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Chapter 337: Seeking Cooperation

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At that time, when she heard this gossip from others, she was quite happy. Although she told Tang Wenyi that they were best friends, their relationship was more like that of a servant and a Missy. As long as Tang Wenyi wanted something, she had to do it with a smile. She had long disliked her.

If it weren’t for the fact that Tang Wenyi had the Tang family as her backer, she wouldn’t have shamelessly fawned over her. She still couldn’t forget her high and mighty attitude! Fortunately, her efforts had paid off. Her company had also developed rapidly as a result. Now she could go far even without Tang Wenyi.

Besides, Tang Wenyi had fallen out of favor with Old Master Tang. Who in the circle would still fancy her? Other than those ignorant people who fawned over her, no one else wanted to get close to her. They were already being kind by not trampling on her when she was down.

What else could a useless chess piece do?

She might even get herself into trouble!

After all, she had long heard about the Tang family fighting for the position of the family head. She knew that Tang Wenyi had a very bad relationship with the other four missies. If she rashly crossed them, what would happen if one of them became the family head in the future and settled scores with her? Even if Xingwei Medical Company had indeed reached a certain level, how could it compare to the Tang family, which was a prestigious family?

It would be as easy as crushing an ant to kill her.

She was unlikely to take such a huge risk to help this fake girlfriend. Tang Wenyi had a favor to ask of her this time but she was afraid that she had to decline.

She guessed that Tang Wenyi wanted to ask her for help. Her best friend hadn’t thought of her for more than half a year. She only contacted her after her sudden return to the capital. She must have a favor to ask of her. She had spent so much time with Tang Wenyi, so how could she not know what the other party was thinking?

Moreover, the owner of Lu Ming Corporation which had been featured time and again in the newspapers recently was the son of the woman she had plotted against back then. Every time she thought of this relationship, she wished she could transmigrate back to the past and tear her own mouth apart! If not for this, why would she go into hiding during this period of time? She was afraid that Lu Ming would find out what she had done!


Since she couldn’t afford to offend either the Tang sisters or Lu Ming, why wouldn’t she hide?!

Meanwhile, Tang Wenyi, who was far away in the capital, almost couldn’t help but curse inwardly when Xu Xiaojing mentioned Lu Yaohua. Back then, Xu Xiaojing was the one who said that Lu Yaohua was perfect in every aspect. Now she was the one who said that Lu Yaohua was unreliable. Why is she saying these things?

She suppressed the dissatisfaction in her heart and said, “If I had known that he was such a person, I wouldn’t have married him in Shanghai! If I have to blame someone, I can only blame myself for seeing him through filters at that time. I didn’t consider his nature at all. You and Jiacheng have been doing well recently, right? I saw you showing off your loving affection in your circle of friends.”

“Hahahaha, of course. He loves me very much.”

At the mention of this, Xu Xiaojing was no longer sleepy. The corners of her mouth twitched as she said, “A while ago, I casually said that I wanted a bigger diamond ring, but I didn’t expect him to remember it. Then he bought me a new one when we were spending time together before the new year.”

She paused for a moment and continued, “And the series of bags I wanted for a long time. He bought them for me without hesitation. When I returned from playing mahjong and saw those bags, I was in a really good mood! Aiya! I’m really lucky to have such a good husband!”

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On the other end, Tang Wenyi’s heart turned sour on the spot. Xu Xiaojing knew that she had just gotten a divorce, yet she said these words on purpose. It was so hurtful! She gritted her teeth and said, “Oh? That’s great. I wish you a hundred years of happiness. I hope you two will be together forever.”

Would be great if you’re in a deadlock! she thought.

It was clearly a good thing, but she made it sound like a curse. Fortunately, Xu Xiaojing did not take it to heart. With the other party’s EQ, she did not expect Tang Wenyi to put on a good attitude. She hummed a little tune and pulled the mask on her face. She asked, “You didn’t look for me just to reminisce about the past, right? I still have something on. If there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up first…”

“Wait! I want to cooperate with you! I mean your Xingwei Medical Group. I plan to enter this industry!”

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Tang Wenyi went straight to the point.

As long as they could reach a cooperation this time, her plan would be able to proceed according to her expectations. Otherwise, she would have to find time to check out other companies one by one. She would be at ease partnering with her good friend’s company. After all, what if a company she found by chance was bribed by the other sisters?

Apart from that, none of her old friends were willing to pay attention to her. They all used to be good friends. Ever since she lost her power, those people avoided her like the plague! They treated her like a monster! If not for that, why would she put down her pride to look for the person she looked down on previously?

Her suspicious personality forced her to find her former best friend.

On the other end, Xu Xiaojing raised her eyebrows slightly. Cooperate? Is this Missy finally going to start a career? Unfortunately, it was too late now. Even if Tang Wenyi talked till her jaws ached today, she would not help!

Hence, she pretended to be helpless and said, “Wenyi, as you know, working with you is not a small matter. I’m just a deputy chairman in the company with no real power. Even if I want to work with you, no one is willing to listen to me. So, I think we should forget about working together.

You won’t be able to get through to me. How would a woman like me know these things? You should know my personality. I play mahjong all day long. I don’t know anything about business. If you want to play mahjong with me, it’s fine. I really can’t help you with this.”

No real power?

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Nothing at all?

Does she really think I’m a fool?! The Xingwei Medical Group was jointly managed by both husband and wife. How could Xu Xiaojing be as bad as she said? I’m the real housewife, okay? Xu Xiaojing clearly mentioned the management of the company to me in the past. Even though I wanted to sleep when I heard those professional terms, she would talk about them eloquently!

Now she’s putting on an act with me. Isn’t it just because she sees that I’m weak and doesn’t want to help? She’s still beating around the bush!

“Wait! I don’t need you to do anything. Can you help me mention this to Jiacheng when he gets back? You can’t make the decision, but he can, right?”

“… There’s a lot of work to be done every day. I don’t know if he has time to listen to me, but on account of our past relationship, I’ll try my best to make him listen. Are you satisfied? You should be done talking about your matters. I have something to do here, so I’ll hang up first.”
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