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Chapter 336: Best Friend

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“Third Sister, are you threatening us?”

Tang Rongrong covered her mouth and laughed. “Do you think you can still rise in your lifetime? I’m afraid it will only be worse in the future. You gave up the inheritance on your own accord. With your brain, I think you won’t be able to become the head of the family in this lifetime. After all… the inheritance is your last talisman.”

Without her inheritance, No. 3 would definitely lead an extremely miserable life in her later years. Moreover, she had no value at all, so who would be willing to get close to her, especially in their upper-class circle? She would probably take the initiative to leave her current environment and become an ordinary person after the old master passed away!

Anyone who saw her actively courting death would sigh—Idiot!

The other sisters were so happy that they couldn’t even straighten their backs. Tang Wenyi looked at their backs angrily and swore in her heart again and again. If she didn’t take revenge for today, she wouldn’t be able to rest in peace even in the netherworld! She definitely wouldn’t lose this time! She wanted to trample on these people who looked down on her forever!

Soon everyone left the old residence, leaving her alone in her room. When she saw the long Buddhist scripture on the table, she took two steps forward and wanted to tear it. However, after hesitating for a while, she reluctantly put it down!

This was what the old master had asked her to read and make a copy. It had not been easy for her to get to this point in her copying. It was really not worth it to tear it up just for a moment of pleasure! Moreover, if the other party questioned her, how could she say that she had ripped it? What if the old master vented his anger on her?

Thinking of this, she kicked the table angrily. The force of the rebound made her gasp. Why was even the table looking down on her?! She picked up the thing beside her and threw it at the table as if she had gone crazy. Those who didn’t know better would probably think that the table was her enemy!

After venting her anger, the tidy bedroom looked like a typhoon had swept through it.

Tang Wenyi lay on the bed, panting heavily. She took out her phone numbly and scrolled through the contact list. Finally, the screen stopped at a name—Xu Xiaojing. This was her best friend in the past, and Xu Xiaojing’s husband was her ex-husband’s good friend. The four of them were quite close.

Moreover, this couple were also the chairman and deputy chairman of Xingwei Medical Group. Although there was nothing wrong on the surface, they were secretly selling fake medicine. They had worked together a few times before and made a lot of money! In the past, she was able to be with Lu Yaohua because of these two people.

If she remembered correctly, under the guidance of this couple, Lu Yaohua began to ignore his original family, and abandon his wife and son. He did not even fork out any money for child support. They were also involved in that. At first, she did not like them, but she got close to them because she liked Lu Yaohua.


At that time, she was still the most favored third young mistress of the Tang family, so she introduced a lot of resources to them. After this, their relationship became good. Later on, she fell in love with Lu Yaohua and got involved with him when he was still married. Yes, they got together before Lu Yaohua divorced!

Although there were rumors that the two of them had only hooked up after they got married, in reality, they had already formed a secret relationship. Those who knew the inside story all said that she was a mistress when they saw her! Even though the rumors were not widely spread, how could she, the third daughter of the Tang family, endure such grievances?

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If not for the fact that she felt that Lu Yaohua was the only true love in her life and that she wanted to throw herself into his arms at all costs, she would have given up long ago! This also led her to hate Zhang Wenfang so much that she felt that the other party had snatched her lover away! She dreamed of getting rid of that b*tch!

Therefore, after Xu Xiaojing found out about this, she helped her come up with a plan. First, she forbade various companies in Shanghai from hiring Zhang Wenfang. Then she forced Zhang Wenfanginto a corner and took the initiative to mention this matter to her family. After Zhang Wenfang died, the stain in her life disappeared. From then on, no one knew that she was a mistress!

From the looks of it now, was she blind back then?

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Why did she fall for a freeloader? She even spent so much effort on him. The old master was right. There were many people better than Lu Yaohua in the capital. Why did she have to focus on one person? She wouldn’t have ended up like this! Even though she had already returned to the capital, she could not shake off these negative perceptions of her.

No matter where she went, people would immediately remember her terrible past and make sarcastic remarks. Today was the most typical example.

As for Zhang Wenfang, she still did not feel that she had done anything wrong. It was just the exploitation of ordinary people by the higher-ups. If not for the fact that Lu Ming had grown up to the point where no one could ignore his existence, she would probably have forgotten this name! In her opinion, it was very normal to casually erase the existence of others because her family often did such things.

If they didn’t like someone, they could forget about him.

She was a member of the Tang family. No one would dare to offend her.

But Lu Ming just had to show up!

When she thought of this bastard, she was so angry that she wanted to continue smashing things. However, there was nothing left to smash in the room. In the end, she hammered the bed a few times and took a deep breath before calling the number as her phone was dimming. After a while, the other party finally picked up the phone. A leisurely female voice came from the other end. “Who is it? Don’t you know that I’m having my beauty sleep now?”

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“It’s me, Tang Wenyi.”

Tang Wenyi frowned and replied. Why did the other party’s attitude change 180 degrees after they had not communicated for a period of time? In the past, this person would definitely press the answer button immediately and ask about her well-being in a warm tone. Now the other party had become the boss!

The huge change in her behavior made her uncomfortable. After all, wasn’t she the one who helped the other party reach such a height? Why did she suddenly turn against her?

There was a moment of silence on the other end before she chuckled and said, “Oh, so it’s Wenyi! Look at my memory, I almost forgot your voice! I heard that you’ve returned to the capital to continue being the Third Miss? I knew that Lu Yaohua was unreliable. It’s good that you’ve divorced, lest you torture each other.”

She had heard that the Lu Corporation had suffered repeated blows previously, and they had marital problems because of this. Lu Ze was sent to prison, and when they got a divorce, it was quite acrimonious. If Old Master Tang hadn’t sent someone to Shanghai, Lu Yaohua would probably rather pester her than get a divorce!
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