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Chapter 311: 311

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Chapter 311: The Law of the Jungle, No Room for Hesitation

After seeing that Kaeger was tempted, Vincent said again, “Now that Adolphus has the authority to modify, his strength must have risen to another level. You must be careful when you attack him. Otherwise, he might kill you to silence you!”

Kaeger could not help but sneer when he heard that.

“Hmph! He just learned how to modify authority. Although it is very troublesome to deal with, it is not like I do not have a trump card myself. Unless Adolphus has already advanced to Jackson’s level, he can forget about taking advantage of me!”

Vincent nodded and then exhorted, “One more thing. If you need to confront the Ultimate Evil Lord, please don’t tell anyone about me. Otherwise, I’ll be finished too! When the time comes, you only need to point to Adolphus. He is the culprit behind the sale of the fake scrolls. He won’t be able to refute it. Then, as long as you can force him to perform his modification authority, everything will be fine!”

A smile appeared on the corner of Kaeger’s mouth. He nodded and said, “Don’t worry! I will not say a word!”

Vincent’s matter was indeed worth hiding to Kaeger. This was because, after settling Adolphus, he could use this matter to continue to control Vincent and make him work for the Feathered Monster Race. The benefits of this were something that no one could replace!

When Vincent saw Kaeger’s strange smile, he instantly knew what he was thinking. This was exactly what he wanted Kaeger and Marcus to think.

Only by making these fellows greedy could they protect him wholeheartedly. They wanted to gain the Ultimate Evil Lord’s trust. Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to keep it a secret in front of the Ultimate Evil Lord!

Vincent stood up and said to Kaeger, “Since you have already understood the significance of this, then I will leave first!”

Kaeger instructed with a smile, “Alright, brother, you should also be careful. If Adolphus finds out what you have done, he will definitely kill you to silence you!”

Vincent said, “Don’t worry, I was able to escape from Jackson previously. I have experience in dealing with modification authority!”

After saying that, Vincent left the Feathered Monster Race’s stronghold.

Kaegar stood in front of the window. He watched Vincent’s back as he left. He could not help but sigh, “This guy is really lucky. He’s just a level 35 creature, but he already has the flame authority. If it wasn’t for the protection of the Ultimate Evil Lord, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to resist attacking him myself!”

Vincent suddenly sneezed whilst walking on the road. He could not help but subconsciously turn to look at the Feathered Monster Race’s stronghold behind him. He just happened to see Kaeger’s ambitious and greedy smile. He was stunned.

When Kaeger saw that Vincent had noticed him staring, he was also embarrassed. He hurriedly waved his hand and left the window.

Vincent stood silently on the spot. He quickly turned around and quickened his pace. He left the territory of the Feathered Monster Race.

Judging by the smile on Kaeger’s face, it was not difficult for Vincent to see that he had already set his mind on him. Hence, he definitely could not be alone with Kaeger in the future.

In the capital of Ultimate Evil, Vincent was not confident that he could win against any race that was above level 40, let alone a high-level race that was level 60!

After leaving, Vincent went straight to the base of the Vampire Race and reported his identity. He wanted to meet with the leader of the Vampire Race, Justin!

Although there were undercurrents in the capital of Ultimate Evil such as the Feathered Monsters and Bards secretly eyeing the evil spirits, this was far from the level of chaos that Vincent wanted!

Moreover, with the Feathered Monsters and Bards secretly working together, coupled with the other races eyeing the evil spirits, the evil spirits might not be able to hold on for long once the war starts.

Therefore, Vincent had to get even more powerful creatures involved, and they had to stand on the side of the evil spirits!

Justin, who always had power in his heart, was the best choice!

A member of the Vampire Race walked out of the base and greeted Vincent politely, “Fire Asura, our leader welcomes you!”

Vincent nodded and followed the other party into the vampires’ base. He saw Justin trying on a gown.

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Justin looked at Vincent through the mirror and said softly, “You’re finally here! It seems that our deal can proceed!”

Vincent nodded slightly and replied with some shame, “I’m really sorry. These days, I’ve been trying to figure out how to cultivate the flame authority, but I’ve never gotten the gist of it. Until now, I haven’t been able to find the essence of it!”

“You haven’t found it?”

Justin turned to look at Vincent with a face full of anger and said in a cold tone, “If you haven’t found a way to cultivate the flame authority, then how do you still dare to face me? Are you here to court death?”

Vincent instantly felt the killing intent coming from Justin, and a layer of cold sweat immediately appeared on his forehead. He replied with difficulty, “Although I haven’t found a way to cultivate the flame authority, I have obtained a cultivation method to modify authority. I think it should be comparable to the flame authority!”

After hearing this, the anger on Justin’s face grew even more. He said coldly, “Don’t tell me you want to give me the modification authority scroll?”

Vincent nodded and said, “That’s right!”


Justin snorted coldly. He raised his hand and took out the scrolls from his storage ring. They were all piled up under Vincent’s feet.

Vincent looked at the fake scrolls that he had personally made under his feet and finally understood why Justin was so angry. He must have already confirmed that the scrolls that he had painstakingly snatched from the streets were all fake!

Vincent used all his strength and shouted loudly, “Sir Justin, please give me a chance to explain! I guarantee that I will satisfy you!”

Justin frowned slightly. After hesitating for a moment, he withdrew his aura and gave Vincent a chance to catch his breath.

Vincent took a few deep breaths and sighed, “Sir, you must think that I want to use those fake scrolls on the street to deceive you, but you are mistaken. What I want to give you is a genuine scroll!”

Although Justin was curious about what Vincent had said, he still asked with disdain, “Oh? There’s a real scroll?”

Vincent nodded and said, “At the moment, the evil lord trusts me very much. He has handed over all the matters in the capital of Ultimate Evil for me to handle. So, ever since the fake scrolls appeared on the street, I have started to investigate and have already verified that this matter is related to the Evil Spirit Race!”

After hearing this, Justin could not help but become even more curious. He frowned and asked, “Adolphus? What is he trying to do with so many fake scrolls?”

After seeing that Justin had already taken the bait, Vincent immediately said, “He sent his trusted aides to disguise themselves as other races. What he is selling on the market is not just fake scrolls. According to what I know, some creatures had used the scrolls to demonstrate them in public. They are really modification authority scrolls!”

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