raised her hands as her Sky Dipper rose up on all four sides of the Champions' Stage to envelop the entire crowd.

Xing Kai and Serati Phoenix both attacked the rising Sky Dipper barrier as they could not afford to be trapped within it. 

However, the two Arbiters were unable to break through the barrier. Zhi Yi’s unrivaled defense was not that easy to deal with. 

Even if Xing Kai wanted to transform into his giant form, his attempts were useless since he was already become trapped within the Sky Dipper. 

The battle atop the Champions' Stage could be considered sealed off now. In theory, whoever won this battle would determine the outcome of the war in the entire Cosmic Sea.

At this point in time, even if Lu Yin wanted to join the battle, there was no way for him to do so. Thus, he could only participate in the battle below. Gu Xiao'er was also looking towards Lu Yin for help. 

“Where’s your smoke?” Lu Yin asked. Gu Xiao'er had even been able to stall a Realmling like Little Arrow Saint, so he shouldn’t be scared of Crimson Servant. Still, Gu Xiao’er was desperately running around. 

Gu Xiao'er looked sullen. “It’s gone, all gone! That was all that I brought. Do you think that that smoke can be gathered by just creating a bit of fire?”

Crimson Servant Qiu He raced over, and Lu Yin and Xia Tian attacked him in response, eliciting a cry of surprise from Qiu He. He could easily defeat Gu Xiao'er, but three King-level experts joining forces was enough to leave him slightly panicked, and he quickly fled.

One day later, Xing Kai’s physical body started to break apart atop the Champions’ Stage; he had been severely injured. He fell as far south as he could while Shu Jing, Qiu Shi, and the others all moved forward to fight against Bu Kong’s group.

Before much more time passed, the Sword Scholar’s blade shattered, and he retreated to the north side of the stage. 

Two days later, Tai Yishen used Truesight to reduce Shi Zhongjian’s defenses, allowing Shu Jing’s straight line attack to pierce Shi Zhongjian’s heart and nearly kill him. However, Shi Zhongjian used a secret technique in response, allowing him to escape with his life intact. 

The Progenitor of Secret Arts’ Territory possessed many secret techniques, and aside from Power Transfer, many cultivators from that territory also knew the Reversal Cycle, which was able to help them recover from their injuries very quickly. 

On the third day, Serati Phoenix was struck by Bu Kong’s Time Reversal Technique, which left the Arbiter in a child form. While still in that state, he was ambushed by Di Fa and ultimately succumbed to his injuries. However, the Undying Bird family’s nirvana rebirth allowed Serati to survive, though he lost almost all of his fighting strength. 

The Champions' Stage continued to slowly make its way toward the south, and the battle atop it became exceptionally cruel. Even Bu Kong ended up being injured after Qiu Shi and Tai Yishen worked together. 

Zhi Yi focused her attacks on Qiu Shi, as she felt that this woman was hiding her strength rather deeply. 

Just above the sea in the Whitecliff Region, Starsibyl stared at the Champions' Stage while her eyes flickered rapidly. She then looked around and found that Lu Yin had teamed up with Gu Xiao'er to chase after Qiu He. Her lips moved a little. 

During the chase, Lu Yin paused for a moment before leaping up and charging towards the Champions' Stage.

Starsibyl’s gaze grew deep. They had to win this battle, and the outcome now depended on this person’s actions. However, Starsibyl suddenly turned to look in another direction, towards Miss Qing, who was fighting with someone. This woman was another variable. 

On the battlefield, those who could participate in the battle atop the Champions' Stage were more than just the few already there. At the very least, Xin Nü, Miss Qing, Starsibyl, Xia Tian, and Lu Yin were all also strong enough to join, but each of them had their own misgivings.

Nobody knew what Starsibyl had just told Lu Yin, but he quickly arrived outside the Sky Dipper barrier that was isolating the Champions' Stage. There, he looked inside and waved a hand. 

