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Chapter 362: 362

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Chapter 362: The Terror of a Late-Stage Pet Tamer

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In addition to the changes to his pets, Su Bai had also become a quasi-mythical Pet Tamer.

The reason why he was called a quasi-mythical royal Pet Tamer and not a half-step mythical Pet Tamer was that the two concepts were completely different from each other.

A half-step mythical Pet Tamer meant that his pets had reached the immortal grade. The level of his contract book had not reached the eighth rank and was still at the seventh rank. At the same time, the Pet Tamer has not escaped the control of time.

On the other hand, a quasi-mythical meant that the Pet Tamer had already escaped the constraints of time. His contract had also reached the law level from the legendary stage.

The only requirement he still wasn’t able to comply with was that not all of his pets were at the immortal grade.

One had to know that a Pet Tamer’s breakthrough was much harder than a pet’s breakthrough.

Su Bai’s current situation, however, almost meant that he would definitely become a mythical Pet Tamer.

They only had to come out of the Ruins of Chaos, and their pets would soon break through to the immortal grade. They would become the terrifying realm where everything in the world would fail and collapse before they could exist on their own. Their strength would be completely converted to origin power, and the blood in their bodies would all be immortal Tao blood. The Immortal Divine Light would fuse into every cell in their bodies, making them truly immortal.

The immortal grade already had no weaknesses. As long as the Tao Seed was not destroyed, they could recover quickly even if their physical bodies were instantly destroyed.

The eternal grade was even more terrifying…

At this grade, the Tao Seed would’ve already grown into a Great Tao Tree that would’ve already been integrated into the pet’s body. Its origin power would’ve also become a special Great Tao origin power that was ensconced in the void. As long as the tiniest bit of origin power existed, it could instantly recover from any degree of injury.

If one wanted to slay such an existence, they had to completely eliminate it and destroy anything that contained its origin power mark.

When that time arrived, the terror and the true might of a Pet Tamer would be truly unveiled.

This was because even though a Pet Tamer wouldn’t cultivate the Great Tao themselves. They could share the Great Tao with their pets. As long as one of their pets lived in this world, the Pet Tamer would never be ephemeral.

No matter what power was used to destroy the Pet Tamer, as long as one of his pets was still alive, he would never die.

In the early stages, the Pet Tamer was weak, but they would then receive the most terrifying advantage in the later stages.

Similarly, due to the existence of the contract book, every pet had the most essential soul mark.

Thus, to kill a mythical Pet Tamer’s pet, one had to kill the Pet Tamer first.

And to kill a Pet Tamer, all of his pets had to be killed first.

To kill his pets, the Pet Tamer must be killed first.

It was an almost endless cycle.

Unless a terrifying existence instantly obliterated all traces of a mythical Pet Tamer and his pets, it was impossible to kill either side.

Su Bai’s current state was even more terrifying than being immortal and eternal. He was a real mature Pet Tamer. As long as his pets broke through to the immortal grade, he could truly dominate the entire endless void.

The reason he could become a quasi-mythical Pet Tamer was that his pets had collectively broken through to the immortal realm. This allowed him to escape the restrictions of space.

Then, he used the will of Chaos to use the Chaos Force to completely eliminate the evil within his Time Fish. After fusing with the Time Fish, he had become an independent existence that could escape the Great Tao of Heaven and Earth.

In the past thousand years, Chen Ruoxue had undergone quite a lot of changes.

With the help of the big orange cat’s almost unlimited resources, her pets had already reached the immortal grade.

The Ice Dragon, Winter Ice White Dragon, and Black Flame Dragon had completely grown up.

When they settled down, they were the size of Blue Planet.

They were existences at the peak of the immortal grade.

However, her initial Big Demon and Thousand-Face Fox had only reached the immortal grade. The limit of these two pets’ potential could only reach the sovereign grade. They might not even reach the sovereign grade. Even with Su Bai and the big orange cat’s help, reaching the immortal grade was already their limit.

As for the other pets, they did not perform well either. The light attribute Six-Winged White Horse had only reached the middle-level immortal grade.

Chen Ruoxue had also become a legendary Pet Tamer. Her true combat power should have already surpassed the number one human expert, Du Qiankun. The black and white dragons had fused with part of the ice attribute origin dragon, the Frost Dragon, and the fire attribute origin dragon’s bones.

Their strength far exceeded that of ordinary peak immortal existences.

With their combined strength, ordinary immortal monsters could not withstand them.

“Ah, time passes so quickly. In the blink of an eye, a thousand years have passed. I actually became a legendary Pet Tamer too. In the past, I found it hard to even imagine standing at this realm.”

Chen Ruoxue carried the big orange cat and sat in a courtyard by the cliff.

She looked at the scenery below.

“Actually, only three months have passed in the outside world. When we go back, Yang Zhou and the others are still the same.”

Su Bai took a sip of tea and shook his head with a smile.

They were at the highest peak of the entire Planet Eye. It was extremely steep and had been specially built by Su Bai. Living here, they could see the scenery of the entire planet below.

This place was more than 30,000 meters above sea level. It should have been covered in snow and would not melt for 10,000 years. However, under the endless power of Planet Eye, the environment was forcibly changed, making the entire mountain experience four seasons, including spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

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“Haha, that’s true, but those memories are too long ago for us. It’s so long ago that I can’t even remember what they looked like anymore.” Chen Ruoxue smiled.

“Meow, this is all thanks to the great Lord of Wealth.”

The big orange cat tugged at the dried fish and shouted. It jumped onto the table. “It looks like the Ruins of Chaos is about to open. Let’s prepare to leave as well.”


“Now that we’re strong enough, it’s time for us to leave. We’ll head to the ice-blue planet guided by the mermaid Recorder of All Things. Then, we’ll wait for the Ruins of Chaos to open for us to return to Blue Planet.”

Su Bai also stood up and sent a mental message to his pets, indicating that they should return to his side.

Su Bai had been to the ice-blue planet pointed out by the mermaid Recorder of All Things many times, but he had never been able to enter.

He remembered that it was because his strength was simply unqualified and lacking.

Back then, he wasn’t able to satisfy the requirement.

But now, he should be strong enough.

“Hasi hasi!”

Time Ghost appeared high in the sky and flew back, licking Su Bai’s face passionately as usual.

“Haha, you can stop the Time Acceleration now. It has been hard on you for the past thousand years.”

Su Bai smiled and rubbed Time Ghost’s head.

“Are we going out?”

Time Ghost asked as it deactivated Time Acceleration.

After accelerating time for more than a thousand years, its understanding and use of time had already reached an unprecedented level.

“Yes, we should be able to go out now.”

Su Bai nodded and stretched.

Not long after, Purple Jade, Little Tyrant, Little Blood Dragon, and Mewling Fox all ran back.

“Roar, Ah Bai, are we going back? Please let me show off my strength this time. I can now swallow a sun in one bite.”

Little Tyrant asked excitedly.

Su Bai: “…”

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