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Chapter 509: War Begins [4]

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Chapter 509 War Begins [4]

Aria sighed exasperatedly and spoke through telepathy, [If you haven't noticed it because that senior two major realms above you but she is seriously injured and wouldn't want to fight until she recovers enough. That's why you haven't felt her soul sense until now. And although miss Garima has been watching everything and would step in if needed...]

Speaking until this point, she spoke aloud, " you think those demons were foolish enough to come here knowing we have a king ranked mage protecting the city? Did you really believe all that nonsense that demon spouted? And with their enhanced speed, do you think miss Garima and that senior could handle them?"

Ryan was confused for a moment about why she communicated the first part through telepathy and the last part out loud and even saying that Garima and the old granny won't be able to deal with those five-star demons.

But he quickly realized why she did that and also realized he had fucked up by mentioning Garima's and old granny's existence.

Although Aria had tried it to downplay their strength, if the 'person' spying on them was someone shrewd, he would realize they had two powerful warriors.

'I hope he is someone brash.' Ryan thought, and he sweated how he would be 'scolded' for this mess up by Aria, old man Raku and, most fearsome of all, his wife.

Just then, a creepy voice resounded...

"Heh, it seems we have severely underestimated your strength and since this is the case, we'll be sure to treat your city the same as we'll treat this kingdom's royal city."

"I am fucked!" Ryan crushed and Aria's narrowed her eyes.

Just then, she seemed to have received some message and shot toward the left at her full speed.


"Hm? You found my location? Surprising! But you can dream of keeping me her." The demon's voice resounded and seemed to be getting further away.


Suddenly, an explosion resounded, and although it was quite far away from the city, Ryan could feel some tremors in the ground.

'They engaged him in the fight?' He thought and hoped they could kill him so this crucial piece of information wouldn't leak.


A few miles away from the city, a large patch of forest was completely destroyed. The ground was blasted and froze in ice.

Two beautiful women, Aria and Garima, stood facing a muscular demon with a purplish black horn. The demon's condition was quite pitiful right now.

He was currently kneeling, and half of his body was encased in ice. He had many deep wounds all over his body, but they weren't bleeding since they were frozen. However, blood was flowing down his mouth, and his horn was broken.

"Heh, if you think you can stop the spread of the news by killing me, I can say you are way too foolish. If you kill me, the demon army would realize your city is capable of killing a king demon and should be exterminated. So, they will send at least two mid-stage king demons if not more to kill you all. Kekeke... you are fucked either way." The demon let out an unrestrained laughter once he finished speaking.

Hearing this, Aria nodded. "Thank you for the warning." She opened her mouth, her throat constricting slightly, and then,




The demon's eyes became blurry, and he fell to the ground.

A hint of seriousness appeared in Garima's eyes when she witnessed this and commented, "No wonder almost on one wants to meet a sound elemental mage in battle. Your attacks are almost impossible to defend against."

"I'll take that as a compliment." Aria revealed a small smile and then gestured to the demon, "If you may, please destroy his core and then freeze him. But make sure you don't kill him."

Garima nodded and glanced at the demon without moving.

Then, a sharp ice shard took form in front of her. It then shot at him and pieced his chest and then his demon core.


As soon as the demon core was pierced, condensed demon energy burst forth from it and the demon's chest started swelling.

Unbothered, Garima lightly waved her hand, and ice covered the demon completely, freezing the core and energy within it.

She then glanced at Aria and said, "This can only buy us some time because they will surely investigate his disappearance. We need to prepare."

"That's right." Aria nodded before waving her hand, which made the demon float.

"Let's go. We need to discuss this." She said before flying away. Garima nodded and flew beside her.


Ryan was pacing back and forth on the city wall when Aria's voice rang in his head, [Come to the Garfield family's mansion.]

Hearing this, he immediately ordered the guards to be alert and inform him if there is anything amiss before flying away.


In the city lord's mansion, Elena was discussing something with her subordinates when she received Aria's message. She dismissed everyone before flying toward the Garfield mansion.

Old man Raku also got the message.




In the training room, Max and Anna were engaged in a fierce close combat, rapidly moving from one corner to another.

Anna's training clothes were drenched in sweat and she had many bruises visible on the exposed parts of her body, such as hands and face. Some blood was also trickling down from the corner of her lips, but she still had an excited, almost crazed expression on her face. Clearly, she was enjoying and learning a lot from it. n/-o.)v/(e.-l-(b./1(-n

Max, however, wasn't enjoying it as much. He could if she wasn't his adorable sister because he wouldn't hesitate or feel pained when he hit her.

But he couldn't stop because he knew that would upset her a lot. And he couldn't upset her, could he? Besides, he knew she would only benefit from it. As for the injuries, they could be healed easily.

Also, Anna had amazed him thoroughly today and forced him to reevaluate her.

Although he wasn't using his mana to enhance himself, he was nearly using all his raw physical power to fight, and she wasn't at much disadvantage while fighting him. After using her mana to enhance herself, she was almost as fast and strong as him.

Of course, he knew it wouldn't be this easy for her if he stopped pulling his punches or, although he hated to admit, wasn't a little more skilled in combat because Anna surely was.

Suddenly, Garima's voice sounded in his head. [Come to the main hall.]

Taking advantage of his slight distraction, Anna immediately threw a punch at his abdomen while her leg kicked at his right knee.

Max, not wanting to be defeated, circulated his mana throughout his body, reinforcing his physical defense.

Bam! Bam!

Her punch and kick connected, but the result wasn't what Anna expected. Feeling the sting in her knuckles and legs, she winced and jumped back.

"That's cheating. You used mana." She cried out, pouting cutely as she rubbed her knuckles.

"Hehe," Max chuckled. Suddenly appearing in front of her, he grabbed her by her waist before she could react and placed a kiss on her lips, tasting the salty taste of her sweat and sweetness on her lips.

Anna melted in his embrace, but her eyes still glared at him, making her look extremely adorable.

A few moments later, he broke the kiss and pinched her nose playfully. "Weren't you the one who was asking me to use my full strength?"

Anna slapped his hand away and huffed, "Humph! You didn't agree, so I thought you weren't going to do it. That's clearly cheating."

"Alright. Alright. I concede." Max raised his free hand in surrender and then asked, "How about I gave another kiss as an apology?"

Anna's eyes flashed cunningly as she raised her face toward him. Max smiled and placed his lips on hers. He started by gently kissing her lips, and then included his tongue, sucking them with passion.

After he finished savoring them, he parted them with his tongue and forced it inside her mouth and started playing with her tongue. Anna was initially hesitant, but soon started responding, her hands snaking around his neck, pulling his face closer to hers.

Amara and Maria watched them, both feeling the heat rising in their bellies. The only difference was Amara showed it on her face, but Maria didn't. She even looked conflicted and uncomfortable.

After five minutes, Max broke the kiss. He was happy beyond reason right now because Anna had responded with equal passion, disregarding all her hesitation.

Looking into her cloudy eyes, he grinned, "Satisfied?"

Contrary to his expectation, she shook her head and asked, "By what?"

"My apology."

Anna grinned in response, "When did I agree to accept it as apology?"

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