Atop the Champions' Stage, Little Arrow Saint loosed a volley of arrows, intending to severely injure Serati Phoenix. The Realmling did not believe that the Arbiter’s nirvana rebirth could be used endlessly. Even the Sightless Clan’s cocoon rebirth could not be used so easily. The Sightless Clan was a Cosmic Imprinter family, but did the Undying Bird family also have a monster whose power level was greater than 1,000,000? 

Little Arrow Saint’s attacks were incredibly powerful, and although he could not seal the void, if the Arbiter was struck by this attack, then he would definitely die given his current state.

Straight lines passed through the void and cut through the arrows, but one of the arrows suddenly made a strange, sharp turn before being cut and shot towards Bu Kong, who was in the middle of fighting Tai Yishen. 

Bu Kong tapped out and broke the arrow. This was a familiar scene to him, and Bu Kong turned around to glance over at Little Arrow Saint. Then, both the Realmling and the Daosource Three Skies member turned to look at Lu Yin, who was standing outside the Champions' Stage. “So it’s you?”

Lu Yin’s pupils transformed into runes, and the rune lines of Bu Kong’s body suddenly weakened. At the same time, Tai Yishen also used Truesight to erase more of Bu Kong’s rune lines; when these two used the same technique, the effects superimposed, leaving Bu Kong even more weakened than usual. He felt the reduction in his strength very acutely, and Tai Yishen took advantage of this opportunity to create a blade in his hand and slash out. 

At this level, cultivators were not restricted to specific weapons, as in their hands, any random weapon would display an incredible might that ordinary cultivators could only dream about. 

Blade light shot through the void and appeared right in front of Bu Kong’s eyes, though he simply snorted and raised a hand. Five fingers clenched and grabbed a hold of the blade light, which dissipated visibly afterwards. This was Bu Kong’s innate gift and also his lockbreaking method. Not only was Bu Kong a cultivator, but he was also a Lockbreaker. Shockingly, he was one of the rare few geniuses who had become a Boundless Advanced Lockbreaker at a young age. 

Tai Yishen’s expression changed, and he gritted his teeth while cursing how freakish his opponent was. If the cosmic phenomenon did not exist and restrict Bu Kong, then there would be no way for anyone of the younger generation to resist one of the Daosource Three Skies. It was no wonder how Bu Kong had achieved such an indomitable position. 

The power that Bu Kong was displaying was inexplicable, and the same was true of Zhi Yi. Her Sky Dipper could not be breached no matter what, which meant that nobody could harm her, not even Qiu Shi.

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Outside of the Champions' Stage, Lu Yin used his Yu Secret Art and Truesight to cooperate with his allies within the barrier as they fought against the invaders from the Sixth Mainland, leaving them infuriated. It was not that none of the Sixth Mainland cultivators could attack Lu Yin, but rather that all such people were stopped by Starsibyl, Xia Tian, and the others outside the barrier. 

Even with Lu Yin’s cooperation, the balance of the battle on the Champions' Stage continued to tip in favor towards the Sixth Mainland. Bu Kong, Shi Zhongjian, and Little Arrow Saint all possessed secret techniques, and in particular, they could all use the Progenitor of Secret Arts’ Reversal Cycle. Thus, no matter how badly they were beaten, it was all for nothing. On the contrary, on the Fifth Mainland’s side, Xing Kai had been severely injured, Serati Phoenix was still recovering, and Tai Yishen had also received a bloody abdomen wound from Bu Kong. The longer this battle dragged on for, the more likely the Fifth Mainland would lose. 

This was the reason why Zhi Yi had wanted to lure over this group of elites from the Fifth Mainland. The two of them were members of the Daosource Three Skies, and they were impossible existences to resist. 

The Champions' Stage continued to fly southwards while millions of cultivators continued to battle in the Whitecliff Region. At this time, even the white sea had been stained slightly red.

Lu Yin was growing very anxious, as he could not think of any way to turn the tables. Even if his secret technique was more powerful and his grasp of Truesight greater, he still would not be able to reverse the situation of the overall battle. 

