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Chapter 1595: 1595

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Chapter 1595 Who Gave You the Courage to Do Good?

It was a pleasant day.

Luke’s “straight man” heart almost burst when he coldly turned down a bunch of Japanese women.

Yes, it was this feeling! In a world which emphasized looks, a man even more beautiful than most women appeared. The dramatic effect was quite interesting.

He didn’t play around with them, however, and directly turned them down.

Looking at the crestfallen expressions on their faces, it was as if they were acting out some love scene.

This situation continued into the night. Luke sat on a bench in a small park and ate the food that he had packed.

Ever since Space 2’s dramatic expansion, Luke had chosen to store a lot of hot food in this space.

Space 2 had a thermal box and a microwave to heat up food. As for cold food, he put it in Space 1. The various foods that he had put inside it as an experiment at the very beginning had yet to go bad. This was truly a godly storage item.

After finishing his crispy seafood tempura, he put the takeout box back into the bag which he was using as cover, and took out some eel on rice.

Just as he picked up a piece smothered in thick red sauce, a hand appeared in front of him.

Several 10,000-yen notes were clutched in the hand, and Fukuzawa Yukichi stared at Luke from the surface of one note with dead fish eyes.

Luke raised his head calmly and looked at the young woman in a thick coat and white dress in front of him. “Can I help you?”

The girl in the white dress avoided his gaze. “Th, that, I just want to help you…”

Luke frowned. “Hm?”

The girl in the white dress immediately understood his meaning, and bowed. “I’m sorry. I just… I just saw that you were sitting here at night, and I thought that you might not have a place to stay.”

Luke lowered his head and looked at his clothes. He didn’t know what the girl was thinking

This cape – no, this coat was custom-made and cost 500,000 dollars.

What made this person think he was poor? Who gave her the courage to do good?

But looking at the dead fish eyes on the money, he realized that it was Fukuzawa Yukichi who had given this young miss the courage.

That was right, this was definitely a young miss.

After a simple scan, Luke noticed a Burberry handbag and shawl, Tiffany earrings and a Gucci watch.

The unbranded dress and shoes seemed to have been custom-made by “exclusive dressmakers,” while the branded items that she was wearing were all luxury goods. Also, she could afford to help some “tramp” on the roadside by giving them tens of thousands of yen. If she wasn’t a young miss, what was she?

10,000 yen was like 100 bucks in America.

If they were in America, Luke would’ve immediately thought that this young miss was looking to buy weed from him.

Luke would occasionally give someone that much money, but usually it was for unique talents like Bell.

It would already be generous to give a tramp five or ten bucks.

Thinking quickly, he nodded. “Thank you, but I don’t need any help.”

The girl in the white dress said softly, “But


Ignoring her, Luke put the eel into his mouth unhurriedly. He narrowed his eyes and savored it, and basically acknowledged the cook’s skills.

The meat wasn’t expensive, but the quality wasn’t bad.

The sauce was sweet and wasn’t his favorite, but with two gluttons like Selina and Gold Nugget around, he was still fine with this sort of sweet taste.

The most important thing was that the roadside stall didn’t skimp on the eel and cooking, and it wasn’t expensive. It could be said that the stall owner had done his best for the price.

Cash in hand, the girl was at a loss. Shouldn’t he say something to her?

Swallowing the eel in his mouth, Luke raised his head again and pointed at the cash with his chopsticks. “Take it back. Save your good intentions for other people.”

With that, he focused on the eel rice in front of him again.

After coming to Japan, he had to learn how to cook some dishes.

Since his previous life, Luke’s biggest impression of gourmet food was that there were always some surprises in many small shops, some of which didn’t even have a name.

Most well-known restaurants had to pay more attention to quality control. They had to do their best to ensure that the food and standards were within a reasonable range.

There was hence a limit to what they could achieve in terms of taste.

There were many first-rate restaurants in America, but Luke wasn’t interested in them.

The main thing was that the Japanese took full advantage of how spendthrift Americans could be, like the sushi masters who were typically like “eat whatever I make. Don’t like it, get lost.”

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That was why he never went to Japanese restaurants.

Small shops were different.

If the cook was in a good mood today, the customers would eat happily.

If the cook’s wife beat him up tomorrow, the customers might die from how salty the dishes were.

Most of the stall owners here were quite friendly. At the very least, they served whatever Luke ordered. The woman in the white dress watched him eat unhurriedly for a moment before she finally came back to her senses. She now knew that she had gotten it wrong.

The way Luke ate suggested that he was quite rich.

Ordinary Americans wouldn’t be as calm as he was, much less hold their chopsticks in such an “authentic” manner.

At that moment, she looked at his attire. Although she couldn’t see any brand tag, the workmanship and materials were top-notch. It was probably custom-made.

Would someone like that be reduced to hiding in a park to eat? And it was drizzling today to boot.

However, he was carrying an old shapeless bag that showed signs of having been patched up before.

So, when she saw him eating alone, she subconsciously thought that he was someone who had fallen on hard times.

Luke didn’t know that.

The bag for carrying the food was from the stall owner. Seeing that Luke was buying so much food, he gave him the bag as an “extra.”

The bag was a little old, but it was clean. Also, Luke had often used this sort of eco-friendly bag in his previous life, so he wasn’t unused to it.

For a moment, as Luke savored the stall owner’s cooking, the girl in the white dress watched him eat, and the air suddenly quieted down.

He didn’t seem to be moving very fast, but he finished the eel rice in less than two minutes. Then, he picked out a serving of oden from the


He took out a skewer and had two mouthfuls. He felt that the taste was so-so, and was about to switch to something else.

Suddenly, he looked at the girl in the white dress in front of him. “Do you want it?”

The girl was at a loss.

She had been swallowing her saliva just now, not because she was hungry, but purely because of how he looked as he enjoyed the food.

Luke nodded and gave her the oden. “You’re a good person. This is for you.”

There were small skewers in the oden, and he took those out to eat. That way, the other party wouldn’t be eating his saliva.

Whether or not this was proper in Japan, he couldn’t care less.

The main thing was that he didn’t like the oden. Since this “kindhearted young miss” was swallowing her saliva, he might as well give it to her.

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