Supporting Role's Aura - Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

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Arc 1.15 : They Won’t Bite People

The members of the Cultural Regiment come to the Combat Legion to performs were not specially needed the soldiers to line up and welcome them. After all, they were just ordinary soldiers, and they were not the leaders. But every time, as long as there were Literary Art soldiers come to performs, they can received and enjoy the spontaneous leadership treatment by the soldiers, the truth was, they just want to stand in circle and watch.

In places like military camps, it was for public to catch a mouse1抓只老鼠都是公的 (zhua zhi lao shu dou shi gong de); actually I’m lost here orz…. Google literally translated All mice catching are male. I’m not sure if this is Chinese idioms? If it is… Anyone know what it means? Anyway,  the 公(gong)  here have a lots of meaning : public, collectively owned, common, international (e.g. high seas, metric system, calendar), make public, fair, just, Duke, highest of five orders of nobility 五等爵位[wu3 deng3 jue2 wei4], honorable (gentlemen), father-in-law, male (animal). So,  if anyone have suggestions on how to correctly phrase in English, please let me know… Orz. For them, it was really rare to see women and ger. Even the number of Medical soldiers, female soldiers and ger in the Medical team was very little. The average face value of ger was very high, there was a seductive charm that was inexplicable, and there were even fewer opportunities to see.

It was rumored that some soldiers have not left the military camp for two or three years, and there were no female military doctors or female nurses in the Medical team. They felt that they were about to forget what a woman looked like. They will deliberately make an excuse to take leave and go to the area in Military Hospital just to see the female nurse. Although such rumors have exaggerated elements, it also proves that as long as the Literary Art soldiers come to perform, they will be collectively watched, and the Literary Art soldiers were indeed beautiful, even if they leave the camp and go outside, it will be difficult to encounter such a good-looking woman and ger. And the male Literary Art soldiers have always been ignored and overlooked.

After Ye You got out of the car, the onlookers were like wolves seeing the sheeps. Their eyes flashed green. Although they knew that they had no hope, but this did not affect their excitement and happiness in watching. The officers will appear to greet the Literary Art soldiers together, just to control this situation at the scene,  so that these Literary Art soldiers was unlikely to be frightened and directly go back.

“Why do I feel.. that we seem to have fallen into a pack of wolves. I was a little scared now.” Ji Wen said to Ye You very quietly.

“Don’t worry, they won’t rush over to bite people, we won’t lose a piece of meat, just let them look, we will definitely face such scenes again in the future, just get used to it and we will be fine.” While Ye You answered Ji Wen quietly, he saw Du Yao was looking at him, he immediately looked away.

“Welcome to our Special Fighting Lions Team. I am Zhang Quan, the instructor of the group. For the next half month we will trouble you.” Zhang Quan stepped forward and asked, “Which one of you is the team leader?”

Ye You stepped forward to Zhang Quan’s “Report, I am leader of team one, Ye you.”

Ye Chen also stepped forward, “Report, I am the leader of team two, Ye Chen.”

“Okay, then you two come with me. Let’s discuss the next schedule together.” Zhang Quan said after introduction. “This is the Captain of the Medical team, this is the Vice Captain of the Medical team, and others please follow the Vice Captain, he will take you to the place where you live.”

“If three Captain of the Squadron have nothing else, you can come over and participate in the discussion together, like that you can also know the approximate time schedule in advance.” Zhan Quan finished talking with the the three captain, then he turned back to Ye You and Ye Chen, said, “Let’s go, I’ll take you to a small meeting room to discuss.”

Ye You and Ye Chen walked behind the instructor, Ye You pretended to turn around inadvertently, and glanced at Du Yao who walked behind him.

Ye Chen also glanced back, he was looking at Du Hao, but Du Hao did not keep up, because Zhang Quan only said that only the Squadron Leader would participate in the discussion together, Du Hao was only the Squad Captain, and the two quickly exchanged a glance, tonight they will find a chance to meet in a short time.

Du Yao looked at Ye You’s back, and he was very pleased. He could felt that Ye You already had a flustered feeling towards him. He would make a good use of this opportunity to get along and deepened the relationship between him and Ye You.

The Captain of the Medical team also participated in this timetable discussion meeting, because Literally Art soldiers came to the Combat Legion, in addition to performing tasks, they also had to learn some medical knowledge with the Medical team. It was a tradition that has been around for a long time. In fact, the country’s first Literary Art soldiers were the Medical soldiers who played some musical instruments or other talents. They performed for the soldiers during their breaks to relieved the soldiers’ depressed moods or sad feeling.

After having a formal Cultural Regiment, each group member must enter the Medical team to learn, because once the war starts, the Literary Art soldiers must not appeared to be ‘useless except for performances’ situation, nor can they become an obstruction in the war, but they must be in the Medical team to helps. After peace and stability in most parts of the country, high-level military personnel required that all members of the Cultural Regiment must pass the study and assessment in the Medical team before they can perform with the army, and the number of performances with the army will have a great impact on their promotion. That was to say, if there was not enough performance experience with the army, there was no way to advance to a higher rank and position.

After arranging the time for Literally Art soldiers to study in the Medical team, they began to discuss the arrangement plan of the performance. If the Combat Legion was likely to have a temporary task, or will conduct surprise exercises and training, the performance time must be flexible.

