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Chapter 507: War Begins [2]

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Chapter 507 War Begins [2]

When the Elvin guards noticed them, their faces turned pale and their grips on their spears and bows tightened.

"So many demons! And they are from the horned devil race."

"Has the war already started? Are they going to launch an attack on our city?"

Until now, they only ever encountered small groups of demons and those demons didn't dare to get close to the city after many of them were killed by their warriors.

So, when they saw such a large group arrive before their city, seemingly fearless, they couldn't help but become nervous because such a thing should only be possible when the war officially begins.

"Should we... attack them?" One of the guards asked with uncertainty.

If it was a small group of ten or so demons, they wouldn't hesitate to attack and kill them, but the group in front of them had over 50 demons while the total number of the guards was only over 30. They were completely outnumbered. n-.OVεlbIn

"No, just watch them while I inform the lord commander about this." The leader of guards said and hurriedly took out his communication crystal.

Step! Step! Step!

Under the Elvin guards' wary gazes, the demons walked over to the city gate, one step at a time. It was as though they were trying to put pressure on them by deliberately waking so slow.

If that was what they wanted, thanks to their sheer number and the innate fear elves had towards the demon race, they were successful in doing so because every elf was very tense right now. If they were to fight, the elves wouldn't be able to use their full strength.


The demon group stopped when they were fifty meters away from the city gates. One of the leading demons glanced looked around and spoke in disdain, "This is your war time security? If we want, we can easily kill you all and enter the city to continue the massacre."

The Elves, although afraid, couldn't bear the naked disdain and one of them scoffed angrily, "Why don't you try and see if it'll be us who'll die or you?"

The other Elves gave him bitter glances.

'Was it necessary to provoke them?' They thought, but got ready to fight if the demons decided to attack them.

"Oh?" The demon raised his head at looked at the elf on the city wall and then slowly nodded, "Very well, then."

As soon as he said this, he vanished from his spot he was standing and appeared in front of the Elf on the city wall with his hand lodged in the elf's chest.

"You..." The elf could say one word when the demon interrupted him, "Now do you still doubt my words, ant?"

When the other elves saw this, they were enraged.


They shouted and lunged at him. The demon, however, didn't even spare them a glance and,


Pulled his hand out of the elf's chest. In his grasp was a beating heart.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The sight of his heart completely horrified the elf. He regretted being impulsive and challenging this demon.

The demon revealed a satisfied expression when he saw the look of horror in the elf's eyes and asked again, "Tell me, do you believe it or not? If your answer satisfies me, maybe I'll put this back in you and let you live."

The elf wasn't delusional enough to believe him and knew he wouldn't live past today. So, he gathered his courage and sneered, "You believe you are very strong, right? Let me tell you something. Cough!"

"Alright. Go on." The demon nodded.

The corner of his lips curled up in a mocking smile as the elf said, "You are going to die today not long after."


The demon's expression shifted, and he crushed the heart, killing him.

"I don't believe you." He said and then glanced at the frenzied elves who were lunging at him. With a mocking smirk on his face, he slowly raised his hand, opened his mouth, and dropped the elf's crushed heart in it.


Gulping it down, he revealed a satisfied expression and commented that incensed the elves even more.

"Your hearts are tastier than humans'."

"Ahhhhh! I'll kill you." All the elves shouted and attacked.


The demon chuckled and vanished from the city wall, appearing in front of his group.

Seeing their attacks miss, the elves shimmered with anger and some who shared a close relationship with the elf who had just died had tears in their eyes.

"Heh. As expected, these elves are nothing to fear." A relatively young demon, who had a purplish black horn on his head, said, looking disappointed.

An older demon standing at the back of the group shook his head. "Kid, you mustn't underestimate your enemy. It'll only get you killed sooner."

The young demon's expression turned respectful as he nodded at the older demon, "Yes, elder. I'll keep that in mind."

The older demon shook his head. He could see the youngling hadn't taken his words seriously.

As the elves glared at the demon with a murderous look in their eyes, the demon snickered, "What? Want revenge? Then call your leaders out, because you lot aren't worthy enough to fight me."


As soon as he finished speaking, a figure appeared on the city wall before shooting toward him at a blinding fast speed.

It was so fast that none of the elves and most of the demons had noticed it.

However, the older demon's eyes narrowed, and a few others beside him wanted to intercept the figure when the older demon shook his head, "It's already too late."


When the figure 'materialized' in front of the demon, demons narrowed their eyes and became alert while the elves cheered.

Standing in front of the demon was a strong-looking elf with his hand lodged in the demon's chest. He wore a black chest armor, which made him look heroic.

He was none other than Ryan—the guard commander and little Arya's father.

The demon in front of him looked at the hand which was in his chest, and he could feel it was grabbing his heart and then at Ryan with a horrified gaze.

"You are a five..."

Just like he had, Ryan also interrupted him. Glancing at the demons with an emotionless gaze, he said, "To think you horned demons would be the first ones to come to attack my city. But aren't you taking us too lightly?"

Not bothering to hear their response, he looked at the horrified demon in front of him and asked, "Now, tell me, do you believe I can kill you before any of those five-star demons at the back can even move a muscle?"

The terror in the demon's heart grew when he heard this. However, he forced himself to calm down and sneered, "You wouldn't dare because if you kill me, my elders would immediately attack your city and even that king mage of yours won't be able to stop the massacre."

As if to prove his point, the older demon and four others beside him stepped out of the group, eyeing the elves on the city wall. They seemed ready to rush in and kill everyone if Ryan dared to kill him.

All five were five-star demons.

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