Star Odyssey - Chapter 989

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Chapter 989: 989

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Bu Kong, Sword Scholar, and the others all looked at Lu Yin with apprehensive faces. This fellow had actually rendered Zhi Yi helpless, and his secret technique was very annoying.

Even the Fifth Mainland’s Xing Kai, Serati Phoenix, and other elites looked at Lu Yin like he was an absolute monster. 

Down on the surface of the sea, Starsibyl’s face had become a bit pale, as that smell was truly unbearable.  

Miss Qing continued to move away, though she looked twice at Lu Yin; what an interesting person.

Xin Nü moved away from the Champions' Stage, and she did not dare to approach it, as the stench was absolutely unforgivable. 

Gu Xiao'er stared at Lu Yin with a worshipful gaze. This was a high god, a supreme deity! He even had such an awesome toy, though it really was too smelly. 

The battlefield that had originally been leaning in favor of the Sixth Mainland changed the moment Lu Yin took out that vile object. Zhi Yi had been able to forcefully stall Qiu Shi and some others by herself as one person was not able to fight against one of the Daosource Three Skies; it took two people cooperating at the very least. Now that Zhi Yi was preoccupied with this vile, smelly fruit, the battle situation had changed greatly since one of the Sixth Mainland’s Daosource Three Skies had effectively been removed. 

Qiu Shi was now free to deal with Di Fa. This Realmling did not directly confront his opponents; rather, he preferred to ambush his targets, and his bloodline happened to allow his attacks to pierce through everything. Xing Kai and Serati Phoenix’s injuries were both related to this Realmling in some way. 

Di Fa was immediately targeted by Qiu Shi, and although he was unafraid, he still had to fight her directly. He looked at Zhi Yi. “Ignore that thing. It’s harmless, so hurry up and deal with this woman.”

Zhi Yi ignored the Realmling and continued focusing all her efforts on shaking off the vile object. Her Vitality Qi was ineffective, her Sky Dipper was useless, and even her Scarlet Pupils couldn’t burn it. Just what exactly was this thing?

Lu Yin was quite satisfied with the results. This toy had forced Mr. Yi to flee multiple times in the past, which had been the peak of Lu Yin’s life thus far. Also, this object was quite strange, as not even Zhi Yi’s Sky Dipper could not stop it.

How had he not thought of this sooner? Lu Yin swore to remember this stinky fruit in the future, as it was a potent weapon. It was clearly more useful than things like power vessels. 

Mr. Yi had not been able to destroy this strange fruit, so these people definitely would not be able to do anything to it. 

Zhi Yi was revolted, and she desperately wracked her brain to come up with some way to deal with this horrid item. However, she could not destroy it, and she could not store it in her cosmic ring either. She wanted to simply ignore it, but Lu Yin was acting atrociously and continuously using the Yu Secret Art to launch the stinky fruit into her face or into her embrace, which made it very difficult to ignore. The stench was unbearable, and just that by itself was enough to induce nightmares. 

Bu Kong streaked past the crowd to appear beside Zhi Yi. He then swatted at the vile object while activating the Time Reversal Technique. 

The Time Reversal Technique could send a person back to their childhood, which was the same as reversing time for a person or an object. Bu Kong was hoping to knock the vile fruit back to the moment when it was birthed or perhaps even completely eliminate it, but strangely enough, his secret technique had no effect on it whatsoever. 

Lu Yin sneered; this vile thing had been obtained from unlocking a sourcebox, and nobody knew how many ages this thing had endured through. Even if Bu Kong’s secret technique was more incredible, it would still be useless. 

Since his secret technique was useless, Bu Kong simply attacked again, this time using his innate gift of decomposition as he swatted at the vile object. However, this attempt similarly proved ineffective. 

Helpless, Bu Kong tried to grab the vile object and forcefully drag it away, but Lu Yin simply used his secret technique to divert it back into Zhi Yi’s embrace yet again. 

Zhi Yi trembled with rage from head to toe. The stench had nearly knocked her unconscious by now. When she looked over at Lu Yin, she found his smiling face infuriatingly detestable. The truth was that Zhi Yi was a very rational person. She had been angered back in the thunder region, but she had remained rational enough to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat by giving up the thunder region in order to put more pressure on the Whitecliff Region. Her many years of experience with military strategy had allowed her to develop a great deal of tolerance. 

