Supreme Dragon Seal


Dragon, a creature formed by the condensed qi of heaven and earth.

Dragon Seal, a dragon-shaped imprint formed by the essence of the divine dragon.

Qi Bei obtained a dragon-shaped stone by chance, but the immense energy within it caused his body to disintegrate and his soul to cross into another world.

Unexpectedly, the body he possessed was not only extremely weak, but also in a desperate situation. In order to survive, he began to cultivate a mysterious technique called the “Divine Dragon Art” that had suddenly appeared in his mind.

The “Nine Transformations of the Divine Dragon” requires a woman with an extreme yin physique to harmonize the yang energy within his body for each transformation.

Otherwise, extreme yang fire will be produced within his body and his body and soul will be burned to ashes. Thus, poor Qi Bei began to search all over the world for women with yin physiques and spared no effort to pursue them.

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