Suddenly, a bulb turned on in his head, as he suddenly thought of that mysterious object. He was not certain if it would be of any use, but according to common sense, most people preferred to be clean. Even if they were not fanatical about it, most people would have some sort of visceral reaction against a smelly item. 

With the attitude of conducting an experiment, Lu Yin retrieved the vile-smelling item that looked like a fruit. As soon as he did so, the atmosphere of the entire battlefield in the Whitecliff Region abruptly changed. Countless people scrunched up their noses and vomited—just what was that rancid smell? 

The smell of Lu Yin’s vile object was something that not even Mr. Yi, an Imprinter with a power level of almost 700,000, had been able to stop. There was no need to even mention the youths on the current battlefield. In a split second, the entire battlefield was flooded with the terror of an unspeakable stink. 

Atop the Champions' Stage, Bu Kong and the others suddenly stopped fighting, and they all turned to look at Lu Yin. What was that stinky thing? 

The girls, such as Zhi Yi and Qiu Shi, all went pale. This smell seemed to be their personal living hell. They quickly tried to seal off their sense of smell only to discover that it was impossible; the stench continued to overwhelm them. 

Countless eyes stared at Lu Yin with faces full of strange expressions.

Lu Yin nearly vomited himself; why did the smell from this thing seem to be growing stronger? Could this thing be maturing? He could not take the torture any longer, and he waved a hand. The vile fruit disappeared only to reappear in Zhi Yi’s embrace. 

Lu Yin’s secret technique could not be blocked by Vitality Qi, which was why he could use his secret technique to support the battle taking place on the Champions' Stage. Naturally, the secret technique could also send the vile object inside the barrier. If Lu Yin’s other attacks were more effective, he would have long since launched attacks from outside the Champions' Stage. 

Zhi Yi stared at the vile object that was clinging tight to her skin, dumbfounded. Her pupils shrank, and she instantly flung it away. She then turned to glare at Lu Yin. “You must have a deathwish!” 

Lu Yin merely grinned and pointed behind the woman in response. Zhi Yi turned around right as the vile object descended upon her once again, and this time, it smashed straight into her face.

Zhi Yi was infuriated, and a sword of Vitality Qi appeared in her hands as she slashed out. However, it was no use. The horrible object was simply sent flying away, nearly blasting into Bu Kong as it passed him. He barely managed to jump to the side in fright. He did not dare to touch that thing; who knew if that smell could be washed off? 

“Excuse me, but the longer you stay in contact with that thing, the longer the smell will remain,” Lu Yin shouted from outside the Champions' Stage as he waved his hand again. The stinky fruit vanished before reappearing in Zhi Yi’s embrace once again. 

Zhi Yi lost all self-control. From the moment she had been born, she had survived countless life and death battles until she had successfully become one of the Daosource Three Skies. Then, she had successfully cultivated Vitality Qi and become the Daosource Sect’s favored child, resulting in everyone looking at her with respect. All anyone ever gave her were precious treasures. She had never imagined that there would come a day when such a horrible object would be thrown at her. Even worse, she could not get rid of it either. 

“Lu Yin, you must want to die!” Zhi Yi cursed Lu Yin. The Vitality Qi sword continued to slice at the wretched fruit, which sent it flying once more. However, she could not destroy it, and it kept returning to her no matter what she did. 

The originally bitter battle in the Whitecliff Region had changed the moment the nauseous smell filled the area. The original bloody stench had vanished, only to be replaced by an even worse stink. 

Even normal people who were not obsessed with cleanliness would not be able to tolerate this stink, as it overwhelmed one’s sensory organs and could not be blocked.

This singular smelly object had caused the slaughter taking place across the entire battlefield to stop, which aptly showed its power.

Atop the Champions' Stage, everyone moved away from Zhi Yi while keeping a wary eye on the vile object as though it were a demon.

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