However, all of her tolerance and strategies had been thrown out of the window at this moment. Her instinctive rage erupted from deep within, and she raised a hand, causing the Vitality Qi that had previously enveloped the Champions' Stage to shoot towards Lu Yin while she leaped off of the Champions’ Stage at the same time. 

Di Fa screamed out, “Don’t fall into their trap!”

Bu Kong also became flustered, but he was unconcerned of any such traps. After all, the two of them were members of the Daosource Three Skies, and there was nobody in the younger generation who could defeat them. Simply put, they were impossible existences. However, Bu Kong wanted to achieve a great victory, as simply breaking through the Whitecliff Region would not be big enough for him; he also wanted to eliminate these people from the Fifth Mainland.

After Zhi Yi left, the barrier formed by her Sky Dipper technique no longer shrouded the stage, which meant that the Fifth Mainland cultivators were now able to escape. This was not something that Bu Kong wanted to see happen. 

Zhi Yi had completely given in to her rage, and she was currently holding a sword formed from Vitality Qi and relentlessly attacking Lu Yin. At the same time, the Vitality Qi that stretched all the way to the horizon pressed downwards, seemingly trying to drown the entire Whitecliff Region. 

Zhi Yi demonstrated the terrifying power of one of the Daosource Three Skies. Above her Vitality Qi, the flames of her Scarlet Pupils could be seen. Besides Lu Yin, even those like Xing Kai were stunned by this display of power. 

This attack seemed to cover the entire Whitecliff Region, but suddenly, all of the Vitality Qi converged into an attack that targeted Lu Yin alone. Although the power level of this attack was expertedly controlled to remain under 200,000, it still gave Lu Yin an intense sense of danger. He could clearly see through the attack’s rune lines and how various runes had completely separated themselves from others, though each group of rune lines contained a power level of nearly 200,000. These groups of rune lines then converged together in a method that was very similar to how Little Arrow Saint fired his arrow attacks. 

Not everyone could do what Zhi Yi was doing, separating their attacks to bypass the influence of the suppression of the cosmic phenomenon, let alone merge everything back together. This attack was multiple times more sophisticated than what Little Arrow Saint was capable of pulling off. 

Looking at this attack, it seemed as though Lu Yin had anticipated it, as he had already fled towards the east, though he was still within Zhi Yi’s attack range. She hated Lu Yin to the very core, as she had never suffered such a terrible humiliation before this very moment, as that vile object was still clinging to her. That stink was the motivation behind this attack, and she did not care about anything else at this moment—she only wanted to eliminate Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin turned around, and his expression changed drastically. He tried to use his Truesight to weaken Zhi Yi’s sword slice, and at the same time, from atop the Champions' Stage, Tai Yishen also used his own Truesight to weaken Zhi Yi’s battle technique. He had already realized that Lu Yin was someone who was also familiar with Truesight. Aside from Gods' Origin, some other people would occasionally obtain remnants of the Rune Technology inheritance and learn Truesight, so he was not surprised. The most important detail was that Lu Yin had saved Tai Yishen in the past. 

Zhi Yi’s strike was weakened by the combined efforts of Lu Yin and Tai Yishen, but after facing off against Lu Yin several times before, how could Zhi Yi have not been prepared for this? The two youths were able to weaken her impressive attack, but Zhi Yi could similarly increase the power behind her attack. Her actual power level greatly surpassed 200,000, so it was not very difficult for her to boost her attack within the twinkling of an eye. 

Lu Yin still had to face that earth-shattering strike.

Just when everyone assumed that Lu Yin had absolutely no option aside from enduring the attack, a smear of sword qi flashed over from the distance. Heaven and earth transformed into a world of swords—even the air, the water, and everything in sight turned into swords.

The first to respond to this change was Sword Scholar, as the sword in his hand trembled beyond his control. 

After that, Shi Zhongjian, Tai Yishen, and the others all felt a terrifyingly sharp aura descend.

Zhi Yi’s slice suddenly changed direction to slash at that sword radiance.

This attack had originated from the void, and as it collided with Zhi Yi’s attack, its sharp, formless aura swept out in all directions and engulfed the entire Whitecliff Region. The sea surged as its waves were torn apart by the sword qi, causing scattered spatial cracks to fall down like raindrops.

Countless people were caught within the shockwaves of the collision between the sword qi and the Vitality Qi slash, and quite a few of them were instantly torn in half without even being able to resist. 

Starsibyl continuously moved about with a serious look on her face.

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Crimson Servant Qiu He raised a hand and unleashed a battle technique, but it was similarly torn apart by the sword qi’s aftershock, and blood dripped down from his entire arm.

