Swallowed Star - Chapter 115

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Chapter 115

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Luo Feng stayed completely still as the horde of raging bulls charged at him. With his hexagonal shield in one hand and his ghost blade in the other, he calmly remained in position.

"RUMBLE~" the air the raging bulls snorted out emanated around. The first raging bull in front of the horde finally reached Luo Feng..... Luo Feng, who has been through who knows how many battles against monster hordes, had tons of experience. A nice step to the side and a flash of his ghost blade! ��Nine Stage Thunder Blade�� stage three, explosion of 2.1x the original force! Blood bursted out from the neck of the first raging bull.

"One!" Luo Feng's eyes were ice cold and he was as calm as calm could be.

He stood directly in front of the monster horde and never messed up when the monsters tried to surround him!

"These raging bulls are quite large, larger than the average iron fur boar. They're like a tank! Since they're so huge, only two or three can attack me at the same time" Luo Feng was clear: he had to use the bodies of these raging bulls to block the other ones. He had to rotate around in the spaces available!

Time passed second by second.

Luo Feng's intermediate level* technique was definitely almost perfect. He was able to accurately dodge around in the middle of the horde of raging bulls. Thankfully, Luo Feng has tons of experience with fighting in the middle of monster hordes. If he didn't have any experience, it'll be quite troublesome to deal with 100 low level commander level raging bulls.

Other than that, Luo Feng's ��Nine Stage Thunder Blade�� has reached the third stage, giving him the ability to kill a raging bull in one attack!

31, 32, 33 - the kill count kept rising. The raging bulls jumped, leaped, and charged straight. Like a leaf, Luo Feng barely dodged all the attacks.

"Not good!"

One of the sharp horns grazed his face. At the same time, a raging bull corpse behind Luo Feng was also violently smashed into by the charging raging bull. Instantly, Luo Feng's area of retreat was blocked off and, because of this mistake, the raging bulls from in front, behind, and above instantly surrounded Luo Feng! He's in a nearly hopeless situation!


In an instant, Luo Feng, like a raging bull, charged with the hexagonal shield on his left arm and smashed into a raging bull that was coming from the left.


The force of impact numbed Luo Feng's left arm and his body couldn't help but to step back a few times as he spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. As he stepped back, Luo Feng's steps were distanced oddly and, with a sudden burst of acceleration, the cold light from his blade flashed.


Like lightning, the blade drew across the hooves of one of the raging bulls charging from the air! After slashing the hoof off, it started to fall to the ground. At the same time, Luo Feng charged forward like lightning and instantly smashed the back of the ghost blade against the falling hoof. Like a cannon, the hoof flew into one of the raging bulls charging from behind!

An extremely chaotic struggle!

Keep in mind that all the raging bulls were charging at speeds of over 100 m/s. In an area less than 10 m2 and within 0.8 seconds, Luo Feng damaged three raging bulls and killed five of them. Even though he was heavily injured as a result, he was barely able to survive the dangerous situation.

"Even though a single strike from my blade is extremely powerful, I can't deal with groups!" in the past, Luo Feng always strived for as much power as possible in a single strike. However, the more powerful a strike becomes, the longer it takes to withdraw the blade.

If Luo Feng is able to strike 10 times within a blink of an eye and kill all the surrounding raging bulls, then he wouldn't even need to rely on his almost perfect intermediate level technique to dodge around; he can easily slaughter all the raging bulls! However, the precision required to attack 10 raging bulls charging at over 100 m/s within a blink of an eye was just too high.

CHI! Luo Feng didn't dare to relax. Actually, ever since the 1.2 seconds he used to escape the #003 city's family mart, he has had a few more experiences of the 'perfect level' technique.

Using the entire environment to assist you!

Man and environment come together as one!

"Just like this!" Since every raging bull was low level commander level, this pressure caused Luo Feng to perceive the surrounding environment as a single entity after the 70th kill. With this, Luo Feng had a clear sense of all the surrounding raging bull corpses and even the grass around him.

No need for intense, extreme use of the brain. Follow your instincts to profoundly use every single raging bull's corpse to help you.

It has never been so relaxing! PU! PU! PU! The heads of the bulls flew up one by one; fresh blood sprayed around.

"Used 21 minutes and 18 seconds to kill all 100 raging bulls. B grade exam, you pass! Congratulations, student Luo Feng" as if a higher entity, the electronic sound rang across the entire grassy plains.

Only until now did Luo Feng wake up from his previous state and couldn't help but to laugh bitterly: "How come there weren't more raging bulls when I needed them" Luo Feng's ��Nine Stage Thunder Blade�� includes the technique ��Liu Guang��, so he clearly understood.....