After arranging the performance time, Zhang Quan confirmed with Ye You and Ye Chen that the two groups would go to each Squadron for a few times, and then perform in a group.

Lu Zhiyuan, the Captain of the Fierce Lions Squadron, suddenly interrupted Zhang Quan’s words and said, “Instructor Zhang, I have some opinions on this arrangement.”

Zhang Quan froze for a moment and said: “Lu Squadron, at present, such a performance allocation is the most reasonable arrangement, and even if the time changes later, resulting in the number of performances seen by each squadron being different, there is no other solution.”

“I didn’t mean that.” Lu Zhiyuan said seriously. “My opinions is towards the performers. I think those who have worrying moral conduct are not qualified to perform for the soldiers. Since the soldiers are allowed to relax occasionally, so the soldiers are allowed to watch the show, then the mood of the soldiers watching the show is very important.”

Ye You knew when he heard that, he was targeting himself, and the reason he targeted himself must be Du Hao who told him to do so.

The faction disputes in the military have always existed. Without affecting the overall situation of the country, it was not a secret for high-level officials to fight openly for rights and interests. It was normal for high-level officials to trained their own factions. Lu Zhiyuan was a person under Du Hao’s grandfather. So although Du Hao was only a Squad Leader, Lu Zhiyuan actually has to listen to his instructions, because Du Hao has his grandfather this big tree, and it was a matter of time before he climb higher than him.

After the reorganization of the Thirty-first Army, some soldiers left and some soldiers joined. Du Yao’s War Lion Squadron was almost all his original soldiers, while the Fierce Lion Squadron and Thunder Lion Squadron were mixed with soldiers transferred from other groups.

The situation between the upper levels was unpredictable, and ordinary soldiers only need to obey orders and follow the dispatch. However, like Du Yao, Lu Zhiyuan, and Du Hao, the officers who connect the soldiers from top to bottom also have competition between them.

“How about this, canceled all the performances scheduled for me to go to the Fierce Lion Squadron and changed them to the performance of Team Leader Ye Chen. As for my group performance, the soldiers can come if they want to come, and they no need to come if they don’t want to. Are you satisfied with this arrangement, Lu Squadron?” Ye You knows the reason why Du Hao ask Lu Zhiyuan to do this. In addition to the reason that Du Hao wanted to embarrassed him for Ye Chen, he also wanted to fight for Ye Chen to have several more performance opportunities, so that Ye Chen’s score among the soldiers will be higher than him, and the chance of promotion will be greater. Anyway, he did not want to see Du Hao, such an arrangement would be better for him.

“I object.” Du Yao said suddenly.

“You …” Ye You almost blurted out ‘what any objections you have’, but suddenly thought that the two of them were not familiar enough to speak in such a way, and Du Yao was a Lieutenant Colonel, and he was the highest rank among those present, so Ye You immediately changed his mind and asked in a very polite tone: “Does Du Squadron have any comments?”

“My opinion is that since Lu Squadron does not want Team Leader Ye You to perform for the soldiers of the Fierce Lion Squadron, then let the two team leaders perform a good exchange of performances. All the performance arrangements of Team Leader Ye You changed to the performance of our War Lion Squadron, and the performance of Team Leader Ye Chen in the War Lion Squadron changed to the performance of the Fierce Lion Squadron. Isn’t that much simpler?” Du Yao looked at Ye You, eyes slightly smiling, but the tone of speech was serious.

Ye Chen gave Du Yao a surprise look. He did not expect Du Yao to make such a request. If Du Yao knew Ye You, he would definitely think that Du Yao was interested in Ye You, but as far as he knew the two should not know each other. He thought he knew everything about Ye You. It was impossible for Ye You to know Du Yao but he didn’t know, so he wondered why Du Yao had such a proposal.

Ye Chen was originally subconsciously looking at Du Yao because of doubts, but as he was looking, he was suddenly involuntarily sighed in his heart, this man’s appearance is too handsome, ba? He originally thought that whether in his original world or in this world, Du Hao was the most handsome man he has ever seen. But after seeing Du Yao’s appearance at close range today, he had to admit that although Du Hao and Du Yao were somewhat similar, Du Yao was much more handsome. When one look at Du Yao’s face, there was a feeling of making people’s heart beat faster.

“Are there any other opinions of Lu Squadron and Gu Squadron? If not, they will be arranged directly according to Du Squadron’s proposal.” Zhang Quan asked when looked at Lu Zhiyuan.

“… I have no other opinions.” Lu Zhiyuan wondered why Du Yao had such a proposal, but it was him who the first one to proposed this request, he could not say anything, and although he was also the Squadron leader, Du Yao had a higher rank than him. The War Lion Squadron was also more important than the other two. The other two squadrons can only cooperated, learned, and follow arrangements while the War Lions squadrons were performing tasks. The gap was still quite large. However, Lu Zhiyuan felt that he and Du Yao belonged to different factions, so at the critical moment, he would never be the one to object of Du Yao.

“I also have no opinion.” Gu Squadron replied.

“Then the general arrangement is determined in this way first.” Zhang Quan said.

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