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Chapter 694: 694

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The courtyard was inconspicuous. Even among the surrounding buildings, it was the most ordinary one.

It was only when Lin Mengya got inside that she discovered that there was a different world inside.

Led by the eunuch, she found that the carved beams and painted rafters inside were much more splendid than those in an ordinary mansion.

Although it was just a villa of the Emperor, it still looked majestic.

After passing through the front yard, a pavilion in the middle of the lake soon appeared in front of her.

The eunuch respectfully led her to the stone bridge, and then bowed slightly and left quietly.

Lin Mengya glanced at the pavilion at the center of the lake. As she expected, a man dressed in dark red clothes was sitting upright with his back to her.

After thinking for a while, Lin Mengya composedly took a step forward and slowly walked up to the man.

“You’re here,” the man said.

Although the man asked knowingly, Lin Mengya did not dare to act impudently.

She walked up to the man, bowed slightly, and lowered her head as she spoke softly, “I, Lin Mengya, pay my respect to Your Majesty.”

The Emperor looked benignant as usual, but Lin Mengya found him hypocritical and ridiculous.

She had thought that the Emperor was a rare benevolent monarch. But after what had happened to her, she realized that the so-called benevolent monarch didn’t deserve his reputation.

“Have a seat. Since we are family, there’s no need to feel ill at ease,” the Emperor said.

Even at this moment, he still tried to play the family card.

But now, Lin Mengya no longer believed anything he said. She sat respectfully next to the Emperor, but just considered herself his subject.

She asked, “I don’t dare. May I ask why Your Majesty summon me here?”

Sensing Lin Mengya’s politeness and alienation, the Emperor sighed slightly and said, “You are as stubborn as your mother. In fact, you married Yu’er as his legal wife not only because of their scheme, but also because of my tacit consent. Do you know why?”

Was he still trying to play the family card? But Lin Mengya was unaffected.

Gazing into the distance, the Emperor seemed to be recalling some past events that should have been kept in the depths of his memory.

Although Lin Mengya remained silent, it had no influence on the Emperor’s narration, “Back then your mother was famous for her excellent medical skills in the Capital City. She even enabled my mother to spend her remaining years in comfort with her benevolence and brilliant medical skills. Therefore, I’ve always been very grateful to your mother.”

Hearing his words, Lin Mengya found the Emperor’s shamelessness was beyond her expectation.

The Emperor continued saying, “However, you are unaware of my intention. Although I relegated you to a Vice Princess, with your gorgeous appearance and family background, as well as Yu’er’s affection for you, you will definitely be the next Empress. Unfortunately, you acted so willfully and wasted my painstaking efforts.”

Lin Mengya lowered her head. Perhaps the Emperor thought she was pondering or repenting her error.

Anyway, he couldn’t see her expression.

The Emperor was confident that he could convince Lin Mengya and thus achieve his goal.

Unexpectedly, Lin Mengya still remained motionless. The Emperor was a little confused, but he was still sure that Lin Mengya could be his pawn.

Now, she just needed some time to think it through.

“Well, if what you said is true, are you going to tell me that my brother’s being framed is just an accident?” Lin Mengya suddenly raised her head, looked fearlessly into the Emperor’s eyes, and said, “or are you not aware that the Empress and the Shangguan Family conspired to murder my mother and the members of our Lin Family?”

The Emperor had never imagined that a woman would dare to question him like this.

Moreover, Lin Mengya actually revealed the deepest secret of the Lin Family. Even Lin Muzhi might not know all the details.

Nevertheless, the Emperor was indeed experienced and astute. Although Lin Mengya had revealed his secret, he was still unperturbed, as if everything here were still within his grasp.

“In the future, I will uphold justice for your Lin Family. You don’t know the whole story. Moreover, I have never forgotten how those rebels tried to overthrow me. If it weren’t for your family’s support, I wouldn’t have been able to keep my throne,” he said in earnest.

However, Lin Mengya felt that the Emperor in front of her was like a fox disguised as a human.

He was full of lies that no one would believe, but he still looked so sincere. She really didn’t know why he put on this look.

Anyway, as the only audience, Lin Mengya only felt disgusted by these words.

