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Chapter 508: War Begins [3]

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Chapter 508 War Begins [3]

"Is that so?" Ryan muttered as if in thought and then suddenly,


He pulled out the demon's heart and, before his stunned gaze; he crushed it, killing him.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The 5, five-star demons were stunned for a moment before they rushed toward the elves on the city wall and in front of the city gates.


Boom! n/-o.)v/(e.-l-(b./1(-n

A terrifying aura suddenly appeared and engulfed them. When they felt it, their expression turned ugly, but they didn't look panicked.

In the next moment, all of their horns glowed with black light and negated the aura's oppression. Then, instead of charging forward, they retreated to their group and looked at the city wall where a beautiful Elvin woman stood, looking down at them with an indifferent gaze.

She was Aria, Rima's master.

The older demon sighed and glanced at Ryan. "No wonder you didn't take our threat seriously. Despite being in the early-stage six-star realm, your king mage is as strong as ordinary mid-stage six-star demons."

He then shifted his gaze to Aria and nodded. "I admit you are enough to handle all five of us, even with our horned devil's powers."

Then a mocking expression appeared on his face as he glanced at the other four and took out a black talisman before continuing,

"But what if our speed become as fast an as ordinary early-stage six-star demon? Are you confident you can stop us all before we massacre, let's say, at least half of your city's population and destroy most of your city's defenses?"

Aria narrowed her eyes at the challenge before regaining her indifferent expression, not bothering to say anything.


Ryan returned to the city wall beside her. Glancing at the older horned demon, he casually said, "You are welcome to try."

The older demon and others were stunned.

Before coming here, they had found out that the city only had three five-star warriors and just one in the king realm.

So, they believed if they showed that they had 5, peak five-star demons, with the talismans capable of increasing their speeds to the level of an early-stage six-star demon, the elves would fear or at least hesitate.

But contrary to their expectations, the elves didn't show even a shred of fear or hesitation.

Why was this so?

'Either they don't care what happens to their people and the city which is unlike given the elves' kind nature or... our information about their strength was wrong which shouldn't be surprising since it was said that their king mage was just an early-stage six-star mage.'

The older demon pondered, feeling apprehensive about his deduction. If the elves had the strength to handle them all before they could cause any harm to the city, didn't it mean they delivered themselves at the death's door?

His expression turned ugly at this thought and he looked at a demoness standing in the middle of the group and coldly said in demon language, "If things go south today, I'll skin you alive if I survive."

If Max, Amara, and anyone else who was present at the valley where they killed Mehak's group, they would immediately recognize her because she was the same horned demoness who had escaped.

When the demoness heard this, her expression turned ugly.

'Fuck you! Weren't you the ones who vowed to avenge that idiot Mehak? I only helped you find where his killer is. And fuck! Wasn't it also you guys who gathered the information through your 'sources' about the elves' strength? So, why the fuck you are blaming me now?'

She cursed them in her mind. She was now regretting her decision to get involved in all this. 'Why the fuck do I have to want revenge? It's not like they killed someone close to me.'

After threatening her, the older demon took a deep breath, looked at Ryan and said, "We don't want to fight to the death. We just want a group of humans which is in your city right now. If you hand them over, we'll leave here peacefully. If not, you should be prepared to face the consequences."

"Hm?" Ryan's brows shot up when he heard this. 'So, the war hasn't officially started yet?' He thought, sighing in relief.

He then glanced at Aria, who nodded at him and asked, "Who are these humans?"

"They are murderers of a very important member of our race." The older demon said and then glanced at the demoness and ordered, "Tell them how they look like."

"Yes, elder." The demoness nodded and described Max's and others' appearances.

Ryan frowned when he heard their description. He then waved his hand and conjured up Max and others' images in the air.

"Are you talking about them?" He asked,

"Yes." The demoness nodded and then glanced at the older demon. "That blue-haired guy is the one who tortured young master Mehak before killing him and that girl is a demon from the bloodwing race."

The older demon and others narrowed their eyes and imprinted Max's appearance in their minds. From how he drew their pictures, they knew this elf, who was apparently one of the higher ups of the city, was most likely close to them and would most likely won't hand them over. So, they needed to know how Max looked like so they could kill him if they found him outside.

Meanwhile, Aria and Ryan frowned when they heard what the demoness said at last. However, they left this matter to handle later.

The older demon glanced at Ryan and said, "You heard her, right? They are the killers. If you hand them over, we promise you none from the horned devil race would bother your city until the war begins."

The corner of Ryan's lips curled up into a mocking smile when he heard this and asked, "First, do a mere five-star demon even have a say in your race's decisions? Second, do you think we fear your race? We have to fight every demon race. So, it wouldn't matter much if your race is included in them or not."

The older demon narrowed his eyes. "So, you won't hand them over. Is that what you are saying?"

"Heh, you have some brains, after all." Ryan mocked and then shouted, "Open the city gates and... slaughter them all!"

Whoosh! Whoosh!

As soon as he said this, he and Aria flew toward them. The city gates also opened instantly and more than a hundred armored warriors rushed out.

"You are going to regret this." The older demon shouted before ripping the black talisman. He then grabbed the young demon and a few others before rushing away.

The rest of the five-star demons also ripped their respective talismans before grabbing however many demons they could before rushing in the different directions.

Ryan wanted to chase them, but Aria stopped him.

"Why? Shouldn't we take the chance to kill as many as we can?" He asked, not understanding the situation.

"They are very crafty. If we chase any of them, the rest would return and slaughter our people," Aria said.

"But don't we have miss Garima and that senior? They can safeguard the city." Ryan said.

Although he didn't show it on his face, he was shimmering with anger because one of his warriors was killed right at their doorstep. It was a humiliation for him, the guard commander, who was supposed to safeguard the city.

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