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Chapter 268: 268

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Chapter 268: Fuyao Gymnasium, Public Enemy of Male Disciples

Back in East Capital, Su Bai did not immediately return to Yulong Gymnasium.

Instead, he went back to his residence.

When he arrived home, he found out that Chen Ruoxue was not there, so he sent her a message and lay on the sofa on his back.

He wanted to take a break as he felt very tired today.

Mainly, he felt that his current residence was not satisfactory. Although it was high class, it did not conform to his liking.

He still preferred a manor.

After thinking about it, he picked up his mobile phone and sent Zhou Ling’an a message. [Do you have a detached villa with a good environment? It’s best if it has its own garden, swimming pool, and a small pond for fishing. It can be more beautiful that way.]

Ten minutes later, Zhou Ling’an replied to the message: [Your message was sent at the right time; I really do have such a place. Recently, the Hou family is selling some properties, including two manor houses in East Capital.

[One set is in the city center, next to East Capital Lake. It covers an area of more than 2,000 square meters; you can see the river surface from there. The price is one billion. Would you like to buy it?]

She then sent a lot of photos about the manor. [It’s said that this is the manor where Hou Jie used to live. She lives there for a period of time every year. Since you have a good relationship with her, I think that you may want to buy it.]

Seeing this, Su Bai frowned slightly. [Yes, help me to purchase it. You said that this is the Hou family’s property. What happened to them? Why are they selling it?]

Zhou Ling’an: [I don’t know. They might be collecting funds as normal. I haven’t heard of any major incidents happening to them.]

Su Bai thought about it and felt that it made sense. He had asked Han Wei and the others to help pay attention to the situation of the Hou family, but they had not reported anything, so it might be that nothing had happened for the time being.

“Okay, then. Help me purchase it. I’ll go over to take a look at another day.”

He was not afraid that Zhou Ling’an would cheat him. After all, it did her no good to cheat him as one billion was not worth losing her credibility.

After making a cup of tea, he sat down and enjoyed it, and because he was too lazy to cook, he called the hotel for room service.

That evening, Chen Ruoxue, who returned home, smiled immediately upon seeing him. “Didn’t you say that you’d be back in three days?”

“Something happened and I was delayed.” He spread his hands.

“Hmph. Big liar.” She snorted softly.

“Come over for dinner; I already bought food,” invited Su Bai.

Putting down her bag, Chen Ruoxue sat opposite him and picked up the chopsticks to eat. She said as she ate, “I thought that you had made it for me yourself. It turned out to be room service.”

“I’m feeling lazy.”

“Your laziness can’t be helped.”

“How did your matter go?” He changed the topic again.

“It was confirmed earlier today that I’m the chief disciple at the Imperial Dragon Academy. After all, this wife of yours has two dragons.” She raised her chin and grinned.

“I knew it. My wife is very strong.” Su Bai laughed.

“By the way, do you remember Fang Yuan? He mentioned you to me and said that you had never visited him in East Capital, so you really don’t consider him a friend!”

Chen Ruoxue pushed a piece of beef into her red lips and looked at Su Bai with big eyes and her cheeks bulging.

“Fang Yuan? The guy who owns a Frost Dragon? I forgot about it. What’s his identity at Fuyao Gymnasium?” He suddenly thought of the person.

They had met the guy by chance at the end of the Chinese Redbud Wilderness when the five schools’ joint entrance examination was being held.

That man had already been very strong back then.

“He’s the young master. In other words, the next heir to the gym. Are you surprised?” She glanced at him.

“Oh, I expected as much. That guy is very interesting; I’ll go and visit him one of these days.” Su Bai nodded.

“Then I’ll go find someone to tell him and make an appointment for you.” Chen Rouxue smiled.

“Okay.” He nodded.

He proceeded to tell Chen Ruoxue that he had bought a manor.

“If you like it, then we’ll move over. It’s indeed a little small here.” She nodded in agreement.

After dinner, the two cleared away the dishes and chopsticks.

“Are you jealous that I’m in Imperial Dragon Academy? You’re the only one in my heart; no one else is inside.” Once they were done washing the dishes, Chen Ruoxue suddenly looked at Su Bai and asked this. She did not want any discomfort in his heart.

Hearing this, he could not help but smile softly. “Of course, I understand. I have never thought about it like that.”

Chen Ruoxue was so touched by his mature feelings. He never thought about it this way because he absolutely believed that she loved him deeply.

Eternal love was the best proof.

Chen Ruoxue had gone to Imperial Dragon Academy simply to use it in improving herself.

“I’m just afraid of you thinking too much. Since I’ve become the academy’s chief disciple, I now possess a lot of resources and manpower.

“If you want to run for the curator position, I can help you. When you become the curator, I’ll take the academy with me and run away to find you.” Chen Ruoxue put her arms around his neck and spoke with a smile.

