Supreme Uprising - Chapter 134

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Chapter 134: The Name That Shook The Whole World

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As they were enveloped by Luo Yunyang's killing intent, Tosun and the others started shaking uncontrollably. Some of them even wet their pants.

"Don't kill me!" a tall, built fella that looked kind of cruel wailed. He had barely finished speaking, when Luo Yunyang's long spear ripped his throat open.

"Mr. Luo, I know where the Ravenous Wolf's treasury is. I was the one who helped store all his belongings." This was the first time Tosun felt like he was at the threshold of death. Afraid, he rushed over to Luo Yunyang and blurted out, "The reason the Ravenous Wolf was able to advance to a martial grandmaster has… has something to do with his treasures. If you let me go, I will tell you everything."

"Where is his treasury?" Luo Yunyang's expression changed. Although he was still extremely furious, he was now more cool-headed.

"You must promise to let me go!" Tosun cried out loudly.

A strange glint appeared in Luo Yunyang's eyes. This was the first time he was using his mind power to search through someone's mind.

However, even though it was the first time, Luo Yunyang still used his mind-searching technique frantically. He immediately rushed into Tosun's mind and seized all his memories.

The robust Tosun turned into a dazed imbecile. Meanwhile, a crazed, bloodthirsty look appeared in Luo Yunyang's eyes.

The remaining mercenaries were all slaughtered on the spot with a wave of his long spear. Luo Yunyang gazed at the spear, which was dripping with blood. To him, this spear seemed like a demon that had emerged from the depths of Hell.

Five minutes later, Luo Yunyang left the yacht. When he left this time, he was holding on to the long metal spear and carrying a small bag made of an unknown material.

Inside that bag were the Ravenous Wolf's lifetime savings.

These were a martial grandmaster's savings. Although he had become a martial grandmaster recently, his savings were still enough to make one go crazy.

Even though a lot of people were watching Luo Yunyang leave, no one dared budge. That day, the news that Luo Yunyang's flying spear had killed the Ravenous Wolf spread widely in the martial grandmaster circle.

Just like the match at the Battlefield of Gods, this battle made people feel a sense of lingering fear.

As the ocean waves undulated in the long dark night, a yacht floating on the sea turned into smoke and ash!

The next morning, Li'chen woke up from her deep slumber, only to find Luo Yunyang holding the ancient spear in his hand and standing quietly in the garden. When she gazed at his figure, which was standing as upright as the ancient spear, Luo Yunyang turned around.

He gave her a smile before he left.

Li'chen thought that Luo Yunyang looked really formidable and intimidating as he clutched the ancient spear in his hands. He seemed so...

This image of Luo Yunyang was deeply etched into Li'chen's heart. Luo Yunyang's silhouette had disappeared from her field of vision for quite some time before Li'chen finally broke out of this enthralled state.

"Why does it feel like my entire body is full of power?" As she moved her arms about, Li'chen felt her entire body relax completely.

Her face was radiant, and her entire existence seemed to have a sort of uncanny vigor.

"It's a pity that he only punched me once, but his punch was still really satisfying!" Li'chen muttered to herself with a resolute look in her eyes.

When Luo Yunyang left Li'chen's residence, he trudged back to Mei'ya City. The ancient spear he was holding in his hand made him seem like he had a peculiar aura. Almost everyone that came across him felt an immense fear.

"Please enter the city, Mr. Luo!" Over 100 soldiers of the Myrtle Cavalry Regiment, who were the guardians of Mei'ya City, gripped their weapons a little tighter as they watched Luo Yunyang walk to the city gate.

They didn't know what had happened, yet when they saw Luo Yunyang, their eyes shone with fear.

Suddenly, a senior officer walked over quickly. He eyed the long spear in Luo Yunyang's hand before he said respectfully, "We have hired a car to take you back to your hotel, Mr. Luo."

"There was no need. I will walk." Luo Yunyang, who was currently enjoying the scene before him, rejected this suggestion and strolled in the direction of the hotel.

"Sir, holding that spear and walking to the hotel in this manner isn't appropriate. How about we use force to..." a soldier suggested to the officer softly as he watched Luo Yunyang walk away proudly.

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The officer glanced at the soldier before he said faintly, "He can do as he pleases. We cannot afford to offend a martial grandmaster."

The Da Alliance had been around for 52 years, yet no incident had ever shaken the 37 cities as much as Luo Yunyang striking and killing the martial grandmaster Ravenous Wolf on the Bao'qin Shore.

Teacher Xie, Chu Yuan, Fat Xue and the others all stared at Luo Yunyang blankly as he entered. Although they all knew him very well, they suddenly felt as if Luo Yunyang was a stranger.

Fat Xue wanted to express his delight by rushing over to Luo Yunyang and giving him a hug, yet he stopped himself. The strength he sensed made him flinch involuntarily. He now felt afraid to get any closer hastily.

Although he hadn't seen that earth-shaking spear strike for himself, he had found out about it through the message Teacher Xie had sent via his communication device.

That night, Luo Yunyang's long spear had soared through the air and killed the Ravenous Wolf instantly.

Anyone who knew the Ravenous Wolf realized how difficult it would be to deal with that long spear and the person who had thrown it.

"You've worked really hard, Yunyang!" Teacher Xie took a deep breath before he added, "Now go rest up!"

Luo Yunyang nodded and walked over to his private room.

Wei Zhongxing had an envious expression in his eyes as he watched Luo Yunyang walk into his room slowly. He knew that, from that day on, Luo Yunyang's might would be acknowledged everywhere and the distance between them would widen once again.

"Teacher Xie, will the death of a martial grandmaster affect the 17 Western Cities?"

Teacher Xie gazed at Wei Zhongxing before he said resolutely, "That incident never happened."

Although Teacher Xie's words were not very direct, everyone understood what he meant.

Nothing had happened. The theft of the drug prescription and the death of the Ravenous Wolf would never appear in an official report of the Da Alliance.

The Da Alliance needed to maintain its stability. Although some incidents had taken place, they would make it seem as though nothing had happened.

The Ravenous Wolf had been a fairly new martial grandmaster, so he naturally wouldn't get any benefits. As for the man who had killed him, Luo Yunyang wouldn't be credited this accomplishment publicly.

Nevertheless, Fat Xue and the others knew that nobody would be able to erase this incident.

The Ravenous Wolf had lost his life to that spear!

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