Swallowed Star - Chapter 63

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Chapter 63

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After eating lunch, Luo Feng put his battle uniform on, carried his shield and blade on his back, and inserted the eight 6th series throwing knives and two 9th series throwing knives into the pockets on his thighs. After that, Luo Feng left the fighter resupplying base.

Today was a dark day.

"The air is quite fresh though". Without wielding his blade, Luo Feng headed into the wilderness. The piece of wilderness in front of him was probably farmland in the past. However, after a few decades, it has been filled with weeds. Luo Feng searched for a path with the shortest weeds to continue on.

After getting past that part and walking for around half an hour on the old, ruined highway, he arrived at the #0231 country level city.


Luo Feng cut off the tail of a lion mastiff, took the tendon out, and then put the tendon in his bag. From the resupplying base to the country city, in just a short trip of 100 miles, Luo Feng already killed around a dozen normal soldier level monsters.

"Free training every day where I can even earn money off of it. Where would you find something like that?" smiled Luo Feng slightly as he continued to walk in a ruined residential sector. There were quite a few monsters lurking around in this deserted sector. Luo Feng raised his head and spotted a monster's shadow on the third floor of a residential apartment in front of him.

"Officially begin training!"

Luo Feng ferociously stepped on the floor, causing a rumbling sound and splitting open the concrete floor, and flew towards the balcony of that third floor like a cannon ball.

Days of slaughter, begin!


After a few days, most of the monsters in the city have already perished since Luo Feng started lurking in this #0231 country level city. Unlike other monsters, Luo Feng doesn't kill them immediately. He'll first fight with them for a bit for practice and then take action! Luo Feng always brings a bulging bag of the most important materials from the monsters back to the resupplying base.

The resupplying base's Wang Wei was also very astonished by Luo Feng's efficiency.

Luo Feng's 3rd day of training.

"Hm, looks like you killed 198 monsters today, around a dozen less than yesterday. And most of these are high level soldiers. I'll round it up for you, 1.5 million, how's that sound?".

Luo Feng's 7th day of training.

"Damn, Luo Feng, you're crazy. You killed 210 monsters today too? Hm, I'll give you a price of 1.6 million! It's not like we only traded once or twice, so I'll tell you now brother: killing soldier level monsters isn't that easy! Many of them form hordes, so you won't be so successful every time. Make sure you don't get surrounded".

Luo Feng's 16th day of training.

"Crazy*, 182 monsters, just around average today? However, the quality of the materials are pretty good, and there are even snake type monsters. Hm, I'll give you 1.5 million".

*TL note: As in Luo Feng's nickname.

Luo Feng's 21st day of training.

"Crazy, tell me, have you found a certain location where soldier level monsters act independently? And when you kill them, another one will quickly appear?".


The fighter resupplying base wasn't that large, so it was impossible to hide. Rumors about Luo Feng quickly spread around the entire resupplying base, about a crazy person who kills soldier level monsters every day for money! Using quantity over quality. One low level commander level monster could be worth around 10 million, but you can quickly catch up to that price with a thousand high level soldier level monsters.


Killing a thousand high level soldiers is much more difficult than killing one low level commander!

Most soldier level monsters act in hordes, so it's extremely rare to find them acting independently.

"That crazy Luo Feng, he's killing soldier level monsters like mad. How does he do it? How is he able to kill so many in a day?"

"Who knows. And even if someone knew the secret, who'd be willing to tell. However, I heard that he's able to earn around a million every day, nearing two million. If this goes on, he'll be able to make 50 to 60 million in a month! In a year, that's 500 to 600 million, which is comparable to powerful warlord level fighters".

"365 days a year, killing soldier level monsters like crazy every day? No human can take that"

"Don't know, but that crazy has been going on like this for a month"

There were tons of people discussing about Luo Feng in the resupplying base.

For the warrior level fighters, they admired Luo Feng. Warrior level fighters aren't able to make money that easily. Even advanced warriors like Zhang Ze Hu and the Wei Jia brothers only make around 50 to 60 million in a year. For the beginner and intermediate levels, 10 million a year is pretty good. And Luo Feng earns 50 to 60 million in just one month!


Of course, for the warlord fighters, they're just amazed for a bit. They wouldn't waste their time on things like this.

As for the powerful wargod fighters that occasionally enter the resupplying base, they would just sigh: "This kiddo is quite crazy. Interesting".


11/29/2056, the sky was dark and the winds were harshly blowing.

On the first floor in some city market, ten huge horned boars were howling as they continuously mobbed one youth. The howling kept rumbling throughout the city and a few shelves were already smashed into pieces. The horned boars were completely enraged and attacked crazily!

