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Chapter 313: 313

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Within three months, the Federation Expeditionary Force finally reached the Wells Defense Line.

"Commander, the fleet of the Human Federation has arrived!"

"Oh? Is that the newly promoted level 5 civilization?"

Hearing the report from the adjutant, Belt asked with interest.

"Yes, that's them!"

"Well, immediately connect me to their commander's communication!"


Speaking of it, Belt is also a member of the Villa Federation and one of the seven highest commanders of the Villa Federation.

Three months ago, he had also heard about what happened in the Silver Heart Passage, but he and the people of the Grand Doviera Federation had completely opposite views!

First of all, people are the indigenous civilization of Orion’s arms, while the Babawi Empire is an alien civilization. Then people kill the Babawi Empire and seize the control of the arms. It is natural that there is no place to attack.

Secondly, the Human Federation is here to help, and the mess that the leader has done is really a bit of a jerk. Berthe even thinks that Wiltor is already very unqualified as a leader. At present, he can’t tell what is most important, and he just thinks about it. Doing small actions to vent his anger, what should this fifth-level civilization leader do?

Finally, the Human Fleet prevented the Villa Federation from approaching the fleet within 1 million kilometers. The two sides were at a loss and almost caused a civil war! But is this human's fault? Obviously not!

If someone dared to intercept the Vera Federation's fleet and asked to board the ship for inspection, I am afraid that their own fleet would not say much, just open fire!

In contrast, the Human Federation is quite good-tempered.

Therefore, from the bottom of his heart, Belt actually admires this human federation. How can people not admire him if he can grow up in a place like Orion's arm to the point where he competes directly with his own federation?

Just when Belt was thinking about it, the adjutant had connected to the communication of Gonggong, and Lin Fan's figure suddenly appeared in front of Belt.

"Hello, I am the commander of the Wells line of defense, named Belt, thank you very much for coming to support!"

Belt looked at Lin Fan and said, with a sincere expression on his face.

Lin Fan can naturally also see that what Belt said is really true, not hypocritical and perfunctory, and now he has some good feelings for him.

"Commander Belt, you are too polite. After all, this is a crisis in the entire galaxy. It's just a pity that we are in a place like Orion's arm. We are poor in resources and can't provide much support. Now the battleship that is dispatched with me is already the seven of us. Completed troops!"

Similarly, Lin Fan also behaved very politely. After all, the other person was nice, of course, what he said was half-truth!

It is true that the 1.3 billion warships that Lin Fan brings now are indeed 70% of the current federation's combat power!

What is false is that although Orion is scarce in resources, now, plus the Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy, there are already 5 satellite galaxies in the hands of the Federation, and they are sending large amounts of resources to the Federation at any time. It can be said that the Federation now obtains every year. The resources are not less than any of the four major five levels of civilization.

And, with the further development of satellite galaxies and the control of the other seven satellite galaxies, I am afraid that the four major five civilizations are tied together, and the resources are not as rich as the federation!

"Commander Lin Fan, you are too modest. You have to know that many civilizations did not support even half of the fleet, and they were all detained and buckled. To your federation like this, 70% of the combat power was used for the first support. It's rare!"

"Thank you, Commander Belt, for your understanding. I don't know where we are responsible for the line of defense?"

"Hehe, others want to stay in the base camp, but you want to be on the front line. Seriously, I admire you!"

This is what Belt said from his heart. You must know that after the fourth-level civilization came here, they all asked to stay in the base camp, and let the third-level civilization go to the forefront.

Even in the current situation, there is almost no civilization that is willing to be afraid of casualties and go to the front line desperately!

Therefore, most of the people on the front line have no right to speak and are forced to enter Liangshan's many third-level civilizations!

As soon as Lin Fan reached the Wells line of defense, he asked himself which section of the line of defense he was responsible for. This surprised Belt, and at the same time gave Lin Fan another respect!

"Where, this is what we should do. After all, let the low-level civilization go up, but the high-level civilization stays behind to watch the show. This is definitely not a long-term solution, and it is not conducive to the progress of the entire battle!"

"You are too right. If every civilization can be like your human federation, then we can definitely defeat the Zerg. What a pity..."

After hearing what Lin Fan said, Belt also sighed with emotion!

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"In this way, you will be in charge of the A211 defense zone. There has just been a swarm attack today, and now dozens of third-level civilizations stationed there have lost most of the fleet. I was also preparing to send a new fleet for defense!"

Belt said while sending a deployment document of the Wells line to Lin Fan.

opened the file, and a virtual image of the entire Wells defense line appeared in front of him. Soon, Lin Fan found the A211 defense zone he was going to from above.

The entire defense area spans approximately 5 light years. Currently, 87 third-level civilizations are stationed again, with a total of 1.5 billion warships!

But now, there are only less than 400 million ships left, which shows how tragic the battle today is!

In fact, for losses like the A211 defense zone, the entire Wells defense line has to appear several times a day. After all, the Zerg’s current impact is too frequent!

"Well, since the frontline is urgent, I will immediately lead the fleet to set off. Next time I come back here, I will ask Commander Bertel to have a good meal and let you taste our human delicacies!"

"Well, that's it, I am here waiting for your food, I wish the martial arts prosperous!"

"Thank you!"

After hanging up the communication, Lin Fan immediately and Liang Xue passed the defensive line deployment document given by Belt to all commanders on the federal side are okay, after all, they are also the same. I've heard it a long time ago.

But the commanders of Bi Luodis from the Large Magellanic Cloud and other affiliated civilizations are dumbfounded!

What kind of fairy battle is this?

The entire Wells line of defense, just stationed on the front line, adds up to more than 3 trillion warships, and in the rear base camp, there are 10 trillion warships that can support every part of the defense line at any time!

This really scared them!

It turns out that this is the real war. Compared with this, the battles fought by myself and others in the Large Magellanic Cloud is like a child's play!

Apart from anything else, the number of level four civilizations alone exceeds 150, and the number of level three civilizations is directly counted in 10,000!

With such a huge combat power, the opponent is actually a bunch of bugs?

What kind of bug is this cowhide?

Just when the commanders of the affiliated civilizations from the Large Magellanic Cloud were shocked, Lin Fan's orders had been conveyed to every fleet.

"Target, Wells defense line, A211 defense area, all fleets are ready, the whole army will start in three minutes!"


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