Xia Tian fled at his top speed, and a gale streaked by him, tearing open the void. If he had been just one step slower, he would have been struck by the gale. 

Gu Xiao'er cried out as he continuously dodged the dangerous aftershock, unable to stop moving. 

Above the sea, a giant meteorite that had originally been drawn over by Ye Xingchen was diced into pieces, and it was reduced to dust that blew away. 

Lu Yin felt the wind gale blast forward, and it was accompanied by an incomparably sharp aura. He hastened to use his Fatesand to block it, and fortunately, his physical body was quite tough as well. Otherwise, even though he was far away from the collision, he still would have been badly injured if not killed outright. 

Atop the Champions' Stage, everyone froze and stared into the distance in disbelief. Who? Who could be so terrifying? 

Bu Kong’s expression turned solemn. Before this battle, someone had told him that the Fifth Mainland could not be underestimated because this place did not only contain the Fifth Mainland’s forces, but also the shattered, remnant clans of the other four mainlands. Such powers possessed unbelievably ancient inheritances, and they could not be ignored. 

Initially, Bu Kong had not paid much attention to this warning, but then, he had bumped into Xing Kai on the battlefield in the Whitecliff Region, which was the first time he had felt threatened. Although he had ended up defeating Xing Kai, Bu Kong had not been able to kill the Arbiter. The Arbiter’s strength was only at the level of a Realmling, but he had already surpassed the average Realmling. There was also Serati Phoenix, Qiu Shi, and other experts that had allowed Bu Kong to experience the hidden strength of the Fifth Mainland. 

At this moment, the arrival of that sword qi had shocked him yet again. Bu Kong suddenly realized that he still had not clearly seen the true power of the Fifth Mainland.

Zhi Yi stood high in the sky with a solemn expression as well. She stared to the east, where a woman slowly walked across the battlefield as her black hair blew in the wind. She was wearing large glasses and had a white longsword in her hand. Surprisingly, she looked both gentle and silly, but this was the same woman who had blocked Zhi Yi’s attack.

That had not been any ordinary attack, as Zhi Yi had launched it at full force due to her rage, and it had been the strongest strike that she could possibly unleash while under the cosmic phenomenon’s suppression. She had believed that there was nobody capable of stopping her here, and even that Arbiter Unseen Light who she had encountered in the thunder region might not be able to fully block it. Although the attack had indeed been weakened slightly, the fact that someone could block it had far exceeded Zhi Yi’s expectations. 

Countless eyes turned to look to the east and at the woman who was slowly approaching.

“It’s her?”

“One of the Ten Arbiters, the Sword Sect’s Liu Tianmu.”

“The Sword Sect’s Arbiter who inherited the Thirteen Swords. She’s widely regarded as the Sword Sect’s most talented disciple in all of history.”

“Legend has it that everyone from the Sword Sect believes that she will be able to create the Fourteenth Sword, and thus raise the Sword Sect to reign over the entire universe.”

“It seems that not only is she the Sword Sect’s Arbiter, but she also has some other identity as well.”

As he listened to the various discussions taking place all around him, Lu Yin stared at the woman slowly walking over. This was the Sword Sect’s Liu Tianmu, Arbiter Liu of the Ten Arbiters, Heir of the Thirteen Swords. Her arrival caused many to feel despair. Even among the Ten Arbiters, she was the one who stood at the very peak; neither Xing Kai nor Serati Phoenix were as influential as this woman. 

The Sword Sect itself was one of the most powerful sects in the Innerverse. Rather, it was not one of, but rather the most powerful sect. Even the Daynight clan did not dare to clash with the Sword Sect head on. The flowzone where the Sword Sect was located was known as First Flowzone simply because of the sect’s presence. This was the Sword Sect. 

Liu Tianmu was the most elite disciple in the entire history of the Sword Sect, and if the Ten Arbiters were ranked, then she would undoubtedly stand at the top.

Lu Yin himself had interacted with quite a few of the Ten Arbiters, but whether it was Lan Si, White Knight, or Unseen Light, none of them had given him the same shock that Liu Tianmu did. She was simply standing there, but she gave others the sense that she was completely unrivalled. 

“Seventh Bro, this woman is freaking tyrannical!” the Ghost Monkey gasped.

Lu Yin was able to sense the same even though Liu Tianmu had yet to speak even a single word. Just the sword qi from before had given him a feel for this woman’s determination.

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