Just how difficult it was to go from the intermediate level to perfect level! In the past, Luo Feng used his spiritual force to sense his surroundings. With luck, he would get a feel of the perfect level. However, he didn't have any spiritual force in this virtual space and this monster horde, unlike real life, was made out of commander level monsters. Each and every single one of these monsters were threatening to Luo Feng, so he was pushed to his absolute limits!

He unknowingly stepped into the state of the 'Perfect level' technique and managed to maintain it for such a long time. Thanks to this, it'll be easier for him to truly advance to the perfect level in the future. Sadly, Luo Feng was only given the chance to maintain it for a short duration, since it took him less than 5 minutes to kill the final 30 raging bulls. When the exam ended, Luo Feng came out of that state.

"Student Luo Feng, you will automatically leave the virtual space in five seconds. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....."


Elite training camp, ninth floor of the Nine Grand Floors

When Yang Hui and Luo Feng happily chatted as they left the training room, all sorts of genius fighters from all over the world looked towards them with surprisement in the lobby. One of the yellow skinned youth even asked: "Instructor, did he pass the exam?"

"He passed" smiled Yang Hui, "I'll go finish the procedures. I'll probably be done at around 1 PM. You guys can go train now"

Afterwards, every single person in the lobby either chatted with Luo Feng or discussed with each other; they were all extremely enthusiastic.

Luo Feng and Yang Hui left the Nine Grand Floors with umbrellas in their hands, since the sky was densely packed with clouds and rain was pouring.

"Even though there are only around 160 students here, all five countries, each family of the HR alliance, etc. are connected" said Yang Hui, "Luo Feng, if you aren't disqualified from the elite training camp, then your future will surely be bright!"

"While in the training camp, extraordinary organizations, governments, and the families of the HR alliance will attempt to make you work for them..... money, women, all sorts of attractions will be used. However, you must keep in mind that the most important thing is your own strength!"

"Try to ignore those temptations. You only have one goalһһ"

"To raise your rank!"

"Including you, there are 183 students. Each of these students are extraordinary geniuses. You have to step over them and put yourself in a higher position!" said Yang Hui seriously.

Luo Feng nodded.

"Which numbers are you preparing to choose for your ID?" asked Yang Hui, "Today is March 29th, so you'll officially enroll in the training camp on April 1st..... so, the first four numbers of your ID must be 5704. As for the last two digits, you can pick them since you're the only person enrolling into the camp in April"

Luo Feng suddenly realized what those numbers next to the names on the black dragon's scales represented.

The first name on the ranking he saw last time wasһһ NO.1 Reinatus Bridge (530321). Looks like this person joined the training camp on March of 2053. As of now, he's been in camp for a whole four years.

"What two numbers are you going to pick?" asked Yang Hui.

"Uh...... 03!" answered Luo Feng.

The trouble caused by the dragon egg from #003 city and the price of 30 billion for an elixir of life made Luo Feng think that he had quite the affinity to the number 3.

"Okay" nodded Yang Hui, "Your student ID will be 570403. With that, the rest of the procedures will be completed quickly"

The 183rd name, NO. 183 Luo Feng (570403), appeared on the ranking on the sculpture of the black dragon in the world's best training camp. The news of this instantly spread to all five countries and every single headquarter city. The armies of the government, the core nine families of the HR alliance, and dozens of other important families all received this news. On that day, all of these organizations received Luo Feng's information! Everything from where he was born, how he lived in a cheap rented apartment.....

his family, etc. Everything was recorded.


China, Kyoto headquarter city, an underground building.

Floor B3.

An extremely elegantly decorated office room. A skinny man wearing a loose dojo uniform lightly tapped the table with one hand and flipped through documents containing Luo Feng's information with the other.

"Contact the divisions in Jiang-Nan headquarter city and send people to watch Luo Feng's family at all times. First, make sure that Luo Feng's family never leaves Jiang-Nan headquarter city. Second, ensure Luo Feng's family's safety"

"I'll never accept something like last time happening again!"

There was a mole on the chin of this skinny man and his eyes were gloomy and cold.


All the huge organizations, wealthy families, armies of the governments, etc. received all sorts of information about Luo Feng who just entered the elite training camp! At the same time, as director of the HR alliance in China, Venina��Paulinus naturally received this information too.


Jiang-Nan mountain water sector, a villa on the top of marvelous mountain.

"Venina, isn't this Luo Feng one of our many suspects?" as he flipped through the documents, Vulture Li Yao instantly thought about the inconspicuous Luo Feng from the list of suspects.

"Yeah, when Wei died, Luo Feng was quite close to him" Venina shook her head, "However, he's only 19 this year and is only a beginner level warlord. Our family is also trying to figure out a way to bring this Luo Feng under their name to work for us"

"How did he enter the elite training camp. Is it because he's a spirit reader?" Li Yao's cold eyes flashed.

"No, you'll see after reading" Venina shook her head, "Yao, I think you're becoming too sensitive after trying to find the suspect after all this time. Now you suspect almost everyone"


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