She said, “Yes, you haven’t forgotten that. So you allowed them to kill my mother and made my father marry your sister-in-law. I became an imbecile after being poisoned, forced into the bridal sedan chair later, and almost got killed with poison in the bridal sedan chair. Now my brother has been framed and imprisoned. Didn’t all these happen because of your tacit consent?”

“How dare you!” Contradicted by Lin Mengya again, the Emperor finally lost his cool and shouted.

He struck the table with his big hand so hard that even the smooth and white cup lid fell.

With a murderous look on his vigorous face, he fixed his eyes on Lin Mengya.

In fact, she had been keenly aware long before that the Emperor had set an ambush on all sides of the courtyard.

As long as he gave the order, she would get killed.

Unfortunately, she had never been afraid of anything.

She said, “How dare I? Well, I act impudently indeed. But I have to tell you something. If I die, you will instantly lose your favorite son and the minister you rely on most. Forgive me for being straight, I’m afraid that you are too sick to survive until you manage to cultivate another prince brilliant enough to replace Prince Yu, aren’t you?”

Lin Mengya raised her eyebrows and stopped feigning a respectful and gentle look.

The Emperor stared at her blankly, thinking she, who was completely confident, was almost the same as her mother.

How he wished he had met her mother back then…

As the irrelevant emotions gradually faded away, the Emperor finally realized the woman in front of him was the daughter of the woman he had loved as well as his son’s most beloved woman.

However, women like her and her mother were destined to go against his cause of ruling the country.

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He, who had been furious, gradually calmed himself down. Even he had to admit that Lin Mengya was right.

The loss would outweigh the gain if he killed her. But he couldn’t allow her to stay with his son any longer.

The Emperor, who had suppressed his murderous intent, was the most terrifying.

After glancing at Lin Mengya coldly, he turned around and left.

“If you want to keep your brother alive, leave Yu’er alone. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being cruel.” From the distance came the ruthless voice of the Emperor.

Lin Mengya stood there, feeling distressed, as if something had broken her heart.

“As you wish.” She seemed to be murmuring to herself.

She knew that the Emperor sent some people to bring her here secretly to give her a warning. Although she was closely guarded, she could not escape the tight encirclement he set.

Neither the Empress nor the Shangguan Family was aware that the Emperor was the most cunning and cruelest hunter in the Capital City and he had included everyone in his plan.

“Miss, are you all right?” There suddenly came a familiar voice from behind.

Lin Mengya immediately turned around, only to see Baiji, whose eyes were red.

Baiji ran up to her in a hurry and looked her up and down, for fear that she might have gotten hurt. After making sure that she was fine, Baiji breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s all my fault. If I’d been more alert, you wouldn’t have been in such danger. By the way, those, who took me away, didn’t hurt me and now let us go for no reason. Miss, who do you think they work for?” Baiji asked.

Lin Mengya looked up and found that the force, that had encircled the courtyard, had all gone at this time.

If she guessed correctly, the two sedan carriers had also been released safe and sound.

The Emperor always carried out his plans perfectly. It was no wonder that he was able to hide his actual strength from the Shangguan Family over the years.

She suddenly felt that it seemed extremely stupid of her to take a risk to cure the Emperor back then.

“Nothing. It’s probably someone’s prank. Let’s go home. They must be very anxious at home,” Lin Mengya said while hiding her real emotions in the depth of her heart so that no one could tell what she was thinking.

For example, today her sudden contradiction seemed to be the most dangerous and reckless act, but in fact, she did that after pondering.

If the Emperor was an old fox, she was a young hunter who dared to trick an old fox.

Lin Mengya showed a meaningful smile.

Did the Emperor think this was the end? She would show him slowly that this was just the beginning!

As Lin Mengya expected, the guards, who secretly protected her, had returned to Marquis Zhennan’s Mansion.

The news of her mysterious disappearance spread throughout the entire Lin Family as they returned.

Therefore, from the moment she entered the mansion, she had to endure her family members’ gazes.

Baizhi, this mischievous girl, even mysteriously asked her a few questions about their childhood secrets between the two of them.

They did not feel relieved until they confirmed that this smiling woman, who appeared to be in a good mood, was really their master, who had disappeared mysteriously for two hours.

“Cool down. They don’t dare to kill me now. Don’t worry, no one can cut off my head,” Lin Mengya pointed at her very important head and said.

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