The youth had a hexagonal shield in one hand and a ghost blade in the other. He swayed like a butterfly while his movements caused a few afterimages to appear.

One word, quick!


Luo Feng, who kept dodging, instantly moved the ghost blade in his hand. In this instant, a few slight sounds like thunder could be heard. Oh, indeed, they said that once your blade reaches a certain level, the air around it will start making this sound. The blade drew across the neck of every horned boar with unrivaled accuracy. Combining that with his footwork caused the power to be even more amazing.

Even though there were many horned boars, only two or three could attack Luo Feng at the same time.

Every time he killed one or two, Luo Feng was always able to use the corpses of the monsters to find some opening and avoid getting slammed by the monster horde. Even many warlord fighters can't handle their surroundings so accurately.


The fresh blood of the horned boar shot out like water from a fountain. In just a moment, half of the couple dozen horned boars were killed, and another ten horned boars ran away after things turned bad.

"This isn't good. If it's not a high level soldier, it's not worth money" Luo Feng picked out 19 high level soldiers out of all the corpses of the horned boars. He cut off their horns and put them into his bag, "The horns of a high level soldier are worth around 8,000 dollars if I sell them to the underground alliance".

As for the other corpses of the horned boars, Luo Feng was too lazy to bother with them.

However, Luo Feng didn't really like collecting the horns of the horned boars. Not only were they a bit heavy, but their prices were just average. Since his bag has limited space, he only collects materials from around 75% of the monsters he killed. The actual number of monsters he killed every day was over 300.

It couldn't be helped, who was the one that made the reproduction rate of the boar type and dog type monsters so high.

After leaving the city that reeked of blood, Luo Feng came to the roof of a normal six story residential apartment to rest.

"After training for the past 50 days, my technique barely steps into the 'Ru Wei class'". Luo Feng didn't use all of that training to just kill. Every time he fought with a small group of monsters, Luo Feng first undergoes technique training, and then he kills them.

This way, Luo Feng's efficiency would be very high.

Of course...... in the past 50 days, Luo Feng was in danger around 20 or so times. Since the howls of the dying monsters occasionally attracts even more monsters. Facing a few hundred to even over a thousand enraged monsters, Luo Feng could only use his spiritual force to flee in panic!

You could say, without his spiritual force, Luo Feng would've died around 20 times already!

But it was because he possessed his spiritual force that Luo Feng was able to use such an insane training method. For over 8 hours a day every day, he's surrounded by large amounts of enraged monsters! The effects of one day of Luo Feng's training could equal a month of an average fighter's training in the wilderness. And an average fighter only enters the wilderness a few times a year.

With these 50 days of training, along with the Liu Guang technique from the��Nine Stage Thunder Blade��, Luo Feng finally barely steps into the 'Ru Wei class'.

"My technique steps into the Ru Wei class"

"However, my blade is still only on the first stage of the thunder blade". Luo Feng constantly tried to unleash the second stage, but unfortunately, he couldn't! However, who knows how much more control Luo Feng has over his power. Know that.....

In the past 50 days, Luo Feng killed over ten thousand monsters!

Ten thousand monsters. Most fighters wouldn't kill that many monsters in their entire lives. Such an enormous amount was what created Luo Feng's precise, clean, and sharp blade technique!

The biggest thing Luo Feng gained from the past 50 days was experience. The experience of fighting on the border of life and death, remaining calm, and making decisions! Now he is able to calmly find a chance in a battle to the death, and attack! Every fighter training in the Ru Wei class possesses this ability.

"It's already 5 PM, time to go back"

Luo Feng took a look at his tactical communications watch, and directly jumped off the roof with his backpack on his back......

A few moments later.

Luo Feng was in a pretty good mood as he walked along the highway. Suddenly, he felt a tremor and couldn't help but to turn his head. What he saw were three shadows panicking as they sprinted far away on the highway. Sometimes they would sprint and sometimes they would leap over 10 meters far; these shadows were extremely quick!

"The one running in front is...... Wan Dong?"

With a glance, Luo Feng recognized one of the three that were running. He was precisely the Wan Dong that was the only one in the fighter combat exam able to compete with him!

And behind them were a dark mass of monsters. Each of the monsters were only around 30 cm large, just barely larger than a human's palm. However, these little monsters formed a sea of monsters, causing Wan Dong and the other two to drop their blades, shields, etc. and sprint for their lives!

"A rat tide?" Luo Feng was shocked. Even a wargod level fighter has no chance of surviving after being surrounded in the infinite rat tide, also known as the rat disaster.

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