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Chapter 504: Night is still young [3]

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Chapter 504 Night is still young [3]


Max lifted his body off of Rima, his cock sliding out of her tight asshole with it. Rima just moaned faintly when she felt it leave her.

He was about to pull Maria toward him when he remembered something and gently nudged Rima's shoulder. "Hey, get up. You can sleep later."

"Mm, nooo~ I can't do it again. Both my holes are hurting bad." She said with her eyes closed. She didn't want to move at all, and he wanted to fuck her again. No, she wouldn't let him.

Max smiled wryly when he heard this and said, "No. I don't want to do it. You need to cultivate and digest all the energy I've poured into you."

"Hm?" Hearing this, she finally opened her eyes, tried to move her body, but couldn't.

"You wrecked me completely. I can't even move." She said with a blaming look on her face.

Seeing that waste time talking, Maria became impatient and interjected, "Big sister, you should eat one of those rejuvenation pills you always give me for my parents. It'll help you."

Rima slowly moved her gassy eyes to Maria and her lips curled up in a teasing smirk. "Why? Our sweet Maria can't wait to have him inside her?"

Maria's face blushed red, which looked extremely charming to Max. Before she could respond to Rima's remark, he wrapped his arm around her slender waist and pulled her into his chest before placing his lips on hers.

"Ah, it seems my Lord husband can't wait anymore." Rima teased, but none of the duo responded to her, which made her pout.

She took out a rejuvenation pill from her storage ring and threw it in her mouth. A moment later, she felt a cooling sensation spread all over her body and most of her exhaustion vanished.

She slowly stood up, wincing as she did because both her pussy and back hole were too sore to move even with the rejuvenation pill's effect. Then she sat cross-legged, closed her eyes, and started cultivating.

Just a moment later, however, her eyes snapped open in surprise as she exclaimed, "So much energy!"

Not only was the Nascent energy, as he called it, was more than usual in quantity, but it was also purer.

Therefore, she immediately shut her eyes again and focused on digesting it. She knew if she digested all of it, she could covert a sizeable chunk of her mana to the three-star level.


Max was ferociously 'devouring' Maria's soft pink lips and her juicy tongue. Maria had her eyes closed as she enjoyed it all and occasionally tried to respond, but was quickly overwhelmed by him each time.

As he savored her delicious lips and tongue, one of his hands held her waist close to his body to make sure she wouldn't fall back while his free hand snaked down her back to perky little buttocks and started feeling them up by groping and kneading them one by one.

A moment later, his hand slid further down on her pussy and found it was already dripping wet.


Maria moaned in his mouth when she felt his hand on her vertical lips and backed into his hand to feel it better.

Feeling her excitement, Max started rubbing her engorged labia with index and middle finger, sending waves of pleasure coursing through her body which made her let out muffled moans in his mouth.

He then stopped kissing her and, as he looked into her eyes, he could see the lust burning in her eyes.

"Ha~ M-My Lord, I can't endure it any longer. Mm~ P-Please put it inside." She said, gasping for air and her hand reaching for his bulging rod.

Who was Max to say no to such an offer? He immediately lifted her up by putting his hands on her buttocks. Maria responded to this by wrapping her hands around his neck and legs around his waist, which placed her vaginal folds right above his raging dragon.

When Maria felt his mushroom head kissing her folds, she loosened her legs' grip on his waist and lowered herself on it, but his cock slid along her wet lips, not entering her cave.

Maria let out a moan and reached down behind her with one of her hands, grabbed his member, rubbed it a few times on her vaginal opening before easing it inside her.


She moaned as his veiny cock slid past her folds and stretched her insides. Max also grunted in pleasure when he felt her tight, soft and wet folds engulfing him.

He then grabbed her waist and started impaling her on his cock. He was slow at first and then gradually increased the intensity.

Ahn~ Mm~ Oh~

Maria threw her head back and started moaning in pure ecstasy.

