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Chapter 363: 363

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Chapter 363: The Fall of the Mermaid Recorder of All Things

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“Can we go out now, Ah Bai?” Purple Jade flew over as well. “This is great. We can finally go back and take care of those damn traitors. With how strong we are right now, there’s no need for us to be afraid of them.”

“Of course, all grudges will be settled. None of them can escape.

Su Bai nodded solemnly.

Although a thousand years had passed, there were some things that he had never forgotten. Be it the traitors who had killed his master, the Giant Kraken Gymnasium that had destroyed his home and kidnapped his parents, or the Sirius Star formed by the families who had defected.

He had everything memorized and calculated.

Little Blood Dragon returned and transformed into a blood-colored dragon-shaped bracelet that wrapped around Su Bai’s wrist. Purple Jade, Mewling Fox, and the other pets also gathered around Su Bai. A thousand years had left almost no traces on their bodies. Other than the drastic change in their strength, there were not many changes in them on any other aspects.

“Planet Eye, let’s go to that ice-blue planet.” Su Bai nodded.

“Alright.” Planet Eye’s ethereal voice sounded in Su Bai’s mind.

A translucent projection screen appeared in front.

“Electromagnetic Teleportation has been activated. The destination coordinates have been determined. The estimated time to arrival is one minute and thirty seconds… Teleportation begins.”

The superior immortal Planet Eye could already control its power completely without wasting a single bit. It did not exude the golden special effect like before.

From the outside, it looked like it had suddenly disappeared into thin air.

There was not even the slightest movement inside the planet.

[Name|Race]: Planet Eye|Monster

[Gender]: None

[Level]: High-level Immortal

[Attribute]: Lightning, Metal, Earth, Water, Wind, Fire

[Special Feature | Passive]: Electromagnetic Teleportation (It can be teleported along electromagnetic waves. Even if the electromagnetic waves cannot reach it, it can change its own characteristics and forcibly teleport there.)

Instantaneous Transmission (The electromagnetic satellites or electromagnetic devices connected to it can transmit messages instantly.)

Deformation (it can change into any shape, but the shape is still metal, this cannot be changed.)

Planet Control (The nuclear characteristics of the planet. This is a nuclear fusion variant of a planet with advanced intelligence, it can grow into a living planet, or it can be integrated with other planets to control the planet.)

Metal Fusion (The nuclear property of the planet. It can obtain the properties of the metal by fusing with it.)

Infinite Split (Additional characteristic. Planet Eye has swallowed almost all the special metals in existence. It can be split into countless intelligent clones. These clones can have all the abilities of the main body.)

Immunity (Immunity to spirit energy attacks by 100%, and immunity to Great Tao origin power by 50%)

Metal Immunity (Active characteristic). Planet Eye has almost integrated and devoured all kinds of metals, completing the accumulation of the Great Tao. No metal attack can harm it.

Infinite War (Combining all the metals in the endless void and obtaining all the technological achievements of the ancient technological era, one could create all kinds of metals or non-metal lifeforms indefinitely. It would be limitless and have almost unlimited war potential.)

The Ancestor of All Gold (As long as it once had the characteristics of a metal fused with Planet Eye, it can have them all).

The Star of Life (Understanding the manufacturing process of life, the entire planet can absorb various substances at any time and transform them into a life planet)

[Skills]: Powerful Geomagnetic Storm, Plasma Cannon, Metal Break, Electric Shock, Magnetic Field Control.

[Restraint]: Metal Life

[Weakness]: Poison of metal corruption that exceeds the eternal grade, as well as some special Great Tao attacks.

[Introduction]: This is a rare and unique metal life that has undergone multiple fusions.

With the help of the Lord of Wealth, it has not only obtained the technological legacy of a technological civilization that had ruled an ancient Great Cosmos, but it has also fused with all kinds of metals. It possesses unlimited potential and is one of the most powerful bases in the endless void.


This was the data of the current Planet Eye. Not only had its previous characteristics been enhanced, but it had also obtained a few unprecedented characteristics. Each of these characteristics was extremely rare. Even in the entire endless void and countless universes, there might not be a single similar existence.

However, the most terrifying thing was the ancient technology legacy that the big orange cat had given it. It was the legacy of a civilization that had ruled several Great Cosmoses and was countless times more powerful than Blue Planet’s technology.

Antimatter cannons and two-way foil were very simple technological achievements for this civilization.

Although these two-way foil, antimatter cannons, and black hole cages were not very effective against monsters above the immortal grade, especially the eternal grade. They could not be killed directly, there were even more terrifying life research techniques and causal weapons. Even an eternal grade monster could not withstand these things.

There was nothing that could not be overcome at the end of technology. However, due to the limitations of Planet Eye, it had yet to fully unlock all the technological legacies. Even so, it could now roam the endless void.

A minute passed quickly, and a huge blue planet appeared in front of Su Bai. A huge mermaid statue could be seen on this huge planet made of ice.

It was naturally the statue of the mermaid Recorder of All Things. Disregarding its peerless appearance, the intelligent and holy aura it exuded made people involuntarily kneel down.

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When they arrived here again, Su Bai suddenly felt a force from nowhere trying to draw him away.

“It seems that I’m finally qualified this time.” Su Bai nodded, allowing this force to guide him as he quickly disappeared from Planet Eye.

Purple Jade and the other pets stayed where they were.

“Is Su Bai in danger?”

Chen Ruoxue was a little worried.

“It should be fine. Ah Bai’s fate is rising.” Purple Jade shook her head. The aura of fate on its body was getting stronger and stronger.

“Yes, don’t worry. It won’t be dangerous.”

The big orange cat shook its head as it ate the Nihility Koi. It was not worried at all as if it knew something.

As soon as the big orange cat said that, the huge ice-blue planet suddenly emitted a dazzling blue light. Then, the special energy that turned into an endless water source immediately contracted.

When this energy contracted to the limit, Su Bai’s figure was revealed.

The two books floated in front of him. One of them was his law-level contract book, and the other was a blue book with an ancient aura. It seemed to emit an endless aura of wisdom.

The two books approached each other and slowly merged together.

Su Bai looked at the fused contract book with 30% confusion and 70% pity in his eyes.

After a long silence, he shook his head and slowly flew back.

“That was the Book of Knowledge of the mermaid Recorder of All Things? It looks like it has really died.” The big orange cat put down the half fish in its hand and shook its head in pity.

It had actually seen the mermaid Recorder of All Things, who was a very good fairy. The last time it saw it, it was the mermaid who had gone to Sky Fortune Waterfall to find it.

“It’s dead?”

Chen Ruoxue repeated softly in disbelief.

“Yes, I can confirm that it’s dead. This book of knowledge was the last thing it left behind.” Su Bai nodded.

He had just entered a special space and seen the body of time left behind by the mermaid. He knew many things, but he could not say them.

Some secrets would be discovered by some ancient existences once they were revealed.

It was not as if there were no ancient existences in the endless void that had surpassed the eternal grade.

The mythical grade with eternal pets were the limits of Blue Planet.

But this was just the beginning for there were still many paths ahead.

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