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Chapter 339: Fired

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Today was a sunny day, and the sound of construction could be heard from the construction site. Lu Yaohua pushed the cement cart with all his might, and sweat rolled down his face. After he staggered a few steps, he fell on his butt. The small cart lost control and crashed into the other workers. A scene of chaos instantly erupted, and screams could be heard.

“Lu Hua!!!”

A man in his early forties in a red hat ran over in exasperation.

He looked down at the protagonist of the incident who had yet to react and said through gritted teeth, “Why is it you again? Do you want to work here or not?! I seriously suspect that you were sent by another family to cause trouble here! Because of you, do you know how long my work here has been extended? I’m f*cking losing money every day! How am I going to earn money?!

The last time, you almost hit your workmate when you were moving bricks. Before that, you destroyed some machines worth tens of thousand yuan with cement. And before that, you fought with your workmate for no reason. And before that, it was also you causing trouble! I gave you so many chances. Do you want to f*cking bankrupt me?”

The head contractor’s mouth was dry from talking. He unscrewed a thermos cup and drank a few mouthfuls of tea before saying, “And you’re not diligent! You find excuses to take leave every other day. Those who don’t know might think that you’re the team lead here! You’re not a leader, but you’re a leader when it comes to getting sick! You…”

Before he could finish, Lu Yaohua, who had extremely high self-esteem, could not help but say, “I have a legitimate reason for taking leave. Can’t you see that I’m covered in injuries? Moreover, the dust here is so thick. I had a lung problem just a few days ago.”

This was not the most serious thing that happened to him. He had been working overtime, in good spirits or otherwise, over an extended period of time at the construction site. Just recently, he was almost killed by a machine operated by his colleagues on the top floor. If not for his vigilance, he would probably have died! He thought there shouldn’t be a problem taking leave to soothe his wounded spirit.

Who knows the construction site can be so dangerous!

“Oh, you have quite a lot of reasons. If I say one thing, you retort with 10 things! Can’t you recognize your current situation? I’m your f*cking leader now! Why are you putting on airs in front of me?! Since you’re my subordinate, no matter what you did before, you have to be submissive!”

The foreman said in an increasingly unhappy tone, “Besides, you’re so weak. Why did you come to work at a construction site? To torture me? If you have the ability, go and do brain work! Didn’t you come to me because you couldn’t do it? It’s really a curse to meet you! Let me tell you! I’m in charge here!

When I was recruiting, why would I have taken you in if it weren’t for your pitiful state? I was the one who gave you a chance to survive, but what happened in the end? In the end, not only were you not grateful, you even acted like a boss all day! Why? Do you think that just because you have the same surname as Boss Lu, the two of you are relatives?”

Every word was heartbreaking!

One had to know that in the past, this head contractor belonged to a class of people that he would find dirty just by looking at them! Now he was being belittled by someone he had looked down on in the past. How could he accept this? He had once been glorious, and the person in front of him was only a construction site administrator at most. What right does he have to say that?!

Lu Yaohua, who had lost his temper, stopped pretending to be pitiful. He stood up and retorted, “I suggest you don’t anger me! Lu Ming and I are really father and son. Believe it or not, I’ll get you out of Shanghai! It’s your fortune to be able to work here. Many people can’t even dream of it! You actually treat me like this?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the entire construction site fell into a strange silence.

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Immediately after, these people mocked him mercilessly!

“What kind of joke is this? Boss Lu is someone that ordinary people like us will never get to meet. Is there something wrong with this person’s brain? He actually said that he’s Boss Lu’s father?! What nonsense! If he’s really that powerful, Lu Hua won’t be working at the construction site now. Instead, he will be in an office, enjoying the air conditioning and the admiration of everyone!”

“Isn’t this equivalent to a beggar shamelessly saying that he’s related to a certain big shot?

“He really thinks we are fools!”

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The foreman laughed so hard that he couldn’t straighten his back. He said, “You just happen to have the same surname as Boss Lu, and you’re already so arrogant? I think you should go and have your brain checked when you have time. I think you’re definitely delusional! Am I begging you to come to work? Dream on!”

His gaze became sharp as he mocked, “Then can I beg you to leave my place now? Go and cause trouble at other construction sites. Otherwise, I’ll be dragged down by you sooner or later! Who’s blind enough to treat you like a treasure? Let’s make a bet, Lu Hua! If you can make a name for yourself in this life, I’ll wash my hair standing upside down, okay?

Hahahaha! Do you think I’m right?”

The other workers immediately echoed.

“That’s right! We’ve been together for so long. If you’re really related to Boss Lu, why would you come and eat and live with us? Didn’t they say that bosses have a certain aura? Why don’t I see anything about you that’s different from us?”

“Isn’t there a difference? I can fight 10 of you with that weak body of yours! You’re like a busybody all day. As soon as the contractor isn’t around, you’re pointing fingers at our work. You’re just a newcomer, yet you think you know more than us veterans? Where did you get your confidence?!”

“Do you think you’re number one in the world just because you’ve acquired a little knowledge? This is a construction site, not an occasion for you to show off. You insist on telling us how to manage a company, but I don’t understand a word of it! Forget it if that’s the case. But are you glaring at me with disdain? If you’re really that powerful, why don’t you start a company?!”

“He’s just bragging to us because we can’t read!”

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It was obvious that he was not welcome here. They could not wait for him to get out of here!

When Lu Yaohua heard these words, he flew into a rage out of humiliation and said, “Remember what you said today! When I become rich in the future, I will definitely not let you off! I hope you won’t regret it today! Head contractor, I quit! Even if you beg me to come back in the future, I won’t come back!”

“You’d better keep your word! Don’t appear in front of me again!”

The contractor was unwilling to back down.

Lu Yaohua was so angry that he turned around and left. However, he did not walk far before he turned back and said, “This is my resignation. Don’t forget to pay me my salary for this month! Otherwise, I’ll sue you in court!”
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