Rima's eyebrows twitched as her pleasure filled moans entered her ears and this made her little sister tingle.


Although she was tempted to get up, push Maria to the side and have him fuck her again, she didn't want to waste the Nascent energy inside her. So, she released her sound elemental mana and made an invisible shield around her which blocked all sounds.

After training under her master, Aria, her mastery over her element had increased quite a lot. In the future, when she would breakthrough to the three-star realm, her strength would shock everyone and because of the nature of her element, even Max would have a little difficulty fighting against her.

'Oh shit! I don't think Max has activated the sound blocking formation of the room.' She suddenly realized because when she entered the room, there was no formation activated and until now, she hadn't seen him activate it.


Another wave of her elemental mana surged out of her and enveloped the bed, preventing all sounds from going out.

'He is too careless. Everyone must have heard our shameful sounds.' She sweated imagining the looks they would receive in the morning, especially since the Garfield family's mood was down because of her future father-in-law's condition.

All her worries would have become true if not for the woman currently spying on them with her soul sense. She had noticed this problem right at the start and had enveloped the entire room in a thin later of icy mist to block all sounds.


After a while, Maria bit her lower lip and moaned out loud, "My Lord~! It's cominggg~!" n/-o--v)-E-.l-)B.)I--n

Max had already felt it because he could feel her insides squeezing his shaft tightly. So, in response, he started moving her up and down faster.

Moments later...


Maria let out an animalistic moan, hugged him tighter and ejaculated all over his cock.


Matching her timing, Max also grunted and shot ropes after ropes of his creamy liquid inside her womb.

Feeling his warm liquids, Maria had another mini orgasm, which pushed her to the peak of ecstasy.

After they finished orgasming, they remained in the same position because Maria had lost all her strength was panting on his shoulder while Max wanted to feel her warmth for a while longer.


Right then, Rima opened her eyes and exhaled. There was a satisfied expression on her face. With the Nascent energy's help, she had just converted over 100 two-star mana units into three-star mana. Now she only needed to convert just over 5000 more mana units before she could reconstruct her core and step into the three-star realm.

She then glanced at the duo, and the corner of her lips curled up when she saw Max sitting on his knees while Maria sticking to his body like a koala with their privates still connected.

She opened her mouth to say something but stopped upon noticing their peaceful expressions and decided not to spoil their moment.

Half a minute later, Max moved and pulled his head back to look at Maria's beautiful face. Maria also opened her eyes when she lost his shoulder's support and pouted, "I wanted to stay like that for a while longer, my Lord."

"Hehe." Max chuckled when he saw her cute expression and couldn't help but place a quick kiss on her lips and said, "Can't you notice your big sis Rima's impatient gaze on us?"

"Oh?" Maria yelped when she remembered they weren't alone in the room and turned her head around to look at Rima's smiling face.

She also smiled sweetly in response and said, "Did you wait for long, big sister?"

"Nah. I just finished cultivating." Rima smiled and then said, "Why don't you climb down now and cultivate while I entertain our lord husband?"

"H-Husband?" Maria's heart started racing when she heard this and her grip around Max's neck and her pussy around his semi-erect cock tightened.

"What? You don't want to marry him?" Rima teased.

Max also looked at her with a smile on his face.

Maria blushed heavily and nodded imperceptibly. "O-Of course, I want to." She then added in a low voice, "But I won't be the one who gets the chance to marry him since he would only his first wife."

Although her voice was very low, both Max and Rima heard her loud and clear and in response, Rima's eyebrows drooped because she knew her chances of becoming his first wife were non-existent since that girl, Lilly, had reserved that place.

Max noticed their expressions and chuckled, "Who said I can only marry my first wife? I will marry all of you and all of you will be equal."

"Really?" Maria's eyes brightened when she heard this. Rima also beamed a charming smile.

"Of course." Max nodded and then grinned. "So, how about we continue now? The night is still young."

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