“Haha! Fuyao Gymnasium will probably feel annoyed to death.” Su Bai could not help but laugh.

“Okay, I’ll go take a shower.” Chen Ruoxue let go of him and turned to walk into the bathroom.

Su Bai grabbed her by the hand and pulled her into his arms again. He smirked and said, “Wife, shall we do it together?”

“Do what?” She blushed.

“Take a shower.” He chuckled, then picked her up, and carried her into the bathroom.

“Su Bai, you’re too much!”

“I’m just greedy for your body. I’m so honest, so you should praise me…”

A moving picture soon appeared in the bathroom.

Half an hour later, it appeared in the bedroom again.

This scene was the same as those depicted in the song:

‘A bashful scene behind the flower curtains under the setting sun

Steals a glance amid the floating clouds

A beauty is tipsy and half covered

With her fine black hair tied halfway, she lies in bed

The stars sparkle brightly in her eyes

Her cherry-red lips lightly moan pleasant words

Gold, wind, and dew meet in the evening

Like a silver plate cuddling in a black cloud, unrestrained

Slowly twirling, pounding hurriedly

The nightingale echoes in a mellow cry

Trembling golden lotus

Tangling lush green

Joy of fitting together

Wet peony dripping a tiny stream

Butterfly gracefully stealing fragrance

Pour red candle over the boat in the night

Like a fish in water

Long eyelashes

Charming gentle bones

Greedy for more…’

Every time Su Bai woke up, he felt physically and mentally happy to see his lover leaning against him.

“I’m getting up!” He patted her.

“Sleep a while more!” She rolled over and hugged him.

He had no choice but to wait for her to wake up. After all, he was to blame for tossing her late into the night.

After sleeping for another hour, she finally got up. Only then was he able to get up, too.

“Send me to the gym; you can tell me what you did.” After eating breakfast, Chen Ruoxue put her arms around Su Bai’s arms and spoke coquettishly.

The so-called passionately in love was probably what they looked like at the moment.

Su Bai rarely saw Chen Ruoxue’s delicate appearance, so he naturally listened to her. Yulong Gymnasium and Fuyao Gymnasium were facing each other, so it did not delay him, either.

He took her on Planet Eye and told her his experiences in these past three days.

After listening to him, the surprise, along with envy and a touch of regret, on her face grew. “I should’ve gone with you. It’s so interesting.”

“Haha! Let’s go out on an adventure together next time.” Su Bai held her hand and laughed.

“Okay, let’s go together next time.” She nodded.

“I’m planning to open a company, mainly engaged in the cultivation of advanced spiritual plants and the sale of some advanced materials. I currently have some ideas.

“Do you want to do it together?” asked Su Bai.

He had a very wide network now and knew many cultivators because of his master. Furthermore, being the chief disciple of Yulong Gymnasium, he currently had many people under him.

Coupled with the Bloodthirsty Spear plain at the bottom of the Sea of Blood, he felt that it should not be difficult for him to run a company.

“Yes, you want to use the Bloodthirsty Spear on the seabed? I’ll go back and get you a specific document and then we can open it together. You’ll be the president; how about I be the vice president and secretary?” Chen Ruoxue smiled and nodded.

“Perfect! In the future, we’ll buy some houses all over the world and then go wherever we want.” Su Bai caressed her little chin and smiled.

“I was thinking of that, too. Hubby, you’ll have to work hard to make money and support me.” Chen Ruoxue batted her eyes and giggled.

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He looked into her eyes. “What did you call me just now? Call me that again; I wanna hear it!”

Chen Ruoxue batted her eyelashes playfully and called again obediently, “Hubby!”

“Yes, my wife?” he replied, feeling refreshed both physically and mentally.

Immediately after arriving outside Fuyao Gymnasium, he stopped, but Chen Ruoxue said, “It’s fine. Go inside. It’s so other people can see you and give up on chasing after me.” She hugged his arm and leaned on his body.

Naturally, Su Bai did not disagree. He liked showing off, after all.

With Chen Ruoxue there, they went unimpeded all the way.

Immediately after entering the gymnasium, the disciples saw them.

“Oh, my God! That’s our senior sister, but who is next to her? Why is she hugging him? I wanna cry!”

“F*ck! Senior sister said that she already has a boyfriend; it turns out to be true. I’m so devastated!”

“D*mn it! Why does the senior sister truly have a boyfriend?”

The disciples, who noticed this scene, were heartbroken. Chen Ruoxue actually had a boyfriend and was even hugging him publicly.

At this sight, the hearts of the male disciples broke. They thought that news of their new senior sister having a boyfriend was fake, but who knew that she would actually bring her boyfriend in today?

“Ahhhh! My goddess, who’s this man? I wanna fight with him!”

“D*mn it! Draw your sword!”

