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Chapter 335: Bet

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They did not even dare to think about the consequences. This was because after experiencing Lu Ming Corporation’s attacks, those who were still willing to cooperate with them did so on account of their many years of friendship with the old master. Without them, the other families would definitely act like sharks that had smelled blood!

Before long, they would take a bite out of their biggest backer, the Tang family.

At this moment, they were starting to wonder what Fifth Miss wanted to do. Could it be that she had been infected by Third Miss and her brain had short-circuited? To be able to influence her to this extent in such a short period of time, Third Miss was really terrifying! Thinking of this, they looked at Tang Wenyi as if they were looking at a monster and tacitly distanced themselves from her.

Being labeled for no reason, Tang Wenyi had no idea what they were thinking: …

Why are they suddenly afraid of me? Could it be that they realize that the light of my wisdom is too dazzling? She glanced at the others. Wherever she looked, they looked away. This made her even more certain of her guess, so she straightened her back confidently.

Have they only realized it now?

It’s too late! After I become the family head, I’d definitely not let anyone present today off!

Tang Yajing looked at her expression and quickly looked away. Even a fool would know that her good third sister had misunderstood, but she wasn’t in the mood to remind her. She immediately explained to her uncle, “The research and development, production, and sales of the biomedical department are relatively stable. If Third Sister goes over, she basically doesn’t have to do anything.

If she’s asked to maintain business relationships and matters in this area occasionally, it would be most suitable for her. There’s no easier job in all the departments. As long as Third Sister accompanies the clients to eat and have fun, it’s fine. If there’s something important to deal with, she can inform us and those who have the time will handle it. How about that?”

When those people heard this, they were sold. It seemed that there was really nothing more suitable for Third Miss than this job. Who didn’t know how to eat, drink, and have fun? Moreover, she wouldn’t come into contact with the family’s central affairs. Although she was a business director in name, she’d actually be extremely idle. The resources she could use were also very limited.

She’s indeed Fifth Miss!

Previously, they suspected that she had been influenced by Tang Wenyi. But now, she had proved them wrong. How could they think she was the same as No. 3? This move was indeed brilliant! It had virtually satisfied everyone’s requirements.

It was simply a happy situation.

Uncle nodded in agreement and said, “No. 5 makes a lot of sense. So this year, the area of biological medicine will be handed over to No. 3. However, I hope you can remember one thing. When you encounter something important, don’t solve it yourself. Instead, tell us immediately! Can you do it?”

“… I can.”

He simply doubted her ability.

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Did she look like an obedient girl? This was her last chance. She had to seize it well! She had to achieve results and make these people look at her in a different light! In other words, even if she encountered anything important in the future, she would not report it. She felt that with her ability, she could restore the company even if it collapsed!

Perhaps this was blind confidence?

How could the other sisters of the Tang family, who were familiar with her, not know what she was thinking? They even wanted her to be more arrogant!

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Immediately after, his uncle said a few more polite words. The family meeting that had gone through many twists and turns this year finally ended. Most of the people did not have time to exchange pleasantries and left in a hurry. Before they left, they did not forget to give Tang Wenyi a reproachful look. If this was before, Tang Wenyi would definitely stop them and argue with them.

However, she was gradually getting used to these malicious gazes. She swore in her heart that she would make these people pay!

At the thought of this, her expression couldn’t help but relax. If the setting allowed it, she would even want to dance. Just as she was about to get up and return to her room, a voice stunned her.

“Third Sister, it’s just a one-year extension of the death penalty. What’s there to be happy about? I’m looking forward to seeing how you perform. Don’t disappoint us. However, this is the first time I’ve seen someone as stupid as you. I thought that I had seen the worst. I didn’t expect this.”

Tang Wanxi stood in front of No. 3 and said sarcastically, “You always surprise us. I think the contract you signed just now will be the worst decision you’ve made in your life. I’m afraid I’ll wake up laughing in my dreams today! I hope you… will work harder! Hahahaha!”

“Second Sister, Eldest Sister, Fifth Sister, how long do you think Third Sister can last this time? Why don’t we make a bet? 50,000 yuan. I think she will definitely make a mess of this matter in less than a year. At most, it will be 10 months. If she fails again this time, Old Master will definitely break her legs!”

Tang Rongrong said in an intimate tone, but her words sent a chill down No. 3’s spine. Isn’t it too disrespectful to discuss this matter in front of the protagonist?

Tang Nishang looked at the other party and said with a smile, “100,000, seven months. What do you think, Second Sister?”

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“Then I’ll compromise. Eight months. At that time, whoever is closest to the specific time will win. Fifth Sister, how much do you want to wager? Don’t think about avoiding this bet. It’ll be fun to see Third Sister embarrass herself! No matter what, it’ll be much more fun than going to Luo Xiangwen’s place every day. I wonder what expression Third Sister will have at that time. Just thinking about it makes me excited!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Tang Yajing rubbed her chin and said, “Although I like to see Third Sister suffer, I prefer to torture people with my own hands now. As for the time, I guess… It will be half a year! If Third Sister is desperate, she might even speed up the progress. I think I’ll definitely win.”

She paused for a moment and continued, “So the bet is 500,000 yuan! If I lose, my three sisters can split the money equally. By the way, I almost forgot about Third Sister. In return for the joy you brought us, if Old Master gets angry, I’ll help you ‘coax’ him.”

She said this as if she could already foresee the outcome of No. 3’s defeat.

Tang Wenyi looked at them with a livid expression and gritted her teeth. Those who didn’t know better would think that she was going to eat them up in the next second. These people couldn’t wait for her to be down on her luck. They even betted on that! She clenched her fists and took a few deep breaths and said, “Let’s give each other an out. We’ll meet again in the future.”
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