Swallowed Star - Chapter 114

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Chapter 114

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"Do I, wear it?" Luo Feng nervously picked up one of the faint blue helmets and looked at Yang Hui with a confused look, "Mr. Yang, do I just wear it directly like this?"

"Copy me!" laughed Yang Hui and then lay down on the sofa, "You sit on the sofa too"

Luo Feng obediently lay on the sofa. The sofa was extremely comfortable and was just right for one person to lay on it.

Yang Hui said seriously: "When you put on the helmet later, your mind will enter the virtual space. So, don't panic. Here, put on the helmet!" under Yang Hui's watch, Luo Feng took in a deep breath and put the helmet on.

Virtual space? It was described in sci-fi novels, but this was his first time experiencing it.

"Eh?" the instant Luo Feng put on his helmet, he felt like his brain paused.

Yang Hui watched Luo Feng put on his helmet and then smiled as he put on his.


This was an infinite silver colored place.

Two shadows, one in front of the other, appeared on the ground. They were precisely Luo Feng and Yang Hui.

"How amazing, this is virtual space?" Luo Feng looked around. The sky of the virtual space was the starry universe with millions of shining stars, causing a dreamy light to reflect off of the entire silver ground.

"This silver ground? It's as smooth as a mirror" Luo Feng bent down with surprisement and knocked against the ground with his fingers. It let off a 'CLANG CLANG' sound like a type of metal.

"Luo Feng, this is the tower of trial's virtual space. The sky is filled with stars and the ground is completely silver. The material making up the ground is similar to an alloy!" Yang Hui smiled as he pointed into the distance, "And in this entire silver space, the only building you can see is that seven story tower of trials! Which is where you'll be taking your exam"

Indeed, after looking in each direction.

There was only one building! It was a huge tower-shaped building that was around 300 to 400 meters tall. The entire tower had engravings of various monsters on the surface of it, which spiralled around the entire tower. The naked eye could barely distinguish the seven floors of the tower.

"I take the B grade exam there?" with a thought of his heart, Luo Feng tried using his spiritual force.

How come there's no spiritual force?

He couldn't feel even the slightest bit of his spiritual force.

"Not good" Luo Feng jumped twice and threw some punches and kicks, "My body is kind of... off"

"Mr. Yang, how come my body feels different from before?" Luo Feng couldn't help but to ask.

Yang Hui laughed loudly and pointed towards the sky and then the ground: "Where is this? Virtual space! Only our minds have entered this area, which is why weapons and other things can't come here"

"Only our minds entered?" Luo Feng was stunned and thought to himself, "In other words, nothing other than our minds can enter here. My spiritual force didn't come here too..... this is a problem. Without my spiritual force, I only have a portion of my strength. I wonder if I can pass this B grade exam?"

Yang Hui continued to speak: "Luo Feng, no matter who it is, only their minds enter the virtual space! And the virtual space constructs a virtual body for us. All our body fitness levels are identical" said Yang Hui.

"Identical?" Luo Feng was astonished.

"Yeah, whether a wargod, an existence that surpasses the wargod, a regular fighter, or even a regular person, once their mind enters this area, they'll all have the same body fitness level. Fist strength of 10,000 KG, speed of 150 m/s, and reaction speed of beginner level warlord level superior"

Luo Feng froze.

Everyone has exactly the same body fitness level in this virtual space?

"Since everyone's body fitness level is the same in this virtual space, even the head, Hong, has this body too. This way, we can easily test a person's true fighting ability" Yang Hui looked at Luo Feng, "Now, come with me to the tower of trials!"

What can he do now?

Everyone's equal in this virtual space. No matter how powerful you are in the real world, everyone is the same here.

The tower of trials was absolutely gigantic.

Luo Feng and Yang Hui stood at the entrance like two ants.

"Look at that pillar" Yang Hui pointed towards a black pillar to the left of the main entrance of the tower of trials. An engraving started to appear on this black pillarһһ

Name: Luo Feng

Gender: Male

Identity: Elite training camp prospective student

Tower of Trials level: 1

Luo Feng turned his head to the black pillar on the right of the main entrance. An engraving started to appear on this pillar tooһһ

Name: Yang Hui

Gender: Male

Identity: Wargod tower of trials

Level: 3.2

Luo Feng was astonished, his level was 1 and wargod Yang Hui's was 32. What's the significance of this tower of trials level?

"Luo Feng, are you thinking about the tower of trials level?" smiled Yang Hui, "If anyone with this body enters the tower, you start going through the floors. After you pass the first floor, you enter the second floor. At that time, your level will be 2.0. When you enter the third floor, your level will be 3.0. During the third floor, your level could be 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, etc. Since you haven't entered the tower of trials yet, you're just at level 1, which means that you never did anything in the tower of trials yet"

Luo Feng froze.

