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Chapter 1182: 1182

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Chapter 1182: Educating Wade and Alerting the Enemy

After taking deep breaths for a while, Weasel finally came back to himself and slapped his forehead. “It’s over. So many people saw him when he came in just now.”

It wouldn’t necessarily be a problem if not for that message last time about Smiley Face being in Swamp Park.

But now that Smiley Face had shown up in his bar today… It couldn’t be any sh*ttier.

Putting aside Weasel, who was wailing in the bar, Luke put the beer bottle in his inventory after he left.

When he ate outside, he never left any leads behind that could be traced, like DNA.

Walking down the street alone, he pondered on Wade.

Wade was still alive and kicking even after turning into an avocado, so Luke wasn’t in a hurry.

As for his disfigurement? With the Thousand Faces System, this was nothing more than a trifle.

But the Thousand Faces System was still incomplete. He had yet to perfect changing body type, which was much more troublesome than changing the face.

If he wanted to increase a person’s height by 10 centimeters, where was the extra matter supposed to come from? He would definitely have to rely on nanomaterials.

Rely on the human body itself? That would be creating matter out of thin air. Unless it was something like Stacy’s Elementary Replication, it was practically impossible.

And achieving it purely with technology was several times more difficult than facial plastic surgery.

In his previous life, plastic surgery became a major “magic” skill and was popular worldwide.

On the other hand, he had only heard of one type of surgery for changing height, which was to break a patient’s legs several times over and let them heal, after which the patient would be one or two centimeters taller.

That was right, this sort of surgery relied on the new bone which grew after a fracture; a person would already be lucky if they could grow by one millimeter each time.

Few people could withstand multiple fractures, and even fewer would be rich enough or able to endure the pain.

After all, the torso wasn’t the face, which basically didn’t require any strength. Even if the expression was a little stiff, it could still be used.

The body, on the other hand, needed the strength to support movement.

Thus, the body part of the Thousand Faces System was very difficult.

But did Wade need to change his physique? He clearly didn’t. What he needed was just a layer of skin to hide his Shar Pei-like skin.

So, Luke just needed to create a Thousand Faces set to completely cover Wade’s body and install it with Wade’s original appearance, and most of his concerns would disappear.

But while this guy looked like a scumbag on the surface, he actually had pride.

Just now, he hadn’t thought of asking Luke for help at all, and had gone off to look for that Francis for help.

Naturally, Luke wasn’t in a hurry to give him a present.

In any case, this avocado was pretty disgusting; let him suffer a little and feel despair. Only then would he treasure the Thousand Faces System more.

But that would be it.

Luke felt that Wade wouldn’t listen to anything but money.

Luke had money, but so did other people.

On top of the money, Luke also wanted Wade to label him as someone he couldn’t afford to offend.

Even if someone offered a higher price than Luke in the future, Wade had to stand on his side.

Money was indispensable.

Someone as tough and crabby as Wade had to be appeased.

Money was the way to do it.

The amount was negotiable, but it had to be paid no matter what; that was this guy’s bottom line.

Luke didn’t think that many people would be willing to spend as much money as him to hire Wade; he had long stopped bothering to count the hundreds of millions of dollars in his inventory.

Coupled with the lure of the Thousand Faces System, he didn’t believe that this guy would dare turn on him.

Thinking that, Luke went home with peace of mind.

As for what Wade said about killing Francis’s crew and forcing the man to come out, Luke didn’t care.

If Wade didn’t cause a ruckus, how was he going to find Francis? Wade had said that the guy used a fake name, and his whereabouts were peculiar.

At the very least, Luke hadn’t heard anything related to this person.

After all, this guy was smart enough to look for terminally ill patients under the guise of medical research.

There were thousands of similar cases in New York every day.

All over the world, terminally ill patients came to America to seek medical treatment. New York was naturally one of their destinations.

When there was nothing truly out of the ordinary, the multifaceted system couldn’t differentiate between Francis’s people and ordinary medical swindlers.

Looking at it this way, Francis’s hidden methods were indeed very effective.

But Wade’s plan was just as effective.

In any case, Luke didn’t have to do anything – let them fight it out first.

When he got home, Selina was also back. She stopped Luke, who had just taken a shower. “Hey, I ran into a particular lady friend of yours; she’s hanging around with Matt.”

Luke didn’t think much of it. He poured himself a cup of coffee and asked casually, “Who is it?”

He had a lot of lady friends, including Karen Page. There was no reason to be jealous of Matt.

“Jessica Jones, that lady P.I. who likes to trash homes,” Selina said.

Luke paused and looked at her strangely. “Why were they together?”

Matt and Jessica weren’t ordinary people. It probably wasn’t a good thing for them to get together.

Selina was satisfied when she saw the curiosity on his face. “You’ll see.”

As she spoke, she had Little Snail play a video recorded by the Bastet Armor.

Looking at the people who were fighting in the video for a moment, Luke’s eyes flickered. “So, it’s people from Midland Circle Financial. Did Matt find the Hand?”

Selina shook her head. “No, Matt didn’t arrive until later. The person who picked the fight is this… Danny Rand. He’s a member of the Rand family, who went missing during a trip in Asia with his parents when he was nine. He’s just returned to New York, and is trying to get back half of his shares in Rand-Meachum Enterprises.”

“Heh, by using his fists? What a hardhead.” Luke chuckled and didn’t look away from the video. “Midland Circle Financial is the investor behind that real estate company, and we already have an eye on it. Now that Matt’s involved, the Hand might throw away this shell company again. How troublesome!”

Selina thought for a moment and nodded. “That’s true. Batman and Matt showed up together at the hospital. The Hand must think they’re together.”

Luke suddenly thought of something. “You didn’t help out, did you?”

Selina shook her head. “You said you were setting a long lure to catch a big fish. I just happened to see Matt and Jessica together…”

As she spoke, she observed Luke’s expression.

Luke’s expression didn’t change as he nodded. “It’s fine. In any case, they’ve already alerted the enemy. If the Hand really escapes this time, we’ll just continue digging. We’ll dig them out sooner or later.”

Selina asked, “You’re not going to do anything about Jessica?”

Luke looked at her strangely. “She likes to beat people up. What can I do?”

Selina was lost for words.

What she didn’t know was that Luke had actually already done something.

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