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Chapter 637: Chapter 637 - He’s a Hero

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Chapter 637 He’s a Hero

Man proposed, but God disposed! Luke sighed inwardly.

Currently, whoever wanted to rescue Alex would have to break into the county prison. Any gangs who got this idea into their heads would have to be insane and extremely paranoid.

Without precise intelligence, it would be hard for him to get rid of them in a quick operation.

If he was slow in wiping them out, some of the more suspicious criminals might flee.

And that would be a drop in his net profit! A little depressed, Luke and Selina went to work as usual the next day.

They got to the police department earlier than the day before, but when they entered the Major Crimes Division at eight, they were still the last to arrive.

Dustin gave another briefing.

He first praised everybody for their hard work the previous day. He then revised their assignments for today.

The results of the detectives going out yesterday to pass the word around at the grassroot level were pretty good. Today, it was time to refocus on public order and help the patrol officers nab the restless fellows.

Dustin assigned everybody to different areas, but told Luke and Selina in passing to go to wherever they were needed in order to stamp out unrest.

Gunfights didn’t break out very often when detectives worked cases. It wasn’t uncommon for detectives to not have to shoot at a suspect for many years.

But the situation wouldn’t be very stable in the days to come.

Dustin reminded everybody to be prepared, and to not forget to wear bulletproof vests while on assignment in troubled environments.

The briefing once again wrapped up in less than ten minutes, and dozens of detectives of the Major Crimes Division poured out.

It was another busy and noisy day. Luke once again earned a lot of experience and credit points.

They dealt with plenty of trivial and minor cases such as looting, theft, brawls and vandalism for the entire day.

Luke’s earnings of more than 1,500 experience and credit points amply demonstrated how the “simple and honest” folk of Los Angeles relied on their diligence to sustain themselves.

That night, Luke went out again.

He was going to wipe out a gang tonight, and in passing, obtain all the information that the boss had on those desperadoes from out of town.

Driving a secondhand black Toyota, he avoided surveillance cameras as he drove through the alleys. In the end, as the Toyota was passing through an alley downtown, something happened.

The ground started to shake, and the apartment buildings on both sides of the alley trembled. There was the sound of all sorts of junk falling and breaking, along with the sound of breaking glass.

The lights in the apartment buildings came on one after another. Children wailed and adults screamed.

It was as if the entire city had suddenly come to life.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t just a figure of speech, and came with dire consequences.

Up ahead, a tall, partly-lit building wobbled like it was dancing.

Thoughts flashed through his mind, and a plan that Luke had been pondering for a long time popped into his head. Was now the best time for it?

Quickly making up his mind, he put on a set of equipment from his inventory. He also sent a message to Selina to confirm that she was safe



Selina instantly replied that both she and Claire were fine.

Luke simply told her to tell Claire and Dollar to stay at home, while Selina could do as she liked.

They would definitely get a call from the police department soon to go out and maintain order. Selina could help buy him some time to get more experience and credit points.

If he showed up with his real identity and couldn’t use his full strength, his rescue efficiency would drop more than ten-fold.

Luke put on all his equipment in less than a minute. Ensuring that he hadn’t left anything in his car, he got out, flung out his grappling hook, and went up to the rooftop of the apartment building.

The rooftop of the six-story building shook even more intensely, but Luke was steady as he stood on the edge. He looked around, then quickly jumped off.

Two cars had collided on the street.

Because of the earthquake, the female driver in one car had swerved into the opposite lane and hit another car.

Both drivers were protected by airbags and safety belts, but the female driver’s car was leaking oil. Luke quickly jumped off. The cape he was wearing turned rigid before he landed, allowing him to glide the last few meters down.

The cape then turned soft again as he landed right next to the cars.

The window of the front door was broken. He grabbed the door and tore it off, before he got the dizzy female driver out.

Holding her with his left hand, he opened the back door open with his right hand and grabbed hold of a girl who was about seven.

He took the mother and daughter to the other car, one in each hand. The man in the driver’s seat was crying out, “Help me! My leg’s stuck!”

The unlucky man’s left leg was pinned under his crushed car.

After examining the situation for a moment, Luke tore off the door. Pushing up and stepping down on the door frame at the same time, he created a big enough gap to drag the man out of the car. While the man yelled in pain, he looked at Luke gratefully. He had smelled oil; who knew if his car was leaking

Luke didn’t forget to pick up a phone from the footwell on the driver’s side, and gave it to the man.

Then, with the man in one hand and the mother and the daughter in the other, he took them inside an apartment building on the side of the road.

The earthquake had already stopped at that moment.

Despite the minor cracks in the apartment building, it was generally intact and much safer than staying outside. Paying no attention to the astonished expression of the old lady who was the building manager, Luke turned around and left.

Lives were at stake in the emergency, and saving them meant experience and credit. He had no time to talk at all.

After Luke left, the old manager finally asked carefully, “Did… he rob all of you? Do you want me to call the police?”

Both the man and the woman didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The man was more tenacious despite his broken leg, and said, “No, he saved us. He’s a hero.”

The old manager was surprised. “Then why is he dressed like that? He’s like a…” She couldn’t find a suitable word to describe him.

The girl, however, suddenly said, “He’s a superhero! He definitely is! That’s why he’s dressed like that!”

The old lady didn’t argue, but couldn’t help mumbling to herself, No matter how you look at it, he looks like a supervillain, dressed all in black like that!

Luke had no idea that the old manager was roasting him. He was busy running toward his next batch of experience and credit points.

After running dozens of meters, he flung out his grappling hook and climbed up to the third floor, then climbed into a window.

Inside, a woman who was bustling about shrieked in fear, and the two kids behind her did the same.

Luke simply ignored her and quickly scanned the kitchen before he turned off the gas valve in one corner.

“I’ve closed the valve. Open the window for ventilation, then call the police.” A deep and mechanical voice rang out, before Luke jumped out of the window.

“Ah!” The mother and children shrieked again.

This was the third floor, and there was no fire escape outside.

They ran to the window, only to see that Luke hadn’t smashed into the street down below, but was running off dozens of meters away.

The bigger of the two kids, who was a boy, asked curiously, “Mom, who was that man just now? Is he dad?”

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