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Chapter 126

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Yen Chen was sitting opposite Ji Hua, Alice and Sophia, he looked at they  with a smile and asked Ji Hua "That elf and your husband?"

Ji Hua and the other two could hear a slight distaste in his voice, Ji Hua shook his head and said, "only in name , after Ji Jiao was born, I never let him touch or get close to me."

Yen Chen nodded and asked, "But why did you marry him?"

He really couldn't understand, Ji Hua sighed and said, "My father and his father are old acquaintances a few hundred years ago, my father was saved by an elf and he made a promise that I would marry his son."

Yen Chen was stunned, he looked at them and asked "What is that elf's name again?"

The three were shocked, he didn't even know the name of the imperial consort, Alice replied: "It's Arthur, your father and a duke of the Elf Kingdom."

Yen Chen nodded, he was a bit curious about this elven realm "I have to pay a visit there later."

“Are you talking about the Elf Realm?”

Sophia asked, Yen Chen looked at her and nodded "Me and Emi have some business to take care of there hehehe."


The three were confused, Yen Chen nodded and said "Emilly".

The three were taken aback by how intimately he spoke her name, Ji Hua asked, "What is her relationship with her?"

Yen Chen smiled and replied, “She and my future wife hehe.”


The three were shocked to learn that Emily is very private, she doesn't like men to approach her, Alice asked him "Really?."

Yen Chen nodded his head and said, "And not just she, Rose and possibly Ayia too haha."

The three of them got dizzy, these two could be mischievous but they hated it when any man tried to woo them in most cases men lost a limb or even died.

“What about Sister Annchi?”

Sophia asked, Yen Chen thought for a while and replied, "I don't know, she's too hard to read."

The three agreed that it, really hard to see through from Annchi, Yen Chen looked at Alice and asked "Are you a disciple of one of the great sects?"

Alice nodded and said "Yes, I am a disciple of the Thousand Flowers Sect."

“Thousand Flowers Sect?”

Yen Chen was confused by that name, Ji Hua explained to him "It's a sect for women only."

Yen Chen nodded and said with a perverted smile, “I need to pay a visit hehehe.”

The three were stunned upon hearing his words, Yen Chen looked at Ji Hua and asked.

“And your father is still alive?”

"I don't know."

Ji Hua became sad  because she didn't know where he was right now.

Yen Chen made a confused expression and asked "How do you not know?."

“He disappeared three years ago, our Empire just wasn't attacked by the other powers because of Senior Hua.”

Yen Chen nodded, no one would want to face the wrath of someone like Hua Yuer, he looked at her and asked "Who betrayed you?"

The three clenched their fists, and Ji Hua replied, "Three of the four houses of dukes, a few low to mid-level nobles, and a few generals from the Empire."

Yen Chen nodded and asked, "Who are they?"

“Duke Badrock, Duke Davis and Duke Brow.”

Ji Hua replied and Yen Chen nodded and then asked, "Who was the duke that didn't betray you?"

“Duchess Catherine she and my childhood friend.”

Ji Hua replied and Yen Chen nodded, he then asked, "Then why didn't she help you?"

"She can't, she has her family to take care of and if she helped us her whole family would be killed."

Yen Chen nodded his head in understanding, he knew that people in this world are cruel and would kill even for a simple offence.

Well, he wasn't an exception either. Yen Chen would kill anyone who disrespected his wives. They continued talking for a while.


Nine Swords Sect.

The sect master was facing  a middle-aged man who had icy, sword-sharp eyes. He looked at the sect master and said, "You really are an useless."

The sect master clenched his fists and was silent and after a while said, "Ancestor, we need to eliminate those who killed them."

"Um, you and your always arrogant disgusting pride."

The ancestor spoke in an icy voice, the sect master only took the insults, even though he was an Early Stage Sovereign, he couldn't take even a hit from the man in front of him.


"You must resolve this and if you fail again, I will personally kill that useless son of yours."

The sect master shuddered and replied, "Yes, ancestor."

“Now get out of my sight.”

The sect master bowed and disappeared from the spot. The Ancestor sighed and returned to cultivating.

Quickly all the great powers of the Continent learned about the death of the five high level elders and one Grand Elder some applauded others were curious.

Meanwhile, those responsible for this mess were in the double cultivation space surrounding two small foxes.

"You are so beautiful."

Lili said looking at Aylin and Aurora, Aylin looked at Lili and said “We are not cute.”

"Haha ha."

Lili laughed with a mischievous expression and said nothing, Zoe sighed and asked "So you two are our husband's hired beasts?."


Luna and Anna got a little sad  that he made a contract with the two foxes and not them, Su Ling looked at the two of them and said through soul transmission “Don't worry, we'll talk to him when he gets back. 

The two's eyes sparkled, they looked at Su Ling and nodded, Su Ling had become a big big sister to both of them and the others.

She, as Yen Chen's first wife, has struggled to be able to help her sisters.

Su Rou grabbed Aylin and Aurora and said "Let's go to the room hehe we have a lot to talk about."

"Everything is fine."

Aylin and Aurora could only nod their heads, they could sense that everyone here is very strong, especially Su Rou and Su Ling.

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