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Chapter 502: Night is still young [1]

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Chapter 502 Night is still young [1]

"Who is it at this time?" Rima snorted with a displeased expression.

"Maybe Maria?" Max said, unsure. He had asked her to join them if she wanted, but it was already this late and he doubted she would come now.

"Why would little sister Maria come now?" Rima's expression softened when she heard it could be Maria, which slightly surprised Max.

Upon thinking for a moment, however, he realized it was only normal for them to get close with each other after such a long time. In the Ninam city, they only had each other who they could confide in as his fellow women, after all.

"Er... I had asked her to join us if she wanted." Max said with a sheepish grin.

Rima's eyes widened into a glare when she heard this. "You...!"

'Oh shit! I didn't think she wouldn't like the idea since we already had a threesome back then.' Max thought, but he realized he needed to be the dominant one in his relationships with his women or managing his harem which was growing bigger by the day would become difficult. Of course, by dominant he didn't mean he should force his will on his girls.

Thinking this, he moved his waist back, taking his cock out until only the tip remained inside her twitching pussy and then thrust it to the hilt in one go.



Rima's expression faltered when she felt his cock slam into her cervix and a loud moan escaped her lips.

Max then leaned forward, nibbled her earlobe and whispered, "What? You don't want her to join us?"

"Ahn~ No. It would ruin our alone time." Rima said.

Max felt a little bad when he heard this. 'Maybe I shouldn't have invited her...' He thought.

But then he heard the knock on the door and Maria's sweet voice.

Knock! Knock!

"M-My lord, it's me."

Max turned Rima's face around to face him, gave her a smoldering kiss and said, "How about we let her this time? I'll make sure we are the only once next time."

Rima pouted, looking sullen, which made Max a little anxious. He didn't want Maria to stay outside any longer. But just as he was about to say something to convince her, she smirked.

"Alright. It's not like I can't take you alone, anyway."

"You...!" This time Max glared at her and slapped her bubble butt, making her flinch and moan playfully.

"I'll take care of you later. Just you wait," He said, revealing a grin that sent chills down her spine.


Max pulled back, taking his cock out of her, and then rushed toward the door.

Gulp! noVE/lb-1n

Rima gulped audibly as she watched him open the door and thought, feeling a little nervous and excited. 'What is he going to do?'

Max opened the door a little and sent his mana sense out to see if she was alone because, in his hurry, he didn't wear anything. It took him a split second to ascertain she was alone. So, he flung the door open, grabbed her hand and pulled her inside at lighting fast speed before closing the door shut.

"Kya~," Maria cried out in surprise when she was suddenly pulled inside and before she could figure out just what was happening, she found herself pressing against a naked body while a familiar pair of lips had captured her lips.

In her panic, she wanted to push whoever it was away but couldn't because a pair of strong hands were holding her in place.

Fortunately, she quickly realized it was Max who was kissing her. If she hadn't, she was prepared to release her mana and use all her strength to push him away.

She looked into his sapphire eyes with a blaming look before closing her eyes and leaned against him, trying to reciprocate the kiss the best she could.

After moment later, Max broke the kiss and smiled at her, "You are late."

Maria took a deep breath to regain her senses and apologetically said, "I-I'm sorry, my Lord. I couldn't come before my parents went to sleep."

Max flicked her forehead and smiled, "It's alright. I'm just glad you came."

"Mm." Maria bashfully nodded and when she saw naked Rima looking at her with a grin on her face, her face reddened.

Max wasted no time in lifting her in princess carry and led her to the bed. He gently placed her down, leaned down, and captured her lips for a deep kiss. His tongue entered her mouth and started exploring it while massaging, kissing, and sucking her juicy tongue.

The kiss lasted for a few minutes, and when he pulled his face away, she was left breathless; her face blushing a charming shade of crimson.

"Hey, I'm still waiting." Rima complained when she saw them stop.

Max glanced at her before grinning at Maria. "It seems your big sister Rima is getting impatient. How about you take your clothes off while I take care of her?"

"Y-Yes, my Lord." Maria obediently nodded and started to take her clothes off one by one. Her submissive attitude excited him to no end, making his rock-hard cock throb.

For a moment, he was tempted to rip her clothes off, push her down and pound her hard, but controlled himself because Rima would complain. Besides, he had all the time in the world to enjoy her.

So, temporarily ignoring her, Max climbed onto the bed and went over to Rima, who was looking at him with burning lust in her eyes.


Max couldn't help but gulp as his gaze roamed over her sensual curves. Feeling his gaze, she smiled and raised her chest toward him and put one thigh over the other, showing her sacred cave sandwiched between them.

This scene caused Max's eyes to turn blurry with lust. Like a wild beast, he jumped her and without bothering to part her legs as her current position was a lot sexier and plunged his cock into her depths in a single thrust.

"Ahhhnnng~ Yesss~." Rima moaned out loud, and her eyes glazed over in ecstasy. She clenched her warm folds around his shaft to make it more pleasurable, which made groan in pleasure.

He placed his hands on her crossed thighs, pushing them toward her body and raising her pussy higher, he started thrusting in and out with a wild abandon.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Squelch! Squelch! Squelch!

Ahn~ Haa~ Nngh~

The sound of his pelvis slapped against her bubbly ass, and the wet become completely blurry and, just like before, the pleasure he was feeling multiplied instantly as his perception of pleasure increased.

sounds of his cock entering and exiting her cave reverberated in the room like a beautiful melody. And Rima's pleasure filled moans only increased their beauty.

Watching him ruthlessly fuck her big sister Rima, Maria gulped in nervousness anticipation and thought, 'W-Would he be this rough with me too?'

As Max continued to pound Rima hard and fast, his eyes had become completely blurry and, just like before, the pleasure he was feeling multiplied instantly as his perception of pleasure increased.

This time Max noticed this and realized it was another effect of the gradually merging system's bloodline. However, he didn't try to curb it down because as far as he could see, there was no negative effect. The only slightly negative point he could feel was his increasing desire to dominate his partner and unleash all his desires on her.

After fucking her for a while more in the current position, he took his cock out and,



Flipped her body around, making her lie on her hands and knees, with her ass sticking out toward him.

He then placed the tip of his bulging rod on her entrance and pushed it in, hitting her cervix. He then bunched up her nightdress and used it as a rein like he was doing before Maria came and started pounding her again.

Thwop! Thwop! Thwop!

"Ahnnggg~ Yess~ Husband! I'm comingggg~," Rima moaned aloud, her eyes turning blurry the same Max's. Then, with a loud moan, she orgasmed, drenching his cock in her juices.

And as the waves of this heavenly pleasure continued to hit her nerves and travel throughout her body, her insides clamped hard around his cock and her body stiffened.

"Oh, fuck~!" Max also groaned in pleasure and with a deep thrust, he unloaded inside her, coating her womb white.

As both climaxed, they were on cloud nine and neither of them moved lest they broke this amazing sensation.

Finally, after both finished orgasming, Rima felt her strength leaving her body and fell lifelessly on the bed, causing his still hard cock to eject out of her pussy, and started panting wildly with a wide, satisfied smile on her face.

Max released her reins and also took a few deep breaths. But then he moved once again and what he did next caused both Rima's eyes to almost pop out of her sockets.

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