Super Gene - Chapter 1096

Published at 28th of December 2018 01:40:03 AM

Chapter 1096: 1096

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"Piece of cake!" Wang Lin turned to look at the Frost Sutra again.

But as Wang Lin read, his face began to soften and change. There was indeed a mention of frost, but there was no inherent focus on the element.

"No way!" Squinting his eyes to observe with greater focus, he noticed that the words were phrased in a way that did not support frost as a primary element.

He would have been able to mention the inclusion of frost air in the text, but with so many professionals watching, they'd have been able to tell he was just trying to cover up his own mistake.

Everyone was now aghast at this revelation, and they peered at the sutra in a new light. They noticed the Frost Sutra never explicitly mentioned it was a frost technique.

They always believed it was based on frost due to the Xue family being who they were, and their experience in casting frosty and icy elemental powers. Frost was even included in the sutra's title.

"There's no need to continue. There is no mention of frost being a core component of the sutra, and yet, the beginning of Jadeskin explicitly refers to a combination of yin and frost. It's an easy mistake to make," Han Sen said with a grin.

The Xue family looked at Wang Lin in shock.

Xue Feiyan then asked Han Sen, "So, what is the problem exactly?"

Han Sen told her. "The Frost Sutra is a yin and soft Qi Gong. The actual presence of frost has nothing to do with an expertise with the sutra. The Xue family possesses frosty powers and three yin pulses. Your frosty talents made the Frost Sutra produce a frost energy. This is what led to a misunderstanding in the first place, and this is what has affected your bodies negatively."

"The geno fluid increases your yin and frost element. That, combined with your cold place of habitat... Well, problems would have always been difficult to avoid, given the circumstances," Han Sen explained.

The professionals glanced over the Frost Sutra and Jadeskin again, and they too were now able to acknowledge the error.

"Mister Han, how do we fix this issue?" Xue Yufeng saw Wang Lin robbed of his ability to speak, so he asked Han Sen.

Han Sen said, "You have to remove the frost element. If you practice it profoundly, you must ingest something warm to nurse your body. You should also improve Iceheart. And ideally, it would be best if you didn't live somewhere this cold."

Han Sen provided the Xue family a solution to their woes, but he did not care if they actually listened and adhered to what they were told.

Everyone was now inching closer towards Han Sen in admiration of his intelligence. Wang Lin had already snuck away from the hall in shame, but no one noticed.

The Xue family treated Han Sen like an honored guest now, too. They asked him to help personally modify Jadeskin and the geno fluid again. They also wanted him to help them improve Iceheart.

The three other families were happy, too. If this worked, then it meant everyone could practice the Frost Sutra.

Han Sen did not think it would benefit them, though. Without the three yin pulses the Xue family had, it would be extremely slow for them to learn.

It would most likely take members of the other families twenty years to reach a mere beginner s