“No, at first sight, I can tell that this man isn’t a good person. I can’t let the senior sister be deceived by him!”

Some disciples, who were filled with righteous indignation, moved to rush forward.

At this time, a female disciple suddenly reminded them. “Hey, don’t seek your own death; you can’t win the fight! Didn’t you realize that her boyfriend is Senior Brother Su Bai, the chief disciple of Yulong Gymnasium opposite?”

“That’s right! Don’t send yourselves to him as free meals. Brother Su killing you is no different from cutting melons,” a female disciple said in grief, feeling sorrowful that Su Bai already had a girlfriend. They had even fantasized about meeting him by chance someday.

The male disciples: “…”

The male disciples, who had been furious at first, suddenly withered, still vividly remembering the strength that Su Bai had shown before.

They were angry and not reconciled, but they dared not to rush forward.

“D*mn it! Our senior sister has actually been abducted by Yulong Gymnasium next door. You must notify the young master,” someone’s eyes lit up and said.

“Yes, yes, yes! How could our gymnasium’s flower be abducted by Yulong Gymnasium? We must inform the young master.”

The group of unwilling male disciples ran away to find the young master.

“Do you feel happy now?” Chen Ruoxue glared at Su Bai. He was smiling from ear to ear.

“Hahaha! Of course, I couldn’t be happier!” He laughed loudly.

In particular, the behavior of these male disciples made him feel more refreshed.

There was no way; their senior sister was his wife. They could just be envious and jealous.

He was really in a very good mood.

His wife was a chief disciple whom everyone admired and loved, someone desirable yet unattainable. Truly, the feeling of having such a person as his girlfriend was beyond marvelous.

“Shameless.” Chen Ruoxue pinched his skin and glared at him fiercely. She knew what he was thinking.

“Hahaha!” Not only was he not angry, he even kissed her openly.

“I shouldn’t have brought you in here; you’re so bad.” Chen Ruoxue gave him a beating, but there was nothing she could do about him. Who told her to love this man with all her heart?

“Okay, I’m here!” She let go of his hand after walking another distance and announced this.

Su Bai let Planet Eye land on the ground, ready to say goodbye and leave. Unexpectedly, at this time, a group of disciples of Fuyao Gymnasium walked over with Young Master Fang Yuan.

“Young master, this guy has abducted our senior sister.” The male disciples spoke in indignation, finding Su Bai’s handsome face too nasty.

Fang Yuan looked at the couple and then explained with a smile, “I can be sure that he hasn’t done so. The two of them have been lovers ever since their high school days, so you guys give up.”

All the male disciples: “…”

Su Bai shrugged with a very smug smile on his face as if telling them to just give up.

When all the male disciples heard this, their hearts broke collectively.

F*ck! This b*st*rd had actually deceived their senior sister in high school. He was really a b*st*rd.

Upon hearing that their beautiful senior sister had been in a relationship with Su Bai even in high school, they fell into desperation.

They gritted their teeth but were helpless about it. They felt like they were about to explode from anger.

“Don’t think about it anymore. Brother Su Bai scored full marks in the college entrance examination and was the nation’s top scorer. He’s also Yulong Gymnasium’s chief disciple, is Heavenly Abyss University’s top student, and has a master who is a senior cultivator.

“He entered the depths of the Abyss Star Territory without dying and even slaughtered an emperor monster at the age of eighteen. He’s handsome and sunny. What can you compare with him?

“He and our senior sister are a match made in heaven.”

On the side, the female disciples began to speak up for Su Bai because he was just too handsome.

The group of male disciples exchanged glances, unable to speak for a long time. They all felt furious inside.

“Okay, disperse! They’re free to love; don’t be so childish.” Fang Yuan waved his hand.

These male disciples retreated with a cold snort. What could they do if they stayed? They could not beat the man, and the female disciples of their gymnasium were also helping him speak, so they could only endure their anger.

It seemed that this guy and the young master were old acquaintances, too. They were really going to die of anger.

It was not that they liked Chen Ruoxue so much; rather, they were just furious with Su Bai’s smug expression.

“Hmph! Let him be arrogant; be careful we find his Achilles’ heel.” They stomped off angrily.

“It’s been a long time.”

After the disciples left, Fang Yuan greeted Su Bai with a smile.

“Yes, it really was. I didn’t expect you to be the young master of Fuyao Gym.” He smiled.

“You’re not bad yourself; you’ve become the chief disciple of Yulong Gymnasium in a little more than a year,” Fang Yuan said with a smile.”Come. Do you want to have a cup of tea?”

“Of course!” Su Bai agreed without hesitation and dragged Chen Ruoxue to follow the other.

Fang Yuan’s surname might come from Fang Ziyu, the mysterious Pet Tamer who had established the Spirit Alliance more than a hundred years ago.

He might know secrets that no one else knew.

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