And was stunned. Wargod Yang Hui was so old, so he must have plenty of battle experience. Who could've thought that he only entered the third floor!

"There are seven floors in total! As of now, nobody has entered the seventh floor!" Yang Hui smiled as he looked at Luo Feng.

"Not even one?" Luo Feng was stunned.

What about the world's strongest fighter Hong? And the second strongest fighter Thunder God?

"Yeah, not even one. The world's strongest fighter 'Hong' can enter the sixth floor, which is the world record" Yang Hui shook his head as he sighed, "This is the difference. Even though I'm using the same body as the head, I can only get to the third floor while the head can get to the sixth!"

Luo Feng raised his head and looked at this seven story tower of trials.

No fighter on earth can reach the seventh floor.

Suddenlyһһ "Luo Feng, please select your battle uniform and weapon. After selecting, enter the tower of trials and accept the B grade exam within a minute!"

The electronic sound echoed around the entire virtual space.

All types of battle uniforms and weapons appeared in front of Luo feng. He didn't have much time, so he immediately picked a battle uniform that fit his size, a ghost blade, and a hexagonal shield. Afterwards, the same battle uniform, ghost blade, and hexagonal shield dropped onto the floor. Luo Feng quickly put them on.

His sprinting speed could reach 150 m/s, and he was also super fast at equipping his gear.

Within 10 seconds, like a flash, he was finished equipping.

"Luo Feng, I'll pray for your success" smiled Yang Hui, "This B grade exam is the difficulty level of intermediate in the tower of trial's first floor. Even though it's only the first floor, a few dozen of the official members of the elite training camp are still stuck there!"

"Okay" Luo Feng took in a deep breath and directly walked towards the dark entrance! As if the space around him transformed, Luo Feng entered a boundless grassy plain.

"Luo Feng" an electronic voice rang around the plains, "The B grade exam is to kill a horde of 100 low level commander level raging bulls within 30 minutes! If you die, then you fail! If the kill count hasn't reached 100 within 30 minutes, you also fail! This is your first time entering the tower of trials, so you have 5 minutes to prepare"

Luo Feng's face changed dramatically.

"100 raging bulls? And all low level commander level?" Luo Feng was completely frightened.

Even though a regular monster horde is quite scary, most of the horde is made up of soldier level monsters; they contain very few commander level monsters.

Who would've known that you would have to face 100 raging bulls in the B grade exam, and all of them are low level commander level! Since they're all low level commander level... compared to his fitness level, any one of the raging bulls is around equal in speed and power. 100 monsters that are equal to Luo Feng and all charging at Luo Feng! And within 30 minutes, Luo Feng has to kill all 100 by himself?

"Messed up!"

"The first floor is so messed up. No wonder a few dozen out of the 182 members are still stuck here!" it wasn't hard for Luo Feng to imagine how messed up the second floor, third floor, fourth floor, etc. would be. It's quite incredible that 'Hong' reached the sixth floor using the exact same body he was using.

"My real life body isn't too different from this virtual body, so I can get used to it quickly" Luo Feng moved around, swiftly dodged, jumped, and swung his ghost blade around to get used to this body.

Five minutes quickly passed!

"B grade exam, begin!" the electronic voice rang around the plains like thunder. At the same time, tons of burly cow type monsters that were three meters tall appeared 100 meters away. These are the cow type monsters that are famous for forming hordesһһraging bulls! They had long hair, curved, sharp horns, and bloodshot eyes.


All 100 raging bulls had a faint red color on their horns, as if there was blood on them. If these sharp horns hit Luo Feng, even if they don't rip apart his battle uniform, all of his internal organs and bones will be crushed. Every single one of them is threatening!


Along with the mooing sounds that rang across the grassy plains, all 100 low level commander level raging bulls trampled the grass below with all their hooves and charged at Luo Feng while snorting out air! The entire grassy plain started shaking.

"Other than the time at family mart, I've never faced so many low level commander level monsters before" Luo Feng himself wasn't confident. No wonder this B grade exam was used to test the geniuses of geniuses of the world..... it's so difficult it's scary. If he had his spiritual force then he would be confident. But without his spiritual force?

"I can only go for it! A couple dozen people are still stuck on the first floor, which means over 100 people have passed it. I don't believe that I won't be able to pass this!" Luo Feng clenched his teeth. Since he's already in this situation, what else can he do?

Give it everything he has!

100 raging bulls that were larger than tanks were charging.

RUMBLE~~ the ground shook.

The low level commander level raging bulls charged past the 100 meter distance with their speed that was beyond 100 m/s. Within a blink of an eye, fell into the sea-like horde!

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